Viviana Puello Dedicates Life’s Work and Company to Promoting Art and Peace

Many people often think of art as nothing more than a form of leisure. But people like Viviana Puello and her company proves that art serves a more significant function than recreation. It’s also a transformational medium that can help push initiatives for positive change forward. 

Viviana is the founder and CEO of ArtTour International, a media company that aims to give artists all over the world a platform to showcase their art. The multimedia organization has a website, large social media platforms, a magazine publication, and a television show that reaches audiences from over forty countries all over the globe. 

Through the years, ArtTour has amassed a vast network of artists and art enthusiasts. The company’s television show, “ArtTour International,” which airs every Thursday at 5:30 PM in New York through MNN-HD Spectrum 1993, reaches over ten million viewers weekly. The company’s magazine also has a massive reach, with two million people subscribed to digital and print versions of the publication. ArtTour International’s social media platforms have also gathered a substantial reach, collecting over two hundred thousand followers throughout various social channels. 

Today, Viviana uses the influence that she and ArtTour have amassed for various worthy causes. Viviana and ArtTour focus their efforts on supporting art activism, which has given birth to a daughter publication entitled “ATIM’s Top 60 Masters.” The project comes in the form of an annual magazine that brings together sixty artists from different nations to promote peace awareness. 

A direct pet project of Viviana and her partner and husband, award-winning Italian Film Maker, Alan Grimandi, the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters has risen to become one of the most prestigious awards in the international art world. This year, the company released its ninth edition, collating the works of the selected few after screening submissions from over 3,200 of the best artists the world has to offer. 

The selections circulate a central theme. This year’s showcase brings the spotlight on racial discrimination and the support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The campaign accelerated after the injustice committed toward George Floyd by police officers, which ultimately led to his untimely death. This year’s issue’s front cover features the abstract painting of Patricia Karen Gagic entitled “Escape to Reality.” The edition also features the work of artist LeRoi, Native American artist Cher Anderson, and ALBY, to name just a few.

One of the highlights of the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards is a gathering that brings together the top sixty awardees in a ceremony co-presented by Viviana’s other non-profit organization, Create 4 Peace. This year’s awarding ceremony was set to be held in New York but was moved back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alternatively, the awarding ceremony will happen next spring in Florence, Italy.

Through ArtTour International, ATIM Top 60 Masters, and her many initiatives, Viviana has brought together an army of artist-activists from over two hundred countries. The curator and art influencer hopes that with this extensive network of elite creators, they can create a positive impact in society through various forms of art.

To learn more about Viviana and her many charitable projects, visit ArtTour International’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram.