Relinquishing the Stereotypical Views of Health and Wellness with Happi Health

Nowadays, people are driving themselves towards starvation to achieve a more slender figure. With this, they have developed a notion of how a few added pounds falls short of what they regard as being healthy. While it is true that some fats are unwanted in the pursuit of becoming fit as a fiddle, it does not justify malnourishment as a way to go.

So with the capacity to understand the realities hinged upon people’s perceptions towards becoming healthier, Dr. Staci Whitman proves how she is worthy of being regarded as a force to be reckoned with in the health and wellness landscape. She created Happi Health – a full-body holistic program dedicated to families and children.

To the untrained eye, a person assumes that being thin is strongly linked to being healthy. With the media impressively persuading several individuals to associate the two, it has become a challenge for the industry to educate the people of the intricacies that come with being virtually healthy. However, Happi Health knows that the journey towards a healthier lifestyle is defined beyond its physical manifestations. So with the company’s pioneering methods, Happi Health tailor-fits its program that attempts to trump over the enticing prowess of an unhealthy lifestyle.

As a holistic health program, Happi Health shies away from any conventional approach by going beyond diagnostics and simple remedies. The company forms itself as a continuing program that can work with its clients throughout the process. Happi Health’s strategy includes mouth and tooth health, pacifier and thumbsucking programs, airway intervention and nutritional guidance, recipes, meal planning, tailored hygiene instructions, parental support and lifestyle tips, and others.

Transitioning from her typical pediatric dental practice to a more functional and holistic became one of Dr. Staci’s best life-changing decisions. When she decided to shift, several calls came pouring into her office. A handful of parents from across the world flew into Portland, Oregon, to see how her newly-minted program works. Because of her enormous popularity, Dr. Staci decided to completely overhaul the scheme of things, to what is now known as Happi Health. 

Behind the overarching successes of Happi Health is the brilliant mind of Dr. Staci. Before becoming the company’s strongest point, she graduated from the Institute of Integrative Health, where she earned her certificate in Health and Lifestyle Coaching. Proving to be unstoppable in her profession, Dr. Staci is a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist in NoPo Kids Dentistry in Portland, Oregon, where Happi Health started its trailblazing footsteps in the world of health and wellness.

Becoming healthy is more than just physical displays of thinner appearances and slender figures. It goes beyond physical manifestations that can also cause a lot of confusion. With the clients’ best interests in mind, Happi Health aims to fill the gaps in the health and wellness landscape by educating the people with the proper way to become healthy. Dr. Staci’s unquestionable passion for educating others drives her to hope for Happi Health to expand its reach to more families around the world and encourage them to pursue a more holistic way of achieving balance and a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about Dr. Staci and Happi Health, visit their website.