Rebecca Everlene Trust Company Empowers Parents through Modern Solutions

Parenthood is a beautiful yet exasperating journey. Raising a person is not at all easy, and surely, it is not for the faint-hearted. 

No matter how dearly parents love their children, there will always be days when things do not make sense, and all they want is to tear their hair out in frustration. Trudging through parenthood is tough, but sometimes, all it takes is the right amount of support and time for themselves that parents need to sail through these stormy moments. These struggles have been magnified by the global pandemic, as it has affected our daily lives in countless ways. Many parents are stuck and left to wonder, what is the future going to look like after COVID-19?

Among the emerging digital solutions to the restrictions now in place due to the virus are several solutions targeted towards parents. The Rebecca Everlene Trust Company, founded by Tamara Daniels,  is one company that is at the forefront of this.

Tamara is a business manager with a background from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. She is passionate about improving processes and people through team building and organizational leadership and is also a talented recruiter and trainer for top talents.

The Rebecca Everlene Trust Company is an international non-profit organization providing virtual sitters and educational opportunities to families with children through its various programs. Among these programs are the Intellectual Practice Learning and Surviving College Financially. 

The company’s programs allow children to receive subject-specific coaching, which is done virtually, by “Kid Watchers”—people who are passionate about kids, some of which are high schoolers, teachers, and professional counselors. Aside from this, the company has also recently expanded its offerings to include education on financial literacy with the People Helping People program and support to those struggling with infertility through the Smitten & Hitch Co-Parenting program.

“The demand for sitters is projected to increase by 700% over the next few years,” the company writes on its website. “Intellectual Practice Learning provides quality company, on a virtual level, to families who want to keep their little ones entertained while they work from home, cook dinner or have a glass of wine.” The Rebecca Everlene Trust Company believes that parents, human as they are, need breaks every now and then, and so do older siblings who usually lookout for the younger ones. Through Intellectual Practice Learning and the help of their dedicated Kid Watchers, the company can bring to life children’s imaginary friends by giving them a real live person to talk to and care for them. These sessions are done in 30-60 minute incremental offerings, with the first 30 minutes being free for first-timers.

These programs, founded in 2012, were the result of recognizing an overwhelming need to promote the advancement of publications and inventions among young people. The company believes that students who show potential should not be limited in pursuing their dreams. In line with this, students who are enrolled in Intellectual Practice Learning will also have the chance to receive assistance in pursuing their ambitions of becoming patented inventors, published authors, and young entrepreneurs. 

Sources of funding for the company’s initiatives include donations made to the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company, subsidized program fees for students enrolled in Intellectual Practice Learning, and the sale and marketing of successful student projects.

Since COVID-19 arrived, the company has made efforts to adjust and customize some of its services to aid those confined at home. Chief of Chatting—a virtual friend for kids to weather the pandemic with, Number Ninja—providing number exercises and basic homework solutions, and Storyteller—a virtual nanny who will read the story of your choice to your little ones, are some of the offerings it has branched out to most recently.

To connect with the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company, visit their website and Facebook page.