More and More Women are Answering the Call Towards a Better Lifestyle with Megan Call

There are three things that Megan Call is most passionate about: health and wellness, her family, and the ocean. She has built a strong community revolving around those passions, and she always finds excitement in influencing them to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Megan is based on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, alongside her husband and her beautiful 2-year-old daughter, and another little girl on the way. Her happy life with her husband, Aaron, continues to inspire their audiences as they post photos on their respective Instagram accounts. Megan is using her influence to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle to her audience from the comfort of her own home on the little island of Oahu. 

Megan promotes the “Hawaiian Lifestyle” and highlights all the beautiful parts that come along with a simple and modest life on the island. Ever since she and her family moved to the island, they have created this unique lifestyle where they can work from home and raise their children on the beach.

Since 2018, Megan has partnered with Monat and has been using her Instagram account to sell their custom hair and skin products to men and women alike. The products aim to give her customers the best quality of hair and skincare that the market has to offer.  

In addition to selling the products through her brand, Megan has also diligently helped women to share the same opportunities. She encourages them to develop their own business and start working from home. As a mother, she understands the value of spending quality time with her children. She makes sure to never miss a moment in her daughter, Emme Rae’s life. Megan has assisted several women ranging from mothers, expectant mothers, or still planning to be mothers in the future. She has built a stable community of love and trust within her audience, empowering each other through their wholehearted support. 

Megan has always led the charge toward inspiring women to be healthy and active and put their families at the center. Her advocacies have thoroughly aligned with her own personality, and her genuine concern shines through to her audience. She is also an advocate for the environment. The haircare and skincare products she sells are all vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% natural.  

Megan is grateful every day for the life that she has, and she wishes the same for people everywhere. She is making the right moves toward a better society that values the efforts of women and affords them the right to live their best lives with their respective families. Megan is sharing her privilege and helping others attain their own goals. Her ideals reflect the beauty within her as a person, and it also shines through with her own personality. 

Megan is as vibrant as the warm Oahu sun, as calm as the waves, and as beautiful as the pristine beaches. She wants other women to feel her zest for life, and she does so through her products and helping other women get involved in the business. 

To learn more about Megan Call and her fabulous lifestyle, follow her Instagram account.