Meet Riley Beek – The Official #memequeen That Helps Instagrammers Choose a Happy, Active Lifestyle

Riley Beek is one of Instagram’s most powerful influencers in the Health and Wellness niche. Originally from Newport Beach, CA, Riley has always aspired to be a meaningful, leading inspiration for others, which she must have developed from her passion for sailing. 

After reaching an impressive level of popularity as the Official #memequeen with her Instagram profile @bitc.h, Riley used her online success to raise awareness over the importance of healthy dietary choices and exercise for a happy, active lifestyle.

Riley’s childhood ambition was to become a veterinarian, and even if her plans changed along the way, she kept her desire to help others by studying psychology at the University of Mississippi. During her college years, she would use her innate desire for betterment to prepare for her future job as a psychologist. Back then, Riley had no idea that one day she would have over 172k followers on social media that would turn to her for wellness advice.

Nowadays, Riley lives in the Los Angeles area, but she does not forget where she started from or her humble beginnings. In fact, she even brought along a substantial part of her life in Newport Beach in the presence of her high school sweetheart Blake Bell, who in the meantime became her loving fiancé. Together, they put to good use their passion for internet humor and their excellent entrepreneurship skills to develop into influential public figures on social media.

It all began in Riley’s freshman year of high school when she discovered Tumblr – a website hosting memes and funny images that appealed to her goofy, sarcastic personality. She used to post and comment on the platform as a hobby for a few years. In the meantime, two developing events were on a rapid ascension course, and both of them would change Riley’s life and career forever. One was the remarkable growth in the popularity of Instagram, and the other one was the equal success of Blake’s videos on another social media network, Vine. 

It wasn’t long before Riley developed a knack for posting her funny memes and images on an Instagram profile that she called bitc.h when dozens of her other choices for usernames were taken. Steadily, she used her marketing skills to grow the account and attract over 300k followers in less than 2 years. 

When Vine started succumbing to obscurity, Blake and his content creation manager, Hau Ma joined Riley to create a formidable team of Instagram influencers that now have an audience of over 5.2 million followers. Working under the social marketing agency behind the page, Beach Social, they collaborate with big-name brands like Burger King, AOL, Tinder, and

Riley uses her popularity on Instagram to draw attention to one of her other passions: traveling. On her personal profile, she preaches the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle. It is there that her quirky, laid back and passionate personality comes forward. Her current influence spreads across social media and works as a positive example for people who want to achieve more in life while keeping a close eye on their wellness and happiness.