Ivana Bonaccorsi On How She Became a Prominent Figure In the International Education Space

Ivana Bonaccorsi
Ivana Bonaccorsi

Being born and raised in Brazil, and having experienced life as an international student herself, Ivana Bonaccorsi has an incredibly intimate view of the intricacies of studying abroad. Having the first-hand experience of being an exchange student, in part, is what has helped to make her a prominent figure in the international education space today. 

She is dedicated to assisting students in navigating every step of the process. From submitting their application to payment and even finding housing in the area, Ivana Bonaccorsi goes above and beyond, showing real dedication to international students and their education. 

What Inspired Ivana Bonaccorsi To Pursue a Career In International Education? 

Working in international education was never a career Ivana Bonaccorsi intended to pursue; rather, it was a calling. It all began while Ivana was studying abroad herself and recognized the extreme benefits of being an international student. During her time studying internationally, Ivana discovered that even a short period abroad could completely transform not only a person’s perspectives but their entire life. After her own experience, Ivana wanted everyone to have the opportunity to study overseas. After having worked professionally for more than a decade in Brazil, Ivana had her first experience as an international student in 2002, when she attended classes in the United States to improve her language skills. 

During her short time studying in America, she was enthralled with exploring new places, meeting people from all over the world, and learning about various cultures. Ivana Bonaccorsi didn’t want her period of studying abroad ever to end. The positive impact this experience had on her life would go on to last far longer than her courses. In 2007, while in pursuit of a career as an English teacher, she chose to study abroad for a second time; this time, at the University of California, San Diego. After returning to her home country of Brazil and teaching English there for a short time, she transitioned to working in the field of international education. 

Transitioning Into the Field of International Education: 

Ivana Bonaccorsi’s transition into the field of international education did not come without its challenges, however. As with any significant change in our lives, career changes take extreme courage; they dredge up many of our insecurities, as well as our natural resistance to change, and of course, fear of the unknown. However, Ivana was filled with determination in her pursuit to facilitate international education. 

Ms. Bonaccorsi has a deep passion for international education because it brings together different people of different cultures and fosters diversity and respect among people. Ivana feels great pride and joy in knowing she has had the opportunity to help as many students to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad at a top university. Although she may have faced challenges while pursuing a new career, she is extremely grateful to be contributing to a better future in her current position at UC San Diego. 

Understanding the Importance Of Her Position:

As one of the International Relations and Partner Development Representatives of the University of California San Diego Extension International Programs, Ivana Bonaccorsi feels a great reverence when it comes to her position, and the information she provides regarding international education. Ivana recognized the extreme responsibility she holds and understands to what degree people rely on her.

Ivana Bonaccorsi is well-aware that the information she imparts on prospective students will assist them in making a decision that will change the entire outcome of their lives. She is dedicated to advising them to the best of her ability. With many years of experience as an international student, and as a professional within the field of international education, she is incredibly qualified to guide people through the process of studying abroad. 

Ivana Bonaccorsi: An Asset To International Education

International education indeed was a calling for Ivana Bonaccorsi. She has had such a positive impact on the lives of so many international students that it is difficult to imagine the University of California San Diego Extension International Programs without her. In just her first two years on the job, she had managed to raise the number of students attending UC San Diego Extension from Brazil by 25%, and by her third year, that number had risen to 106%. 

Whether meeting with students in person at one of the countless study abroad events Ivana attends, speaking with them on the phone, or answering questions through text, she always makes herself available to impart her wisdom on any topic regarding international education. Ivana Bonaccorsi is truly an asset to international students and the field of international education alike.