Aaliyah ‘Hazel’ Lane and Her Spoken Word Poetry are Rising in the Art Space

‘Spoken word’ is the kind of performance art that requires an artist to be genuinely talented and authentic. Each performance should warrant attention and capture the audience’s minds and hearts, otherwise, its message is for naught. The artist needs to demonstrate passion, and the spoken word needs to have real meaning behind it. Needless to say, it takes only the most talented artists to execute a breathtaking performance.

There is a new rising artist in the spoken art space of the entertainment industry, and she is mesmerizing audiences from all over through her memorable performances. Her name is Aaliyah ‘Hazel’ Lane, an extremely talented mother of two making her mark as a prolific spoken word poet and artist from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

‘Aaliyah the Blogger,’ as she is also known, uses her incredible talent in spoken word art to express her views on love, life, and other personal insights about the world. She writes her own pieces, performs, and even publishes her work online with exquisite production value that is sure to evoke the audience’s emotions.

Her signature sound and flow are distinct, original, and gentle, displaying passion and genuine intentions behind any piece she delivers. Ironically speaking, Hazel’s soft-spoken voice is captivating like a roaring lion with each word she speaks.

‘Hazel Love’ has been writing and performing spoken word art since 2013. Some of her most well-known spoken word pieces are: ‘Life,’ ‘Series of a Hopeless Romantic,’ and ‘Soul Ties.’

Hazel has performed at various locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. She has been performing poetry for seven years at local charity events, homecoming celebrations, open mic events, and many more. Her notable performances include participating in a poetry event with the 24th Spoken Word Poet in the world Joe Mac, performing at the Fayetteville State University during Homecoming week Author night event 2019, and performing for a Charity event sponsored by Greater Life of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

It’s an exciting time for Hazel as she navigates her career and works hard to improve herself further. Being a versatile and multi-talented artist, Hazel wishes to be known not just in the art space. She plans to venture into other industries to widen her influence and launch her into success.

Not only does she write and perform poetry, but Hazel is also enthused about making music. She is an aspiring model and songwriter as well, and through her spoken word art, she wishes to achieve her ambitions. Hazel believes in the power of being unique, so she’s separated from everyone else and stands out from the competition. She wishes to work with different brands and other people who enjoy writing, poetry, and music as much as she does.

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