TheRapTrade is Innovating and Evolving Hip-Hop, One Artist at a Time

The advent of rap music in the 1970s was brought about by the voices of disenfranchised African American and Latino youth coming from marginalized backgrounds. These groups banded together to create a unique form of expression that allowed them to amplify their voices by way of craftily selected rhymes. Today, rap has a global reach and is one of the most popular forms of music.

The popularity of rap comes with its own set of challenges. Many young artists hoping to break into the industry often burn themselves out trying to produce, mix, master, and promote their tracks and struggling to find collaborators. Aside from the usual traits that an artist must have to make their big break, such as originality, voice, relatability, and solid work ethic, they must also be able to attract a record label or agency to be able to market their work. Most upcoming hip-hop artists have an abundance of talent and charisma to become the next rap superstar; however, few have the business skills to be able to sell their work and achieve success. This gap is what hinders a would-be superstar from reaching their wider audience, discouraging them from further developing their gift. Contemporary rap music is disseminated in a very restrictive way, allowing only those in positions of prestige and power the ability to control the trade and transmission of the art. 

Stacy Frazier witnessed the tragedy of young artists giving up on their dreams and sought to stop this from further happening. Being a hip-hop enthusiast himself, he saw the potential of these burned-out artists and established TheRapTrade. TheRapTrade functions on the premise of an ancient African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Stacy created TheRapTrade to propel these underrated young artists’ music to the ears of the world. The company promotes artists, their brand, and their work worldwide at no cost at all. TheRapTrade is active on all relevant social media platforms and has a steadily growing following. With this platform and influence, the company broadcasts the artists’ freestyle rap sessions and redirects consumers to the artists’ pages and merchandise store. TheRapTrade focuses solely on exposing the rap genre of music in its purest form, the freestyle. Rappers have the option to submit freestyle content for upload to TheRapTrade portal or to have freestyle rap sessions recorded in person by appointment.

The company is backed by social media influencers, market analysts, market strategists, content managers, legal advisors, and many other experts. By eliminating the barriers to success that so many young men and women face, TheRapTrade intends to shine a spotlight on the most promising young artists in hip-hop today. The platform is purely for the exposure of lesser-known artists. TheRapTrade does not employ gimmicks, tricks, or scams that could dishonor the hip-hop industry. Stacy does it out of his sheer love for the art.

TheRapTrade would not be a success without the thriving community of individuals expressing themselves and coming together through a love of hip-hop. Stacy hopes that his initiative will effectively uplift young artists and change the trajectory of their careers long-term. This new generation of bold young artists will inevitably foster a deeper love for the art all over the world.

Learn more about the young artists making waves in their community through TheRapTrade’s Instagram.