The Only IoT Solution for Maritime Industry – Poseidon Chain

Poseidon Chain is the new maritime industry-standard in blockchain development and deployment. Over the last 6 years, Poseidon has been working on a platform that enables and engages users in autonomy to perform tedious maritime tasks in a fraction of the time, using IoT technology and blockchain.

Poseidon Chain has completed trials for its 360-degree decentralized platform, for businesses of the sea; from the administration, supply, sales, accounting, and maritime data maintenance. Poseidon’s partnership with Fuzhou West Seacoast IoT Institute to further enhance development in the IoT blockchain field, coupled with AI data accuracy and integrity, takes Poseidon’s network to live trials in the ASIAN sea and will begin deployment in the Mediterranean Sea in Q4, 2018. 

Poseidon Chain began its journey with a small team that self-funded its research and development and has now grown to a full team of blockchain experts, advisors and development team with offices in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Australia in Q3.

The development of Poseidon’s SUPERWiFi nodes gives power to the users to keep track, maintain and share data as required. Previously relying on Sat-Nav and GPS which is slow and cumbersome, Poseidon’s SUPERWiFi brings IoT Technology and blockchain together to provide seamless, faster transactions across maritime and mainland communications.

Blockchain is an emerging technology area that enables trusted networks between known and licensed participants to ensure that data and transactions are protected and consistent. It provides an open platform for the Internet of Things, achieving many qualities such as security, confidentiality, reliability, and scalability.

Poseidon Chain focuses on global sea data transaction sharing and implements intelligent application decisions based on Internet of Things big data.

Since the project was launched, Fujian West Seacoast IoT Institute has successfully deployed relevant nodes in some of the world’s sea areas. Through the penetration of the global waters, it has fully applied the scenarios of various industrial fields in the world, and more than 2,000 commercial nodes have been deployed. At present, Poseidon Chain has successfully entered into co-operation agreements with three international cruise lines and strategic agreements with many other global technology companies and institutions.

On May 20, 2018, the Poseidon Chain and Fujian West Seacoast IOT Institute formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Fujian West Seacoast IOT Institute is a comprehensive organization approved by the China government for research and development of the Internet of Things technology.

With the support of the Fujian West Seacoast IoT Institute, the Poseidon Chain has gradually been recognized by the public. On May 25, 2018, the 2018 China Brand Influence Development Forum was successfully held in Beijing. In order to discover high-quality and innovative brands around the world, keep abreast of the development trend of the world’s brands, and in-depth understanding of the status quo of various industries, explore the 2018 most promising potential and trustworthy brands. Oceano X Technology Co., Ltd. finally stood out among many brands and won two awards: “2018 China’s Most Influential Potential Brand, 2018 China (BlockChain Industry) Top Ten Trustworthy Brand”. Oceano X Technology Co., Limited, is a blockchain technology service management company specializing in the operation, management, application, and digital currency circulation of the Poseidon Chain blockchain system. 

The Poseidon Chain team believes that the application of blockchain technology and cryptography is beyond the imagination of any of us. It will bring the application of IoT to unprecedented heights. Smart contract trade between things will change the business model of the entire society.

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