Rising Influencer Joel Patrick: Fight for the Voiceless of Both Sides of the Aisle

Ever since he was young, Joel Patrick has felt the urge to devote himself to meaningful causes. For one, he wanted to make a change, give inspiration and voice to the needy. In this world full of inequality and injustices, some are chosen to possess leadership qualities and the ability to touch minds. And it seems Joel Patrick is one who has proven himself to have just that.

 As young as 12 years old, Patrick has then made a difference. For others, being a 12-year old is going outside the house, playing all day, seizing the day as it goes, but for Joel Patrick, it was raising 15,000USD to be donated to a local crisis pregnancy resource center. At that age, Patrick was able to surprisingly fathom the complex socio-political realities of the world around him.

 Straight from Beavercreek, Ohio, Joel Patrick is an extraordinary force in the making – a devout Republican who intends to change the society by initiating conversations that would allow a better understanding of multiple sides in a particular issue.

 An example of his notion at work is his stance on the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement – an international cause advocating for the rights of African-American communities. Patrick has expressed his discontent on the riots that have been instigated by pro-forces. While he understands that clamoring for our rights as human beings is essential, Patrick has realized that the riots only furthers the hate between the races – not extinguish it. Violence is not the key, and mutual understanding should be fostered. Nobody is exempt from violence – black or white. And so, he went to Twitter and started a call of his own, #AllLivesMatter.

 This unhampered desire to create socio-political change has earned Patrick the label “the legendary black redneck.” His popularity has, since then, increased dramatically over the years. He served as an inaugural member of the Rising Stars of the Republican Party and has been part of Black Voices for Trump. He has been featured and interviewed in local and national television networks like Fox News Special Report, ABC Nightline, Blaze TV, Glen Beck Radio Show, among others.

 Patrick’s social media accounts have accumulated over 500 million views.

 As an attempt to educate the modern public with his ideologies, Patrick makes short informational videos that he posts in his social media accounts.

 His efforts for change do not stop there. Patrick travels to various colleges across the State, riding in a large orange truck named Trumkin, to hold discussions and engage in discourses about his ideologies. For him, the message is well delivered and given feedback if there is face-to-face interaction.

It is a hard fight, winning over the minds of people who have distinct backgrounds from you. To be able to persevere in these constant ideological debates is precisely why Joel Patrick is a voice for the voiceless – a neutral medium that gives importance to all sides.

 It is a lifetime devotion for Joel Patrick. He will fight for the voiceless.

For more of Joel Patrick’s thoughts, visit his site where many of his videos are posted. You can also choose to book him for events on the site. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.