Listen to Relatable Indie Tunes with Ma3jor League

Music is like the food you consume to satisfy hunger. It is not only sound that you play when it’s silent or dull. Genre, artists, and timber, among others, create a wide range of choices for every music enthusiast. That is why one’s song choice often reflects an individual’s personality. What you listen to transcends to your likes, wants, hobbies, and, more importantly — personal experiences. In the advent of more tunes produced to sound more classy or cool or trendy, producing company Ma3jor League takes a different track by taking you back to the music that tells excerpts of real life.

Ma3jor League was founded by partners Kevin Briggs Jr and Sherrod Mason. This promising new business may have started in a basement in East Point Atlanta, but it is sure to produce the next hits in indie music. Ma3jor League creates a league of their own. They set the bar high on the type and quality songs that should be released by Indie artists.

Ma3jor League combines urban sounds and beats with unexpected melodies and inspired cadences. In a world where the industry is saturated with trendy styles and whatever is perceived to be the “new wave,” Ma3jor League stays grounded in the message we tell and the way that it is being told. This initiative to remain faithful to what its listeners experience makes their music reach a wider group.

Their target audience is anyone who can relate to the message that is narrated. Them in Ma3jor League believes that demographics don’t matter. One’s personal experiences will ultimately determine how relatable a song is to that listener. After all, who would prefer to listen to glamorous and superficial lyrics when they struggle with their finances? Or a happy skippy tune when their life is a gloom. More often, we’d be inclined to choose something that tells specifically and clearly what we’re currently going through. And this musical style is what they in Ma3jor League aspire to achieve as they make their way in creating the next chart-topping tune.

Kevin and Sherrod’s individual and shared experiences are the inspirations for their music in Ma3jor League. These are what also sets them different from other independent organizations. They have the determination to continuously perfect their craft and bring the best to their listeners. Nowadays, artists don’t put enough time into their music, and it shows. It’s time to put taste and love into music produced. Just like the warmth you taste when grandma cooks a homemade pie, Ma3jor League brings passion you can hear as they compose their new material. This feature is tangible — it can be seen as it is incorporated in their craft.

Ma3jor League has launched its debut single, “Goin Out Sad”! Listen to this song now as made available in all music streaming sites through this link.

You may also stay tuned through his Instagram @ma3jorkjay