Automating Healthcare and Protecting Travelers, Atilio Spaccarotella Is Making the World a Better Place One Idea at a Time

There are places where technology hasn’t seemed to penetrate their daily operations, not due to the lack of innovation or initiative, but because of a lack of ideas and bright minds that aspire to make a difference. Fortunately for Argentina’s healthcare and technology industries, the brilliant mind of Atilio Spaccarotella sought to make a whirlwind of a difference.

Atilio Spaccarotella is an Argentinian entrepreneur who started ZDG Consulting when he was 17 years old. He partnered up with his high school friend Gustavo Lindenberg and began their foray into the world of software development. ZDG Consulting is a software company that helps businesses turn a marginal profit through automating their processes.

Spaccarotella and Lindenberg were natural-born problem solvers. Before leaping into the industry, they made sure to tackle one of the most important issues within their community. They soon found out that their healthcare industry was severely lacking in terms of innovation and technological advancements.

The team partnered up with a few doctors and requested their input on how they could improve their processes through automation. After doing their research and gathering testimonials from the doctors all over the country, they discovered that booking doctor’s appointments was such a tedious task for patients. The medical centers were always short on staff, so patients had to have the patience to wait over 30 minutes on the phone to schedule an appointment.

Utilizing technology as a springboard for their well-thought-out solution, the team over at ZDG Consulting created the first-ever appointment booking solution system in the entire world that worked over the telephone 24/7 without the intervention of any operators. Their system was a huge success and allowed their company to grow the system to a point where over 600,000 patients were using it.

The National Institute of Entrepreneurship in Mexico, contacted Spaccarotella’s team and invited them to pitch for the SWITCH event where the winners would get a government grant. Fortunately, their company GTN Medical was selected to participate in the program for six months. This was the moment when Spaccarotella’s success grew towards greater heights.

Traveling was a big part of Spaccarotella’s life as a CEO of ZDG and GTN Medical. One fateful day, when he was out vacationing in a foreign country, he got into a horrible scuba diving accident, which he still remembers to this very day. Without knowing what to do or whom to call, Atilio felt extremely helpless. Though he recovered physically from the incident, he never really got over the trauma that he felt.

Compelled by the emotions that he felt during that time, he founded Rene Health. Rene is a company that keeps travelers safe and healthy throughout their entire traveling experience. Atilio didn’t want anybody else to ever experience what he did. So he partnered up yet again with his friend Gustavo Lindenberg and Corporate Software Expert Hugo Martinez. The platform ensures that travelers from all over the world will have easy access to the perfect travel insurance for every trip.

If you want to see how the future of business travel looks like, check out Rene’s website