Nothing to Stop an Athlete’s Game through HeadSharp app

“Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” A TV ad for a popular sports drink once used this generic quote to promote their product. True to its words, the will of the mind is a powerful agent in winning if used to one’s favor. However, there is a lack of emphasis on these skills in the youth sports industry. Sports performance company app, HeadSharp, has long developed this strategy for its athletes. Competition is highly regarded as 90% mental, but athletes spend 90% of their time training their bodies.


HeadSharp has been on a mission to disrupt the youth sports industry and is passing its goals with flying colors. In 2018 HeadSharp launched their sports performance app that serves as a “Mindset Coach in your pocket.” It aims to motivate & empower athletes to bring out their best on and off the field. They believe that the toughest opponent to beat is one’s self, and its finally time to stop getting beat by yourself! They have a team of over 25,000 athletes from youth champions, to professionals all around the world.


As an app boosting athletic efficiency through mental conditioning, it is the perfect app for youth sports. Most mindfulness apps out today are just a collection of meditation files. HeadSharp is much more than that offering a functional and informative app with a sleek interface. It is also user friendly that is easy to use. An exclusive peeks on some of its contents showcase (1) a 5-minute whiteboard animation videos for fun and retentive learning, (2) SMART exercises, (3) daily routines, and (3) blended written, physical or mental exercises. The app is also self-paced, so athletes can access its contents at any time. 


HeadSharp is offering a free four-week program for its users to build a foundation in the mental game. This offer is specifically for athletes who want to learn more on topics covering motivation, confidence, goal setting, and dominance. This the perfect opportunity for student-athletes who wish to keep their minds sharp while at home. Staying mentally sharp while being unable to compete on the field keeps them one step ahead when competition ahead. 


Previous users of the app attest to its effectiveness. Three-peat Pan Kids Jiu-Jitsu Champion Liam Zeh said, “I used to let my nerves and lack of confidence get the best of me. Your System has been a game-changer.”. Other testimonials back up the potency of HeadSharp with “them staying focused and eliminating noise,” “being calm and unfazed by all the hype.” Grappling Champion Colleen Quinn even cited one of the features of the app! According to her, “The Game Day Checklist was perfect. Instead of getting nervous, I stepped on the mat, confident, and ready.”


The HeadSharp App is your mental edge to the championship. Teaching the winner mentality has never been this systematic and accessible – until now! All in the palm of your hands, you can learn the secrets of champion athletes to boost confidence, shake nerves, and build consistency through their self-paced training program. 


Be unstoppable in your game with HeadSharp. Join its team of champion athletes in-the-making on their website: