Mobile Accessed Field Service: The Future of Schedule Management

Managing schedules properly is an important aspect of time management. Moreover, if schedule management is proper, then organizing and completing your projects in a timely, quality and financially responsible manner becomes the end-product.

A project meets its goal as aimed in the initial stage. Let’s have a look at the example of AGL Energy who are in the oil & gas industry since 1974.

They were growing and they needed scaling to meet the demands. But they had to see that the process doesn’t cost more for them and that the customer is also left satisfied. That’s when they turned to  AI technological applications.


The use of mobile for the good

Use of mobile technology in field service has changed the way services are managed and being delivered.

This can also be considered as a way that corporates use the BYOD policy in their favor. Companies have found out ways where they can leverage mobile devices for improving their operations.

The use of technologies like :

  • augmented reality software
  • remote it support, etc.

in field service has helped companies make smarter business decisions and keep track of which employee goes where and also see whether the employee is being productive or not. The importance of video call quality is also considered while catering to customer queries. This is just a small benefit. On a broader aspect, mobile technology is helping a lot of companies in adjusting their schedules. Let’s find out how!


How Mobile Technology is helping make schedule management easy in field service management:


Service Scheduling –

  • Service scheduling software not only reduces the managers’ burden but it also allows a seamless mobile app to decide which technician can cater to a particular service request – depending on various factors like the location and the availability.
  • Ensuring that the technician being assigned is an expert in his/her work and has the experience is also a prime task of the field service scheduling software.
  • Managers had to schedule services according to their commitment, which has now become easier with this software.
  • Mobile service also lets technicians know about their day’s engagements and to-dos even before hitting the office.


Service Dispatch –

  • Service dispatch software helps a company in dispatching industry-specialized employees in an organized and efficient manner. This way customers’ requests can be addressed more efficiently
  • These systems eliminate the risk and time consumption of dispatching manually, hence simplifying both the scheduling and customer qualification processes.
  • The data needed to perform the right service dispatch includes all the information like the timings when a customer would prefer a service technician to visit, data about the times when a customer canceled a service plan, etc.


Mobile Work Order Management –

  • This supports an easy operation by making it possible to access work orders, preventative maintenance schedules, etc. without the need for much paperwork.
  • This software offers real-time notification which shortens the gap between the time when a repair is first identified and when it is resolved.
  • Users are no longer tied to their desktop computers as aspects such as scheduling, invoicing, staffing, etc all are accessible via a mobile device.


Asset Tracking –

  • A field service technician can use this software and report the condition of an asset to their managers before beginning the service task.
  • Asset recovery becomes easy with the help of GPS positioning and avoids delayed productions, increased costs and a flurry of complaining customers.
  • Asset tracking can also help an organization comply with equipment maintenance, calibration, and testing.

Customer Satisfaction is equally important when it comes to mobile-accessed technology. According to the American Customer  Satisfaction Index (ASCI), each 1% improvement in satisfaction among utility customers is worth a 4.6% increase in market value growth.

Let me end with an address to them who think that these mobile app solutions are a tool only for the large corporations with deep pockets.

On doing a detailed ROI analysis, it can be noticed that such applications deliver higher efficiency and save costs to your company – big or small. Mobile accessed field service can lead to an easy field service management and customer experience transformation easily.


Author Bio –

I am Bernard Welch and I have a keen interest in technology blogging. I usually write about how utmost technology could be used for business enhancement & growth.