Hedge Finance: Crypto Startup That Airdropped $2.5m

Hedge Finance is a crypto startup founded by Ian Issa, Graham Foster, and Ben Spievak that’s on a mission to make crypto simple. In their own words, “the Hedge team blends the time-tested attributes of traditional finance – with the transparency, immutability, and efficiency of blockchain in order to create institutional-caliber products designed to seamlessly allow today’s investors to transition into the digitally-powered global economy of the future”. Since launch, over $2.5m worth of crypto has been airdropped to their community of 6,000+ holders. Those numbers are bound to leap over time as the public Hedge team rolls out new updates.

By holding $HEDGE, you receive blue-chip cryptos airdropped to your wallet automatically. It works because there is a 12% transaction tax on every buy and sell of $HEDGE. 8% of the tax is swapped into the reward token (chosen by Hedge Analyst team) and distributed to holders while 4% is added into the $HEDGE/$BNB liquidity pool to further increase price stability.

Hedge has an extensive product roadmap which includes a staking protocol, analytics platform membership community, launchpad and more. In order to complete their mission, they’ve expanded their team significantly which includes their lead data engineer Clayton Van Hovel, backend developer Niyant Narang and technical product manager Theo Velikov. Their team is looking quite impressive and we imagine an incredibly bright future ahead for them.

As the ecosystem develops, they aim to deploy more complex data products such as social media sentiment analysis, advanced technical analysis and day trading bots, although Ben and Ian made it clear these features may take some time.

In an interview, they discussed the core motivations of this product line. “Hedge is a place for people in the crypto space to not only build a diversified portfolio on autopilot, but also access a suite of products and services to make their research and investing easier and more effective. In the future, we’re really looking to make this into a learning community where members get all the tools they need in one space and get education, support and guidance to help them be the most effective they can be,” COO Ben Spievak told us.

We’re excited to see continued growth as they release new features and hope to meet with them again in the future to discuss all the progress they’ve made. To learn more about Hedge Finance, you can visit their site, join their Telegram group, and follow them on Twitter.