Everything You Need to Know About Elongate! An Easy Step by Step Guide

If you have been chasing cryptocurrency for quite some time, you will know that elongate is a type of cryptocurrency token that is a part of the Binance smart chain. It has a strong impact on the social movement. Every 10% of the transaction fee is donated to philanthropic activities. Hadn’t it been for these funds, many less fortunate people would have still not received help. As of now, the Elomgate team is actively involved in paddling and helps to have a positive impact on the social ecosystem. This will eventually have a profound impact on the blockchain. 

How Many Elongate Tokens Are Available as of Now?

If you don’t know, the Elongate cryptocurrency got launched back in the month of March this year with a staggering 1 quadrillion tokens. Immediately upon creation, around 412 trillion tokens were burnt and over 24 trillion have been burnt ever since inception. As of now, every week sees a major number of tokens being burnt on an ongoing basis. Because the demand for these tokens is at an all-time high, it is expected that they will get completely burnt anytime sooner in the future. 

Who Are the Pillars of Elongate?

When knowing about the foundation of the firm, it is equally important to know about the people behind it. Simply put, the company was formally inaugurated on July 23, 2021. Currently, this company is governed by Hasan Aziz, chief operations officer who is actively involved in working for the welfare of the firm. On the other hand, Alexander Gambon, the Chief brand officer is also working relentlessly to ensure the best results. The company benefits from the professional experience of Mr. Hasan Aziz, which is inclusive of automation, quality assurance and testing in the different banks of the UK. 

On the other hand, Alexander’s experience is also nothing less. He has been the leading creative head for several firms and has worked as a brand strategist for non-profit organizations and various universities. Accompanied with the rest of the team, they are like a house on fire and can easily bring great change to the dynamics of the firm. 

Where to Buy the Elongate Tokens?

Just like any other regular platform, Elongate is tradeable as well. Furthermore, it has a growing number of the CEXs and DEXs . Visit the official page and you will be entitled to whatever information you want. 

Is Elongate Secured?

When it comes to seeking interest in this firm, the first question that appears as a primary thought is whether or not they’re secure? Simply put, the basic ethos in the minds of the directors of this firm is to provide maximum security to the users with trust. Their real-time adjustments and market analysis are worth applauding. Therefore it is fair enough to say that everything is secure here. Secondly, now that the smart contract has been passed as well, and the open contract is available too, users have a lot to choose from. As of now, the team has passed around 80% of liquidity and every wallet has around 1% of the supply. 

If you don’t know, it was first tradeable in the month of April this year. It has a huge supply, so everyone can rest assured about investing in it. If you have planned yourself, it is best to have a bitcoin to dollar conversion calculator by your side before placing your funds on the front row. Go through the feasibility and see if you are willing to take the risk yourself. As of now, Elongate has a stunning market capital, which makes it rank 4091 on the cinmarketcap. The current price is around $5.50e-8, which is very impressive for a beginning currency. 

Luckily, Elongate has also been numbered on the top of crypto exchanges because the demand has exponentially grown. However, unlike most of the conventional currencies out there, they cannot be easily purchased from FIAT money. However, you are still allowed to purchase it from most of the conventional platforms out there. All you have to do is register on the fiat-crypto exchange, so you can be sifted through the rest of the process easily. The most popular exchanges are upheld and coinbase. So when you visit each of them, you will get to see many similarities. We recommend you to try each of them, so you can create a demarcation for yourself and see which suits you the best.