Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ Sets the Stage for this Year’s Lineup of New Releases

The much anticipated Apple unveiling event for the year has come and passed, and tech lovers from around the globe now await the roll-out of the company’s new set of products, which should come out very soon. Dubbed “California Streaming,” Apple’s all-virtual unveiling event on September 14, 2021, has introduced the world to some of its latest iterations of flagship products such as the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

Arguably one of the more anticipated announcements from Apple this 2021 is the release of its latest smartphone model, the iPhone 13. Reports came out earlier that the newest version of the iconic phone wouldn’t sport many aesthetic changes, which the company confirmed after an unveiling of the final output. Instead, the phone’s reported upgrades will primarily be around its camera output as the Apple iPhone 13 will have improved lenses, sensors, and imaging.

Despite sticking to the 12-megapixel resolution, there are significant upgrades to the iPhone’s camera, including a camera sensor with a 1.9µm pixel size and a brighter aperture of f/1.5. The previous model has a 1.7µm pixel size and f/1.6 lens. For reference, what that means is the iPhone 13 will be able to capture up to 2.2x more light than its predecessor. In addition, the phone will also have a telephoto camera with a 77mm f/2.8 lens for an optical magnification of 3x for more long-range shots.

The Apple iPhone 13 will have four models—the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. All models will have an improved A15 Bionic chip and longer battery life. There will also be a 1TB variant on the lineup as soon as products start shipping. The company also announced a release of its newest color, Sierra Blue.

Also announced during the event was the release of a newer model for the lowest-cost iPad, which would now have an A13 processor and a 12-megapixel front-facing camera to keep up with the rising use of tablets for video conferencing on programs like Zoom. The iPad’s lens will also have a wider lens, enabling it to capture more people in one shot and a wireless LTE connection. It also announced a new iteration of the iPad mini, which would follow the iPhone 12’s flatter design language without the fingerprint sensor and smaller bezels.

Other product updates announced include the third generation of AirPods, a new Apple Watch design, which would start coming out later in the fall, and a few others. Apple will also be making significant improvements on the software side of the customer experience. Announced was a significant upgrade to its subscription plan for fitness training services and a new set of shows to come out on Apple TV+ with stars like Reese Witherspoon and Jon Stewart, to name a few. Apple’s TV+ subscription currently costs $4.99 a month. There was also mention of iOS 15 software updates, which should be coming out soon, starting with the newer iPhones.

Apple’s CEO and frontman Tim Cook hosted the unveiling, who presented many of Apple’s most significant announcements to over 300,000 live viewers on the YouTube stream. The rollout of the new products will start as early as this month.