Kimberly Cloud Ventures Toward Her Sky-High Dreams

For every act of hate that thrives in this world, acts of kindness exist tenfold. Kimberly Cloud is a steward of spreading goodwill through her craft overflowing with a heart-warming purpose.

Kimberly Cloud has achieved several instances of success. One of which is her independent company franchise, Blue Cloud Cleaning Company. Apart from this, she currently runs a hair business, Genuinely Michelle Wigs. It has a selection of 35 wigs and more that are yet to be made. Interestingly, her hair business has designs that are for alopecia and cancer patients across PA, as well as people who love doing drag. Another hallmark to her craft is her short story titled, Life of a Cloud. Lastly, she is optimistic about her upcoming innovation with InventHelp.

With a bright future ahead, Kimberly Cloud wants to encourage everyone that they can reach new heights despite poverty. And with hate toward race still a pressing issue across the country, the budding African-American entrepreneur is committed to giving back to the community. She wants to make sure that everyone should not settle for the minimum but should strive for more regardless of race. Through her genuine heart and coherent strategy, her goal of making a 6- or 7-figure income by next year or the years to come will not be far from her reach after all.

A wonderful mother to three kids, Cloud believes that caring about people motivates her in doing what she loves. Moreover, her drive to strive for excellence is certainly unwavering. The former veteran is ready to pack everything up to the next level.

Kimberly Cloud is now fully equipped with the necessary background to prepare herself as she is bound to face tougher competition among the big fishes in the marketing industry. She has an associate’s degree in human service and has earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is currently taking up a master’s degree in business management.

With her fairly adequate background, Cloud has developed virtues and skills that are equally crucial to her field of profession. She is able to create something interesting out of scratch. And she is proud to say that she has developed smart thinking skills during her college days. Moreover, she has learned how to associate with different people and different types of behavior well.

Since her move to PA in January, Kimberly Cloud is seemingly relentless in doing more. After finding her way out of poverty, she believes that she has provided her children and herself what they need “at the right place at the right time.” She even shared that she has helped her employees and her customers with her businesses. She said that enlightening and empowering them also helps her become a better version of herself.

Apparently, her sky-high dream is within her grasp with the help of an important routine: meditation. She claims that by meditating, she “will become one of the stars.” Furthermore, opening herself to the spiritual world also enlightens her mind.

Check out her hair business to support her dreams. Her cleaning business is also on Facebook.