Andrew Adin Building His Empire and Influence Early On

Success truly knows no age limit, and entrepreneurs and wealth experts like Andrew Adin are living proof of that truth. At an early age, the master salesman and investor has built an empire of wealth for himself. But even in his financial success, Andrew is turning to a bigger mission and seeks to help others mimic his level of success. 

Andrew started his journey to success as early as the sixth grade. While still in school, he learned to turn a profit by flipping products on eBay. Realizing greatness awaits no one, Andrew later decided that the young achiever was going to become a full-fledged entrepreneur even before hitting college. He started going all-in on his dreams and learned and applied all that he could. He started dropping friendships with kids who were a bad influence and started building himself. 

A healthy and positive mindset was essential to Andrew very early into his entrepreneurial career. He built up his attitude and character while also building up his liquid assets. Most weekends and any day that he could, Andrew would work as a waiter at his parents’ restaurant. Later the entrepreneurial wonder started flipping cars for a profit while still using his high school as a marketplace for smaller priced items like Xboxes, PS4’s, Phones, and anything he could resell at a profit. 

At the age of fourteen, Andrew stumbled upon the stock market and fell in love with the idea. He spent the next two years learning all that he could. By the time the student entrepreneur reached his junior year, Andrew had decided to drop school and go into business full time. He met someone who would help him get into real estate. Andrew ended up starting a real estate business that later grew to fifteen markets with five offices all across the United States. In a little over seven months, Andrew’s business has employed over seventy staff and made over one million dollars in revenue. 

Today, Andrew develops wealth-building programs in the form of online courses, coaching, and mentorship to people who want to replicate his level of success. His commitment is to help everyone succeed by learning how to trade the stock market and grow their wealth. “If I have a hundred followers that I care for, then it’s my job to carry them on my back to get to that next level,” shares Andrew. “If I have 90 winners and have 10 who failed, then that to me means I failed. It’s not about money. It’s about helping other people realize and unlock their potential.”

 Andrew hopes to help more people live the life they believe they deserve by teaching people lessons that schools don’t teach. He hopes that his program could provide that avenue for everyone. More than just being a course, his program is also a community of like-minded people who want to help each other succeed. 

For Andrew, life is more than just creating a great life for yourself. It’s also about helping others achieve their goals as well. Today, Andrew is only eighteen years old but has built a wonderful life for himself and others. He looks forward to spending the many more years ahead of him, impacting as many lives as he can. 

To learn more about Andrew Adin and his mentoring program, visit his website and Instagram.