Preston Buhrmaster Helping College Students Get on an Early Path to Trading and Investing

There are numerous ways of making income in today’s world, and more than half the time, the average person will choose passive income over any other type of income. It’s only so much of a coincidence that today’s world is set up for people to make passive income as long as they know what to do. Trading and investing can get anyone to their desired passive income level, and Preston K. Buhrmaster is one of the experts who have developed systems that work in the trading and investment world. As a college student, he has influenced many other college students to take charge of their finances by trading and investing early.

Preston Buhrmaster established Venerated Capital Group (VCG) Trading, through which he mentors people who are passionate about financial freedom and gaining real-life skills to set their feet firmly on that path. Preston’s goal is to help each of his students become a confident trader who makes consistent profits. He developed the exclusive VGC Trading Discord server called “The Investors Institution,” which his students use on their journey.

At only 22 years old, Preston Buhrmaster has been featured on some major publications like Digital Journal, Benzinga, MarketWatch and a host of others. His students range from college students to career individuals looking to have an additional income source that does not take too much of their time. As the founder and CEO of VCG Trading, Preston is well-versed in providing the industry standard for signals and learning, which helps his traders dominate the market.

Before he got into the trading world, Preston Buhrmaster was in the business world. At the age of 13, he established an industry-leading sneaker bot company, and he had a well-known sneaker and streetwear reseller business with more than 200 clients worldwide when he was 14 years old. At 15, he launched a start-up named “Cordless Express” with VC that offered products like wireless charging pads and adaptors for Apple products.

Some of Preston Buhrmaster’s other achievements include establishing an entrepreneur’s club in high school that had monthly guest speakers, coaching recreational basketball in high school, becoming the DECA Club president, becoming completely independent and self-sufficient at the age of 20, and becoming a Goodman IMPRESS Program Mentor and Peer Mentor in WSOM at Syracuse University. Preston is also a web and graphic design expert, and he went viral on TikTok overnight with his videos on trading and investment.

Preston targets entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life who are open to making extra income on the side. He has implemented trading strategies that work at VCG Trading, and he assures his students and other investors of getting nothing but the best of the trade. “We train you to take yourself one step closer to becoming the confident and consistent trader you desire to be. With superior insight, analysis, and education by Preston Buhrmaster, VCG is truly your one-stop hub for all things investing. Leap today!” he says.

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