Charlsey Zyne: Empowering Women in a World of Men

Being a woman in a man’s world is extremely frustrating, and many women have to do twice the work to gain the credibility that men already have for being men. Any STEM industry would be an example of such a male dominated-field, but an industry where bias against women is most prominent is the sports industry. Charlsey Zyne is a strong woman with big dreams of success in the sports industry despite adversity.

While gender equality in today’s time is becoming more normal, and society is beginning to accept that women are creatures capable of independence and self-sustainability, there are still industries having trouble removing ancient cultures and practices. 

Charlsey Zyne considers adversity to be a common theme in her life. Adversity came to her in the form of injuries, as a former student-athlete, or the exasperating notion that women cannot be successful as sports agents, particularly in football, which is a “sport for men.” Still, like a spring, all these forces pushing her back only serves to launch her even further, and her desire to prove that women are just as competent as men is a fire that burns ever brighter.

There are so many preconceived notions that Charlsey Zyne has heard about herself and her gender repeatedly—women cannot be tough, they are too emotional, and women cannot be taken seriously in football. Charlsey is not one to be deterred by empty words from people who refuse to see the problem and who have no interest in changing the status quo. She will take her place among the ranks of influential figures in the sports industry by her own merit.

Her drive to become a sports agent comes from her days as a student-athlete at the University of Miami. She witnessed the hardships of college football players and the rough areas some players came from. For many of those players, making it to the NFL is their ticket into a better life, and it is what drives them forward.

Becoming a sports agent would allow her to help these athletes see their dreams come to reality. With the best interest of the athletes in mind, she hopes to become a trustworthy figure for these athletes.

Charlsey Zyne is currently working with the Dynamic Sports Group, an athletic representation firm whose primary goal is to guide their clients to professional and financial success in professional football, baseball, soccer, and hockey. Being with DSG has shown her the inner workings of how a sports agency works, and she is looking forward to continuing to take in as much as she can from some of the top agents in the industry.

A former student-athlete, current law student, future sports agent, and an entrepreneur, Charlsey Zyne has big dreams that she will bring to fruition by her own hard work and determination. She reminds people that there is no limitation to a person’s dreams, and dreams will come to reality only if you pursue it despite obstacles.

Charlsey Zyne has a list of goals, and she is setting out to achieve them one by one. Find out more about her by following her on Instagram and visiting the website for her clothing brand, Cultured Classics.