Best-Selling Author Ahaumna Teaches the Key to Heal, Grow, and Tap Into One’s True Nature

Living in a seemingly chaotic world, humans often fall into numerous pitfalls as they tread through life. Many times they are discouraged, lost, and unable to move forward due to these never-ending challenges. Spiritual mentor and author Ahaumna, however, believes that the key to overcoming these hurdles is simple: tapping into one’s true nature and life’s purpose.

Ahaumna is the best-selling author of “Creator Consciousness.” Published earlier this year, the book is about the journey of going against the status quo and breaking free from lies sold to many people by society for generations. 

Aside from her success as an author, Ahaumna has also managed to build her own international business by sharing her knowledge with people from all walks of life at the young age of 27. She champions strategies of breaking free from the cycles of scarcity, suffering, and survival. The spiritual mentor has supported thousands of people across the world in tapping into their own version of abundance and ease through her writing, transformational retreats and activities, and online programs.

Impressively, she began her studies in spirituality, psychology, consciousness, and metaphysics early in her life at only 11 years old. Ahaumna did so to help her understand the pain she was living within and continues her growth on numerous related subject matters to this day.

The best-selling author has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Metaphysics, and has achieved certifications as a holistic health practitioner, yoga instructor, and ordained minister. Fiercely devoted to touch other lives, she also has had years of training in mysticism, coaching, health, and spirituality.

With the same passion, she has extended her studies on meditation, hypnosis, neuroscience, and keylontic science. Ahaumna runs three successful businesses today from her home, which all specialize in helping people heal and step into their dreams financially and spiritually. The spiritual coach is an ardent advocate for mental health as well.

Like many, she did not always have things mapped out, however. For a long time, she was depressed and addicted to alcohol, drugs, and sex—which she used to fill the void in heart for many years. Moreover, Ahaumna was suicidal—she had attempted to take her life twice while on the path of healing. She knows what it was like to listen to the voices inside and act on their wishes to end it all. This led her to the path she has been taking for many years, guiding others away from what she was suffering from. Today, she works with people around the world to help them heal from their trauma and empower themselves to create the life they always wanted and deserved.

She invites people to join her in her upcoming virtual program, “Unfuck Your Mind,” designed to help people unplug from the excessive stress, fear, and anxiety they have been feeling since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The four-hour virtual event airing on August 30, 2020, will provide its participants the tips, tools, and practices to reclaim their mental health and freedom, helping them navigate through a difficult time.

For more information on this sought-after spiritual mentor and her work, visit her website and YouTube channel. To register for the mentioned virtual program, check out this page.