Entrepreneurship as a Solution to the Gender Pay Gap: The Complex Reality for Women

In the ongoing battle against the gender pay gap, entrepreneurship emerges as a potential solution. It offers the promise of both financial independence and flexibility, making it an attractive choice for women seeking to balance their careers with family life. However, as we delve into the stories of women entrepreneurs, it becomes clear that this path is far from perfect. Madeline Reeves, a small business owner, shares her insights on this matter, shedding light on the complexities that women face when they decide to embark on the entrepreneurial journey.

The Choice of Entrepreneurship

For many women, entrepreneurship represents a conscious choice, a decision to chart their own paths. They seek the elusive balance of career and family, something that conventional corporate roles often struggle to provide. This choice is marked by ambition and a desire for both financial stability and personal freedom.

The Sacrifices and Challenges

  • Limited Financial Stability: The financial stability that a traditional job provides can be notably absent for women entrepreneurs like Brandelyn Green, the founder of Voice of Hair. In the early stages of entrepreneurship, the consistent paycheck of a corporate job can be sorely missed.
  • The Balancing Act: Entrepreneurship doesn’t eradicate the age-old juggling act between making a living and maintaining a flexible schedule. Women entrepreneurs, while gaining control over their work hours, often encounter the challenge of keeping their businesses profitable.

The Decision for Family

  • Returning to Work: Sophie Blake, a jewelry designer and business owner, found herself compelled to return to work shortly after giving birth. As the face of her business, she was expected to be present in her store.
  • Reevaluation and Online Transition: However, Sophie Blake’s story took a different turn. About a year ago, she decided to close her physical store and transition to an online-only model. Her family became her priority, and the quest for a balanced life took precedence over profit.

Prioritizing Family Over Finances

The experiences of these women underscore a common theme among women entrepreneurs. They prioritize family time over the pursuit of maximum income. This personal choice stems from the belief that family moments are invaluable and irreplaceable.


In conclusion, entrepreneurship can be an empowering path for women, offering them both financial compensation and the freedom to manage their own schedules. Yet, it’s essential to recognize that this journey is deeply individual. The decisions women make are influenced by a multitude of factors, not least of which is the desire to balance entrepreneurship with family life.