How to Use Social Media to Find a Perfect Audience

Social media has drastically transformed the way in which people receive information and how we connect with each other. It has also greatly reshaped how companies interact with customers and attract new leads. Although it is estimated that there will be approximately 257 million social media users by 2023, social media is often executed poorly.

Companies, small and large, should familiarize themselves with techniques and strategies to help maximize the benefits that social media will undoubtedly bring to their business. For instance, reposting the same content across every social channel is an ill-advised decision as each platform has a specific audience and requires a unique delivery. Sharing the exact content can create mediocrity surrounding your brand and leave users feeling unengaged, and eventually you will lose them as followers.

Also, companies should steer clear of creating and sharing clickbait content. Clickbait content is content designed to attract attention and to entice users to engage, but it is typically deceptive and misleading. It can sometimes feel like you need to have the loudest, craziest content to get noticed, but resorting to clickbait is not a sustainable approach. In the beginning, you may notice an increase in the amount of followers or likes you receive, but once audience members become aware of this clickbait, they will disengage, and subsequently, unfollow. If you reach the a perfect audience, you don’t need to ask for their engagement as they will provide it willingly.

Additionally, using the appropriate tone across platforms is imperative. For more serious channels such as LinkedIn, a professional tone of voice is suggested. Information spread through LinkedIn is usually of matter-of-fact nature. For more casual platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, an informal tone is commonplace. But remember, communicate to people like people, not leads. It is easy to forget there is an actual person sitting on the other end of the screen. They wanted to be treated as such and not just as a sale.

Relating to how you communicate with your followers, it is important to build a solid customer base and earn their trust rather than just posting content in order to garner a sale. Social media has the power to influence buying decisions but it also has the power to form relationships. Your followers will notice this attempt to form connections and feel valued because of it.

Furthermore, it may seem wise to take advantage of every single social platform offered. However, in this case, quality over quantity takes the cake. Using every social channel available is not only inefficient but it can also lead users to believe your content is dull and deficient. One or two platforms done strongly will produce stronger, better results.

It is important for businesses to know these strong strategies in order to take full advantage of all the great opportunities social media holds. Read in the infographic below to familiarize yourself with the valuable potential of social media and how to employ it correctly.