Meta proactive in adding extra protection to teens online

Meta Social media platforms have enabled individuals to connect from afar in this day and age.

Nevertheless, although social media offers advantages, it also has disadvantages.

It can, for example, be used to bully others.

Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, is well aware of how its platforms have become breeding grounds for such crimes, notably “revenge porn.”

The problem

The act of sharing graphic photographs of someone online without their consent is known as revenge porn.

Teens, in particular, are vulnerable to revenge porn, with scandalous material being posted on Facebook and Instagram.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the amount of revenge porn on the internet has increased in recent years, particularly among young boys.

Meta has created a new tool called “Take It Down” in order to combat the proliferation of pornographic photographs.

The tool

Take It Down is aimed at persons who upload graphic photos of others without their permission in order to disgrace them.

NCMEC operates and runs it, allowing minors to anonymously attach a hash or digital fingerprint to personal photographs or videos taken with their own device.

Users do not need to upload them to the new platform either.

Teens may install the program and make a hash of sexual content by visiting the official website.

Although the picture will not be saved in the database, the anonymized number will.

Because the photo is connected to Meta, if it is shared on Facebook or Instagram, it will be compared to the original, evaluated, and possibly deleted from the site.

“This issue has been incredibly important to Meta for a very, very long time because the damage done is quite severe in the context of teens or adults,” said Meta global safety director Antigone Davis.

“It can do damage to their reputation and familial relationships, and puts them in a very vulnerable position.”

“It’s important that we find tools like this to help them regain control of what can be a very difficult and devastating situation.”

Who can use it?

Take It Down works for photographs posted on Facebook, Instagram, and their respective direct messaging services as long as they are not encrypted.

Furthermore, Take It Down can be used by anyone under the age of 18 in collaboration with parents and trusted adults on behalf of a young person.

Meta covers the entire cost of the tool.

Additionally, it builds on a similar website launched in 2021 by more than 70 non-governmental organizations called StopNCII, all of which work to prevent revenge porn among adults.

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The effort

Since 2016, the NCMEC’s cyber tip line has received over 250,000 reports of online enticement, including sextortion.

The number of reports more than doubled between 2019 and 2021.

Last year, 79% of offenders sought money to prevent the images from being uploaded, with many of them taking place on social media.

Antigone Davis was probed by Senators over a year and a half ago about the Meta applications’ influence on younger users.

At the time, it was reported that the corporation was aware that Instagram may be “toxic” to adolescent girls.

While the firm did put out additional tools and protections, experts say it took too long and that more might have been done.

President Joe Biden sought more clarity regarding Meta’s algorithms and their influence on the mental health of teenage users during his recent State of the Union speech.

Davis replied by noting that the firm appreciates efforts to standardize the sector so that youngsters can browse and enjoy internet services.

She also stated that the firm is boosting its efforts to protect underage users, particularly when it comes to removing obscene photographs.

“Sextortion is one of the biggest growing crimes we see at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,” said Gavin Portnoy of NCMEC.

“We’re calling it the hidden pandemic, and nobody is really talking about it.”

Portnoy also emphasized the rise in juvenile suicides as a result of revenge porn.

“That is the driving force behind creating Take It Down, along with our partners,” he added.

“It really gives survivors an opportunity to say, look I’m not going to let you do this to me. I have the power over my images and my videos.”

Other platforms take action

Apart from Meta, OnlyFans and MindGeek, Pornhub’s parent firm, are incorporating comparable technology into their sites.

However, there are certain restrictions.

Altering the original image by cropping it, adding emojis, or doctoring it is one possible loophole.

Take It Down can still identify filters such as sepia or black and white.

Meanwhile, Meta suggests that teens produce a hash for each copy of the image or altered version.

“There’s no panacea for the issue of sextortion or the issue of the non-consensual sharing of intimate images,” said Davis.

“It really does take a holistic approach.”

Take It Down is not the company’s first attempt to devote resources to combating explicit material with youngsters.

It has already made changes to the platforms to provide an age-appropriate experience for teenagers, including:

  • Supervision tools for parents
  • Age-verification technology
  • Defaulting teens into private settings on Facebook and Instagram

How to Use Social Media to Find a Perfect Audience

Social media has drastically transformed the way in which people receive information and how we connect with each other. It has also greatly reshaped how companies interact with customers and attract new leads. Although it is estimated that there will be approximately 257 million social media users by 2023, social media is often executed poorly.

Companies, small and large, should familiarize themselves with techniques and strategies to help maximize the benefits that social media will undoubtedly bring to their business. For instance, reposting the same content across every social channel is an ill-advised decision as each platform has a specific audience and requires a unique delivery. Sharing the exact content can create mediocrity surrounding your brand and leave users feeling unengaged, and eventually you will lose them as followers.

Also, companies should steer clear of creating and sharing clickbait content. Clickbait content is content designed to attract attention and to entice users to engage, but it is typically deceptive and misleading. It can sometimes feel like you need to have the loudest, craziest content to get noticed, but resorting to clickbait is not a sustainable approach. In the beginning, you may notice an increase in the amount of followers or likes you receive, but once audience members become aware of this clickbait, they will disengage, and subsequently, unfollow. If you reach the a perfect audience, you don’t need to ask for their engagement as they will provide it willingly.

Additionally, using the appropriate tone across platforms is imperative. For more serious channels such as LinkedIn, a professional tone of voice is suggested. Information spread through LinkedIn is usually of matter-of-fact nature. For more casual platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, an informal tone is commonplace. But remember, communicate to people like people, not leads. It is easy to forget there is an actual person sitting on the other end of the screen. They wanted to be treated as such and not just as a sale.

Relating to how you communicate with your followers, it is important to build a solid customer base and earn their trust rather than just posting content in order to garner a sale. Social media has the power to influence buying decisions but it also has the power to form relationships. Your followers will notice this attempt to form connections and feel valued because of it.

Furthermore, it may seem wise to take advantage of every single social platform offered. However, in this case, quality over quantity takes the cake. Using every social channel available is not only inefficient but it can also lead users to believe your content is dull and deficient. One or two platforms done strongly will produce stronger, better results.

It is important for businesses to know these strong strategies in order to take full advantage of all the great opportunities social media holds. Read in the infographic below to familiarize yourself with the valuable potential of social media and how to employ it correctly. 

Mary Diamonds Bringing Her Fun Persona to Online Channels

It’s easy for most to drown in a crowd, Mary Diamonds, is a character who stands out in an instant. She’s a bilingual daughter of an American man and French woman. She grew up traveling the world as her businessman father would regularly move around for work. Mary has lived in various parts of Europe and all four corners of the United States in her lifetime. 

Mary has achieved the amazing feat of earning a Juris Doctor degree. A believer in the importance of excellence and commitment, she strives to achieve perfection in all that she does. Mary Diamonds takes on a balanced view to most of life. A balanced hedonist, she seeks to pursue both suffering and enjoyment. When needed, she can be both logical and extreme. 

A member of Generation X, Mary hails from New Jersey and finds pride in being an American. She loves the USA and freedom, interpreting the nation’s constitution and Declaration of Independence with plain meaning. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right in terms of defending her country and will go to lengths to defend the greatness of the nation. Mary feels the same way with all things dear to her, including people she loves, her beliefs, and her values.

One thing that stands out about Mary Diamonds is that she’s a generally fun person to have around. She loves to party and live in the moment. In recent times, she has started taking to social media to connect with people online and create genuine relationships with people who want to live life without regrets and restraints. She regularly jumps on Instagram, where she hopes to amass a sizable following. As an aspiring influencer, she hopes to reach up to 50,000 followers on the social platform or more. Her greatest motivation isn’t money, fame, or power, but love.

Mary Diamonds is also a vegan who tries to live and eat right, often enjoying recipes she created herself. Beyond all else, Mary loves people and can easily get along with practically anyone. She loves classic, hip hop, and rock and roll music; and she is always up for a great party. Even as restrictions prevailed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she would constantly connect and network with people online. She loves meeting new people and goes out of her way to get to know others more. 

In the coming days, Mary Diamonds hopes to grow her social media reach. She’s ambitious and determined, always ready to put in the work to reach her goals and dreams in life. Mary would love nothing more than to live in the moment and seize each day, making the most of every precious second of existence.

Mary Diamonds loves to create content and regularly brings spice and value to people through her social media channels. To learn more about Mary and get to know her more, visit Instagram and Twitter today.

Aakaanksh Autade (Kaansanity) Shares the Secret for Going Viral on Tiktok and Building Brands

Social media has been a major game-changer for everyday life as it allows people to connect and share updates on their lives or shared interests. However, its influence doesn’t end there as it has also changed the business landscape by providing business owners with the platform to run their business. Aakaanksh Autade is one of those individuals who have found opportunities to build his career around social media.

As a young child, Aakaanksh wanted to work for himself. The idea of owning his own time and doing what he loved was the dream. Despite being young, he set out to find what he could do to give himself the life he wanted and eventually chanced upon the world of entrepreneurship. He fell in love with it and later took part in reselling, drop-shipping, stocks, and web design. 

After becoming successful in those niches, Aakaanksh took the time to learn the ropes of advertising, especially on Facebook. After getting the hang of Facebook Ads, he eventually moved into the e-commerce and the social media marketing niche and started his own marketing agency called AK Digital.

Since its founding, AK Digital has generated thousands in sales and hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok, his primary social media channel, for clients. Although an intimidating challenge, Aakaanksh has amassed years of experience with social media management and social media marketing. He has had a hand in Facebook ads, paid traffic, and lead generation, giving him the credentials to work with a wide variety of businesses, from small local businesses, e-commerce brands, and even large companies. Among the companies that he’s worked with, he has helped with the advertising campaigns of Grammarly, Chegg, and even Amazon through TikTok.

Currently, Aakaanksh is running ads and managing social media for two major seven-figure companies in software and beauty, and multiple smaller six-figure businesses in the Los Angeles area, including gyms, dentists, and the like. 

Aakaanksh chose to make his presence known on TikTok because of how much easier it was to use and how easily it could attract a following. He noticed how many creators around him were focusing on creating the most viral content they could think of every single day of the week. Even the best creators on the platforms knew it was almost impossible to hit every single video out of the park. The difficulty in making daily hits meant that some creators would resort to clickbaiting. 

For those unaware, clickbaits are a false form of advertisement used to attract users’ attention to check out the creator’s content. Unfortunately, it’s common, and some people believe it’s a great idea to gain publicity. However, it loses the creator’s chances of building a strong community. Aakaanksh wants creators to understand that it’s possible that each content won’t always be an instant hit. Instead of getting discouraged, he wants them to consistently keep putting out high-quality content as it builds a better chance of bringing in likes and followers and allow them to build a strong community.

To learn more about Aakaanksh Autade (kaansanity), you may follow him on TikTok or visit his website

Demilo Alanis Provides Necessary Guidance for Growth Management in the Digital Age

In today’s world, everything seems to be a click away. A growing number of people are using the internet, which allows most merchandisers to find a new strategy that is promoting online. With so many techniques available, it could be challenging to know which strategies to implement and make the most out of the digital footprint. To be equipped with proven techniques in engaging more customers, Demilo Alanis helps scale business online, automate processes, and define and penetrate target audiences.

Based in Irvine, California, Demilo is equipped and ready to guide anyone through the world of digital marketing. He has his own versatile set of strategies that he had already put time and money into finding what works, so his clients do not have to. His consultancy is about collaboration, meaningfully increasing the reach and encouraging long-term investment in the brand’s longevity.

Targeting male business owners ages 35-55, Alanis provides high quality and cost-effective online marketing solutions that he had developed himself through trial and error and investing in learning specialist strategies for harnessing the power of digital in growing business. His decisive and robust leadership allows him to motivate his team and hold everyone to high standards of responsibility and accountability. He is passionate enough about the business to take risks when he realizes that these risks can benefit the business in the future.

Alanis’s edge from the competition is that he personalizes cost-effective strategies for each of his clients. His unorthodox creative methodologies attract attention and allow him to connect with his target audience. He also has a flexible “done with you” and “done for you” services. He possesses an abundance of experts to get the job done and has a high standard with a commitment to transparency.

Demilo Alanis helps his clients connect with the right customers. The solutions he provides support and sustain his client base’s growth while prioritizing his client’s unique ambitions for their business. By offering a range of services including web design, search engine optimization, copywriting, sales funnel, and advertising development, he aims to take the stress out of finding the best strategy by making the process as simple as a consultation. He demonstrates effective use of technology and can improve an organization’s operational efficiency or expand the reach to consumers. Lastly, he provides exceptional customer service and pays attention to customer concerns quickly and fairly. He needs to understand his customers to connect with them and assist them in fulfilling their goals.

His results-driven methods allow him to add measurable value to every business he has worked with, no matter what kind of business his future clients own. His goal is to develop formidable, long-lasting relationships with and for the companies under his care and allow his client’s to handle their business with their own hands in the future.

Social media and digital marketing have allowed everyone direct access to their target audiences, but they can quickly become confused with all of the different growth management approaches available. One thing is for sure, in this digital age, a powerful online brand presence is essential to making an authentic and lasting impression, and to make that possible, Demilo Alanis is at your service. For more information, visit Demilo Alanis’s website.

TikTok Sensation, Emilio Bernot, Creates Impressive Videos for Rising Rappers

Generating over 900,000 followers on TikTok was not an easy feat for Emilio Bernot, but he did it because of his innate passion for photography that evolved into video production. As he is well-known for making viral TikTok content and music videos, Bernot is now collaborating with rappers Paul Wall, Fredo Bang, and Slim Thug to create their music videos. 

Emilio Bernot’s love for photography began when his mother sent him to Fusion Academy for school when he was 15 years old. He was put in a photography class and grew to love it after a few weeks of classes. He enjoys being able to change the mood or theme of a particular subject by simply playing with colors. In the same year, Bernot’s friend got a camera with the objective of doing a photo shoot with local influencers. They were able to connect with rapper Scotty McThottie, who later revealed to Bernot that he was more interested in making a music video instead of doing a regular photoshoot.

Bernot was not very confident at first at the idea of creating a music video, but he said yes to the project anyway. Before he knew it, he was having the time of his life shooting the video content. 

“Other directors I’ve had experiences with make most of the decision and act like the boss. When an artist wants me to make him a video, he is my boss. He is paying me to make him this video so I work for him not him for me. Whatever the artist wants the video to look like is how I’ll make it,” reveals Bernot.

His impressive TikTok journey did not start out as a planned project. He started out by posting skits on his Instagram account when he was 14 years old, which did not turn out very well, as he only had 250 followers. At the age of 16, he started doing what he would describe as “stupid videos” like breaking watermelons at Walmart and going behind a McDonald’s counter and serving his own food. Bernot admits that he is not proud of any of his past videos.

Finally, he came across TikTok in 2019 and discovered that he does not need followers for his video content to be viewed. All he needs is good content for people to be attracted to it. From then on, he would spend countless hours planning and ideating video content he could upload to connect with his followers. 

One of the people that Bernot looks up to is engineer, industrial designer, and philanthropist Elon Musk. He admires how Musk started from having nothing as a kid growing up in Africa and dreaming to make civilian space travel a reality someday. Seeing how Musk is slowly making his dream a reality motivated Bernot to pursue his own aspirations. 

Emilio Bernot sees himself launching his own YouTube channel in the near future. Aside from his vision to continue to grow his video production business, he also intends to try out acting in the coming years. His followers can expect to see more of him as he prepares to diversify his personal brand. 

Follow Emilio Bernot on TikTok to get updates about his projects. Visit his Facebook and Twitter accounts to know more about him. 

Social Media Rising Star Josh Liljenquist Inspires Others to Reach for Their Dreams and Teaches Them How to Get There

Social media influencing has become a massive thing over the years. Different types of people have amassed millions and millions of followers on different social media platforms and have garnered some monetary success along with it. At 22 years old, Josh Liljenquist is among these few people who have achieved remarkable heights in the digital sphere. The young Fairmont, Minnesota native, has reached over 1.9 million followers on TikTok, 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and over 47,000 followers on Instagram, a feat that is unheard of in his small town in Minnesota.

The young college student is still currently attending Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota, with a communications major. Despite his young age, he has already achieved numerous feats not just online through his massive following but also in his local high school, where he achieved multiple track records. The young man is nonstop, pushing his limits and boundaries day by day. He is not only a famous influencer; he has also published three books to help others achieve the same level of success as him.

His book entitled Instagram Masterguide is a best seller on Amazon and ranked number 1 among the top trending new releases. He also published two other books on the topic of social media success and how to get there called TikTok Guide: Insane Growth and Tips to Become Successful: Make A Change, where he explains how he reached exponential growth on his social media accounts even though he started out with zero followers. 

Today, Josh is currently starting his own company that produces all-organic workout drinks that help promote muscle recovery. He is setting out to make his personal brand even bigger and even better, making up new ways to gain an audience and help motivate them to become the best versions of themselves.

Despite coming from a town of 10,000 people, Josh has become one of the biggest influencers in Minnesota. He has built his own personal brand by following through with his exceptionally high standards and work ethic. He always stays motivated no matter what he does and doesn’t let other people’s doubts get in the way. In a short span of two months, he has managed to push his Instagram account from 3,000 followers to 43,000.

With all the fame and popularity he has garnered, he has also received some doubt from other people. However, Josh doesn’t let it get to him since he is only his authentic self. He firmly believes that someone’s personal brand is based entirely on their authenticity, which is why he strives to stay true to himself in every piece of content he shares to the world. 

Ultimately, Josh hopes to inspire other people out there to reach for their dreams the same way he has. Things  didn’t just fall into place for him. He had to put in the work, and the results eventually came. He wants others to be motivated by his story and how he managed to build his dream lifestyle due to his sheer determination and passion. It’s always going to be hard to take that leap, but Josh believes that with hard work and dedication, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Visit Josh Liljenquist’s website to learn more about the rising social media influencer that’s shaking up the digital sphere.