Maaleak Wilbur: the Foster Kid Who Overcame Adversities to Become a Social Media Marketer

Challenges are a part of life meant to test an individual’s resilience and passion. Maaleak Wilbur is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who has been able to turn the lemons life threw at him into lemonades. Maaleak’s story began at the tender age of four when he was placed in the foster care system. While in the system, he went to four different foster homes, three residential homes, a few group homes, and was even in the witness protection program (WITSEC).¬†

The instability took its toll on young Maaleak as he had no family to call his own, but he persevered, learning to do things by himself. When he was eight years old, he found a new interest in gaming and steadily built his passion. Four years later, he established a vast gaming fanbase with over 30,000 YouTube subscribers in 2012.

 Unfortunately, life was not kind to the teenager, and before long, the young gamer was back in foster care. Because Maaleak could no longer manage his YouTube account, his channel was hacked, leaving him to start from scratch. With an indomitable spirit and newfound determination, Maaleak pushed on. He went live on Facebook in 2013 and gained a new following, attracting an audience of teenagers who fell in love with his personality. Utilizing his page, influence, and innate ability to understand people, he began releasing videos centered on relationship advice and gained over a hundred thousand followers.

Two years later, he widened his social media fanbase to Instagram and Snapchat, instantly amassing a whopping following of 120,000 followers. However, life threw another curveball to test Maaleak’s strength, and he was put in the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC). The program barred him from gaining any publicity for his safety, and all his social media pages were temporarily suspended.

Undeterred, the young entrepreneur waited patiently until he legally turned 18 and left the witness program to return to social media, where he built his brand as a Social Media Marketing Expert. Despite his social media success, Maaleak Wilbur was still on his own and had to work multiple jobs to afford rent. To diversify his income, he taught himself how to trade and invest and poured his money into the Forex market. While doing all this, Maaleak put himself through school and graduated from high school with high honors.

This young social media marketing expert has grown a staggering network of over 50 million followers on social media by making relatable and helpful relationships and educational content through hard work and sweat. In eight years, he has built a strong network by successfully establishing his brand and has transitioned to helping other brands, influencers, and celebrities build their network. At only 20 years old, Maaleak’s impact on social media is an inspiration to others, and he has gotten featured in numerous media outlets. Growing up poor himself, Maaleak gives back to society by donating half of his profits to those in need. His brilliance, charisma, and genuine concern for others are part of the charm that draws him to his supporters.

In 5 years, Maaleak sees himself as a public speaker traveling the world to help people and inspire them. He hopes to write a book in the future, chronicling his story of how he went from being a foster kid to a successful YouTuber and businessman. He hopes to encourage youths to never give up on their dreams and always to keep faith.

You can reach out to Maaleak Wilbur via his website. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok to keep updated with his latest activities.