Major B2B Swiss Skincare Lab, Eblouir Group, Launches E-commerce

Eblouir Group is a major Swiss Lab mainly famous for its Skin Repair line “Less is More”, focused on minimalist cure and prevention. Established in 2014, this company was first and foremost focused on the professional market B2B, supplying a network of 6000 distributors globally: mostly medical groups, hospitals, hotels, spas, and retailers.

At the time where most beauty brands started going retail and then tried to expand to the B2B market (with more or less success), Eblouir Group did quite the opposite: they launched B2B first and established strategic partnerships within the professional market.

Mr. Vu-Hoang Lê, Co-Founder and Group CEO, shares, “My dream was to create a business that could merge beauty and science, to help people achieve a healthy and radiant skin. In order to be successful, instead of spending big money on ads that will have no benefits to our consumers, we would have to invest heavily on Research and Development, and the testimonies will be our marketing.”

Medical Grade Skincare

In other words, “Beauty is Vitality Revealed.” A strategy that has proven highly successful over the past six years, despite involving zero marketing outside customer feedback, as the company boasts 85% repeat business, thousands of corporate partners, and 140 shops. 

During an interview with In-Corpore, a Swiss Medical Center famous for medical tourism, Mr. Lê explains how the deep collaboration with strategic distributors like hospitals enables the company to invest their R&D where there is the most urgent need in terms of skincare and dermatology. And while Eblouir Group would focus on what they do best (R&D, skingredients, and products), they would entrust their commercial partners to distribute the products worldwide and give them feedback on the future needs expressed by clients or doctors.

Brand Awareness

Victim of its success, Eblouir’s Instagram page has reached 500,000 fans and are eager to learn about skingredients (“ingredients for your skin”), and getting skincare lessons from Swiss doctors. With global pandemic COVID-19, people are staying at home a lot more and are therefore willing to become their own “dermatologists” at home. We could say that 2020 is the year of social mediaand Eblouir Group has taken this opportunity to launch their E-Commerce website.

The beauty business is a $532 billion worldwide, and while the cosmetics industry invests in huge marketing campaigns, the same cannot always be said about their Research and Development. Eblouir Group (Switzerland) has certainly proven that there is certainly a huge demand for medical-grade skincare worldwide, or as they call it “Skin Repair.” We hope that in the future, more brands will follow that trend and keep innovating. Consumers deserve quality over quantity. And from what we know, “Made in Switzerland” is a label highly sought after worldwide, for both high-quality and luxurious products, but also medical and pharmaceutical research.

For more information on Eblouir Group, visit their website and follow @eblouir on Instagram.