Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella: A Skincare Brand Formulated by Nature

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Likewise, building a successful business empire begins with an idea, followed by well-executed actions. However, the path to a successful empire is far from rosy as it is filled with numerous difficulties, trials, doubts, and fears; and only individuals who remain true to their vision despite the trials can reach the pinnacle of triumph. As someone who has defied all odds to see her dreams turn to reality, Maria Abreu, the founder of Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella, hopes to inspire others to believe in themselves and reach for their dream as she shares how she brought her ideas to life.

Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella is a futuristic brand that provides men and women with skincare products made from natural products. The skincare products contain holistic natural ingredients that pay special attention to the client’s skin deficiencies based on micronutrients. The natural skin-loving ingredients boost the confidence of their clients as they can be assured of a product free from the synthetic formulation that may be harmful to their skin. 

On top of being a brand that contains natural skin-friendly ingredients scientifically proven to be safe, Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella is handcrafted to perfection, timeless in its authenticity, and the products are free from paraben, silicone, gluten, sulfate, and talc. 

Much of the company’s holistic approach to skincare that eventually drove them to success is owed to the vision of its owner and founder, Maria Abreu. 

Maria is a woman of sterling reputation, a holistic nutritionist who focuses more on the body’s micronutrients, and the co-owner of MedVital Wellness Center, a skincare brand catering to both men and women alongside her husband Andry Santos. As one of the most sought-after specialists in the health and wellness industry, Maria saw the need to help their clients care more for their health, as more women started requesting better skincare products. 

To Maria, the need of her clients came first, and she started her research on how she could serve them better with better and all-natural skincare products. With a mission to serve, Maria brought her brainchild to and established the Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella. 

As the skincare brand emboldens their client through its boost of colors and quality, it is important to understand the genesis of how Maria Abreu named her brand Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella. The name Innata was inspired by the internal power that is present in everyone, especially women. 

The name pays tribute to women for their resilience, uniqueness, and strength, and one of the women who particularly inspired the name is the charming and captivating Mrs. Mundo Latina USA 2020, Omayra Rodriguez well-known as Omayra La Bella. Omayra la Bella is a supermodel, entrepreneur, mother, and wife who at the peak of her career put her dreams on hold to be a mother to her three daughters. Now that her daughters are all grown, Omayra is back, actively pursuing her career.

The vision and mission of Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella is to provide their clients with the high-quality skin care products containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the body. They want to encourage everyone to keep their body healthy and wholesome.

To learn more about Innata Inspired by Omayra La Bella, you may visit its official website.