Meet Serial Entrepreneur Brandon Hensinger: The Renaissance Man of Our Generation

Leonardo Da Vinci is a known artist who embodies the ideals of a renaissance man during his time. He was an expert in every facet, be it in painting, music, or invention. Indeed, he has set a high bar for anyone who wants to encapsulate what it means to be a renaissance man. However, in this generation, we don’t have to look so far. In fact, Brandon Hensinger is a perfect example of the one we might call a modern-day Renaissance man.  He has devoted his energy and time to accomplishing groundbreaking projects that helped society for most of his life. He has been at the forefront of many innovative and life-changing technologies in the reproductive health and genetic industry. He majored in outdoor leadership and has built his education in genetics and the business world.

Today, Brandon Hensinger is a prominent quad-lingual, adventure athlete, business growth specialist, and published entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Avrio Genetics, a company established to provide fertility testing solutions in over 20 countries. His healthcare expertise has also paved the way to creating his pandemic division of Avrio Genetics, Bio Testing Supplies and Bio Testing Labs. Surrounded by a competent team, Brandon launched multiple COVID-19 and viral testing products aimed to help the world return to normal. His company not only quickly pivoted and thrived in the face of a global pandemic but even helped create testing products for COVID-19.

Brandon has built his career based on the principle that life and business should be an adventure. Now, he sets a new path for himself to help people become highly productive and successful while living the life they dream of since it has always been a passion for him to share his success with other people. Brandon wants to impart knowledge in achieving success through the lens of his own adventures and experiences. That is why he decided to launch his own coaching brand to help develop and coach future entrepreneurial leaders. 

Like how he has built his international companies from scratch and out of a passion for improving the healthcare industry, Brandon’s personal coaching brand is also born out of the same foundation. This time he wants aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders like him to reach their highest potential through his brand. He wants to give the right solutions so they can finally establish the businesses they ever dreamed of. 

Currently, Brandon Hensinger is about to release his new book titled Stand on The Summit: Reaching the Peak in Life and Business, Through the Lens of a Lifetime Climber and Entrepreneur. His book encourages a spirit of adventure to one’s business.  To do so, one must commit to change the conventional and deep-seated ways of running a business. Moreover, he even has several free ebooks on his website to guide business leaders who continuously seek opportunities. 

Brandon Hensinger’s charisma and endless curiosity have fueled him to chase his entrepreneurial dreams. Get more tips on building your business by following him on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be sure to join to listen to his podcast and join his growing community.

Serial Entrepreneur CHADD BLACK Lands New Book Deal with Page Publishing

From founding The Chadd Black Academy to establishing Mr. Black Beauty, it is as if Chadd Black, also known as “The Mogul in the Making”, is a favorite of the universe as blessings just keep on pouring. The African-American entrepreneur’s upcoming project is dedicated to aspiring individuals interested in making their own startups. Chadd recently sealed the deal as the brand owner and inked the agreement for his new book and seminar tour deal set for release in 2021, Getting BLACK to Business.

Chadd Black definitely deserves the success he is experiencing right now. The self-made visionary has always known that he is meant to pursue business. At 15 years old, he opened his little business, offering ironing services to his friends and family. It may have been simple, but his humble beginnings earned the admiration of many and became the building blocks of who he is now. 

Launched in 2015, The Chadd Black Awards seeks and recognizes local talents for their valuable contribution to Houston, Texas. A couple of years later, The Chadd Black Academy opened its doors to the world for free. By employing music as a form of therapy, the Academy is a safe haven for mentally, physically, or emotionally disabled children. His works do not just end there. In 2018, Chadd Black started The 713 Agency, a talent agency suitable for budding artists who are looking for affordable services. Services such as music and business management, career counseling, public relations, production, and songwriting are just some of what 713 offers. Because of the solid presence it has established in Houston, The 713 Agency is currently the leading talent agency in the area.

Currently, Chadd is setting his eyes on starting a record label to propel new and local artists in the challenging music industry. Apart from upscaling their careers, the record label will also mold their clients to become exceptional entrepreneurs. Unsurprisingly, Chadd’s strategic approach encourages his clients to exceed their tribulations and develop their talents. 

“It’s not about what I wasn’t born into. For me, it’s about the legacy I leave behind,” explains Chadd Black.

Atlantic Records, RCA Records, Epic Records, Sony Music, VH1, Interscope Records, etc. are just some of the major companies that sought Chadd Black’s insights. The expert brand management strategist is famous for his valuable recommendations regarding digital campaigns and branding.

Chadd’s composure and charisma were helpful in connecting with people. His relatable hardships and personality draw in individuals from different walks of life to learn and hear his philosophy in life and its circumstances. Moreover, people are confident that his wisdom will not fail them as Chadd Black is someone who can maintain dignity in a healthy discourse.

Called “3 Businesses by 30”, Chadd Black shared that he has accomplished his life goal. Mr. Black Beauty impressively garnered a six-figure income under six months. He will be expounding how he reached this feat in the first volume of his Build Your Brand With Mr. Black Virtual Master Class happening on December 1.

He may have already checked off his life goal, but apparently, the long list still goes on for Chadd. His dedication to his entrepreneurship and cultivating talents is far from over.

Check out Chadd’s new venture, Mr. Black Beauty, here.

Putting People First: Ryan Kearns Continues to Provide Opportunities During These Trying Times

In a time when the financial sector is at an impasse, people start to brace themselves for the much-dreaded effect of a moribund economy. That is, losing the ability to provide meals on their tables. The pandemic has negatively impacted various companies, which resultantly forced some of them to close down. The gravity of the companies’ misfortunes inevitably rippled through their workforce, leaving them afraid and without jobs.

As the numbers for the unemployed continue to increase, some businesses refuse to stay idle. And with a mind that exudes resilience and grit, Ryan Kearns took it upon himself to shudder the brilliance within him and help alleviate the people’s struggles amid these trying times.

Ryan Kearns, who is known for his heart of gold, has gained recognition for his noble pursuits towards helping people. Unlike other ambitious individuals, Ryan defines success as having the power to transform the world into a better place. With this ingrained in his mind, Ryan set out to create avenues that would open more doors of opportunities for people.

Born and bred with the values of resilience, compassion, and benevolence, Ryan owes his present virtuous stance to his late father. Although his father’s death was ill-fated, he left with Ryan a pair of large-sized shoes to fill when he passed away. But Ryan gladly wore it with fervent eyes and continued his father’s legacy – running Steve-O’s Last Wish. 

However, Ryan’s noble sense of purpose did not start when his father died. It began when Ryan was still at a young age. When he graduated from high school in the 1970s, his goals were already set in stone. While others’ goals in life depend on the money that they would make, Ryan’s aspirations are more massive than coinages and banknotes. His mission was to harness the ability to provide jobs for the people around him.

Clothed with a zeal to improve the lives of many, Ryan worked hard to get to where he wanted to be. When the time came that he was given the power to provide job opportunities, he was able to assist more people than he could have ever dreamt of. The vigor in helping revitalized him, so he set out to build more avenues that were completely aligned with his vision.

Inspired by his father and grandfather, he became an entrepreneur in 2015, and launched  two companies designed to prioritize people and their most pressing needs – Fly Low Inc. and Auto Dent Company.

Fly Low Inc. is a company that specializes in customer acquisition and brand recognition for local businesses throughout the United States. On the other hand, Auto Dent Company is a fully licensed and insured auto dent repair company that concentrates on repairing the car’s seemingly irreversible body damage. While these companies are built to assist small businesses and repair car problems, respectively, it is in these companies’ ability to provide jobs for people that fuels Ryan the most. Especially with the threat of the ongoing health crisis, Ryan is more motivated to keep his businesses afloat.

What Ryan has achieved throughout his life has proven that anything can happen if one makes it happen. With everything that he has done for the sake of humanity amidst the pandemic, he wishes to serve as an inspiration for like-minded individuals to follow suit and help spark change despite the challenges.

Know more about Ryan Kearns, Fly Low Inc., and Auto Dent Company by visiting their websites. You may also follow Ryan on Instagram.

Serial Entrepreneur Tyrus Brown Promotes Financial Literacy Through His Empire of Educational Business Platforms

Financial literacy remains an important skill to learn and develop because of how it allows us to make sound decisions, manage money responsibility, and build towards financial stability. But in today’s world, with the shifts in the focus of the educational system and the lack of practical guidance for youth, this much-needed skill has not found its way to the majority’s repertoire.

Best-selling author and serial entrepreneur Tyrus Rashod Brown believes that financial literacy should be part of every individual’s skill set.

Tuck has taken it upon himself to provide the tools to help change the status quo. Through his incredible empire of educational business platforms, he has raised awareness about how essential financial freedom is and what steps to take to achieve success in the commercial space. 

Featured on Fox 13 News, WMC Action News 5, WLBT 3 News, and Local 24 News, to name a few, this highly successful business authority is known for growing over $1.4 million in net profit in three months by trading stocks, flipping real estate, and addressing consultation inquiries during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has owned nearly ten commercial stores all over the mid-South and is now taking over the virtual space, expanding his reach and positively impacting the field of financial education. 

Tuck’s success in the industry can be traced back to his commercial triumph after selling an incredibly high-rated system on his website, where he fixes credits and gets businesses funded. Shortly after, this mogul went viral, growing an incredible social media presence and gaining seventy thousand followers on Instagram, and twenty thousand on Facebook. 

He takes pride in his extensive network and connections as well as on his ability to catch the eye of the most prominent figures, such as Drake, who reached out to him through Instagram. And banking on his following, Tuck launched educational platforms that offer various kinds of knowledge and tools to enhance the financial skills of entrepreneurs and aspirants. 

Through his website, Tuck is able to provide necessary resources to individuals looking into fixing their credit score, hoping to buy land and flip it to make a profit, forex trading hopefuls, and more. Across all his informative avenues, the intention to teach people to be self-sufficient is always in place. 

So far, he has brought his education systems to the masses and created the Independent Course to guide people on how to be financially free using the tools from the Unlearn and Relearn Movement. This specific movement emphasizes financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business, and has been credited for enabling the knowledge learning and skills enhancement of thousands of people. 

Tuck also provides wisdom using other mediums. Through his series of books called The Game Untold, he covers a variety of essential topics, from relationships and psychology to crime and gangs. Not unlike the domination that he demonstrated in other fields, Tuck also proved to be a star as an author by becoming a best-selling writer after independently publishing his books and selling over fifty thousand copies. 

This serial entrepreneur’s belief in the power of information and education in equipping people with the necessary skills to survive and thrive, regardless of the economic landscape, is reflected not only in his personal life. He has built systems that would serve as effective avenues of learning for people who need it.

Learn more about Tyrus Brown by visiting his website and checking out his Instagram and Facebook page.