Nicole Rokita Facilitates Ketogenic Diet and Awareness Through niKETO Restaurant

When it comes to dieting, so many harmful misconceptions circulate, compromising the health of people who only wish to see improvements in their wellbeing. Because of the lack of awareness of beneficial eating behaviors among those engaged in the wellness industry, model and entrepreneur Nicole Rokita has stepped up to educate the masses on how to eat healthily. 

Internationally published model Nicole Rokita is the proud owner of Hollywood-based niKETO Restaurant. This venture is the first-ever establishment in California that caters solely to the keto diet, quickly gaining attention for its menu of low carb, gluten-free renditions of everyone’s classic favorites. From pizzas and burgers to desserts, the full range of available options at the restaurant has enabled it to become a go-to destination for people on the lookout of healthy versions of well-loved food. 

A graduate from the University of Chicago, Nicole Rokita has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has always demonstrated a flair for business. Since she was seven, she had shown the potential of becoming an entrepreneur. Years down the road, no one was surprised when she chose to enter the highly-competitive restaurant industry. 

The establishment of niKETO Restaurant was the natural product of her belief in the ketogenic diet’s power. And it is fueled by its founder’s passion for bringing delicious and healthy food to the table. With her five years of experience of incorporating the keto lifestyle into her day to day functioning, Nicole Rokita has proven that there is an alternative to today’s indiscriminate and excessive consumption of carbohydrates. And after embracing this diet and seeing firsthand its benefits, she now seeks to inspire and encourage others to start a life-changing journey that will culminate in health improvements. 

While it is at the core of niKETO Restaurant to facilitate a ketogenic diet, Nicole Rokita shares that education remains at the forefront of this wellness establishment. “The goal is to create awareness about the positive effects that a low-carb diet has on both your mind and your body,” this enthusiast shares. And by emphasizing education and provision of food that promotes wellbeing, this emerging business powerhouse is bound to achieve a reputable standing within the industry. 

Nicole Rokita is expanding niKETO into an entire restaurant group, consisting of several establishments with their signature cuisine. And although their offerings may differ, they are expected to uphold the same mission of keeping the carbs low and the meals keto-friendly. On top of that, believing that flavor should not come at the expense of nutritional value, niKETO Restaurant vows to maintain the balance it has perfected between taste and wellness. 

Moreover, Nicole Rokita plans to remain as an advocate of science-based and evidence-driven dieting. In any of her future initiatives, she will continue to address false pieces of information revolving around low fad diets. And hand in hand with her testimony about the overall impact of a ketogenic lifestyle, she looks forward to pushing more people to always choose the healthier path in food intake.

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