Eva Garzon Shares How She Achieved Success Through Passion and Commitment

There is a difference between being interested in something and staying committed to it. When a person is interested in doing something, one only takes the initiative of acting upon it when such becomes convenient. But when an individual is committed, they accept no excuses – only results – in one’s quest to achieve success.

True enough, commitment leads to action, and the latter brings people closer to their dreams. And only those who see the power of commitment possess the capacity to live a life that fosters the fulfillment of one’s aspirations. Being a person who is fueled by passion and devotion, Eva Garzon shares that the first step towards attaining success is to dedicate oneself to making dreams become a reality.

As one of the most sought-after powerhouses in the realms of real estate and brokerage, Eva Garzon brought out her tenacious spirit to embolden aspiring real estate brokers and spark growth in the community. Her blazing passion, coupled with an innovative flair, has ultimately enabled Eva to become one of the industry leaders in real estate and brokerage. 

Known for being passionate about her work, Eva Garzon began manifesting her love for property investment ever since she created a project about business and marketing during her last year in the university she graduated from. Eva poured her heart into the project and took it upon herself to create everything from scratch, including its logo and marketing strategies. And as time went by, she started to commit herself to her project and made everything a reality. Thus, The Grand Lion Real Estate Group came into existence.

Passionately created by Eva Garzon, The Grand Lion Real Estate Group is a brokerage firm that sells and manages over $500 million worth of property assets. Based in Miami, Florida, it offers various services that give every client a personal and unique approach to property investment and management. Moreover, the company represents the wealthiest family offices in some parts of Latin America, such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina, and also some parts of Europe.

But behind the company’s overarching prowess lies a founder whose unparalleled dedication has led The Grand Lion Real Estate Group towards the summits of success.

Having been specializing in the real estate market since the year 2012, Eva’s extensive knowledge and strong negotiation skills have positioned her company among the top realtors across Miami. And because of her impeccable know-how and unmatched experience, the Grand Lion Real Estate Group has remarkably made bold strides across the industry. But when talking about successes, Eva would always owe much of its victories to the exceptional team she has in the company. 

According to her, this team who possess a similar passion-driven heart truly catapulted the firm towards the summits of success.

In the coming years, Eva Garzon wishes that The Grand Lion Real Estate Group will broaden its horizons to more countries in the world, specifically in some parts of Spain. Through the magic of her team, coupled with her exceptional knowledge of the trade, the firm is well underway.

To know more about Eva Garzon, you may visit her company’s website.

Rhonda Graham: A Woman’s Journey in the Real Estate Industry

At the age of 22, a young woman named Rhonda Graham entered one of the male-dominated industries, real estate. Growing up, she never thought to have reached this far or be famously known as Real Estate Rhonda, the go-to agent for clients who are looking to sell, buy, or rent properties. Her backstory serves as an inspiration for aspiring young women who wish to overcome life’s adversities. 

Rhonda came from a very humble beginning. She grew up in South Central Los Angeles from an impoverished family. When she was 10, her mother passed away, which left her father to single-handedly raise her. Despite having no mother figure during her adolescent and adulthood years, Rhonda found strength under her father’s tutelage, so she continued living her life and chasing her dreams. By 2015, Rhonda successfully graduated from Crenshaw High School. However, one day, she received an unfortunate piece of news. Her beloved father, the only family she had, passed away. It’s as if her world shattered the second time around. 

Clear as the day, she remembered how she told her father about her passion for becoming a real estate agent. Her father’s eyes lit and told her that she could do anything as long as she puts her mind and effort into it. Reminiscing her father’s words, Rhonda rose from the ashes and built herself up. She invested her time and energy, studying real estate to better help people find their dream properties. Four months after his father’s death, Rhonda got her real estate license. 

Finally achieving the dream she has set for herself, Rhonda is currently affiliated with Empire Estates Group and is part of the South Bay Association of Realtors. As a real estate agent, Rhonda is the epitome of a modern empowered woman. She did not let her setbacks and struggles define her future. Rather, she made it her motivating drive to become the greatest realtor she can be. 

As a real estate agent, her client’s welfare is her topmost priority. To build better relationships with her clients, anticipating their needs beforehand is important. If the investor wants to sell his/her property, one can assure that Rhonda has everything the client needs on a plate. By providing her clients with the right service according to their demand, they feel more empowered with their decision and, at the same time, gain their complete trust. For her, going the extra mile for the client is the key.

Moreover, Rhonda does not find it difficult to connect with her clients as she is very tech and social media savvy. According to her, “Old school is no more! I utilize technology and social media to turn the tide of buying, selling, and renting properties.” Like any other millennials, Rhonda has the drive and vigor to chase her real estate goals, whatever it takes. For her, no obstacle is too big or small, and at the end of the day, we can get through it all.

Rhonda Graham is currently continuing her education as a senior student at Cal State University Dominguez Hills while juggling a career as a real estate agent. Learn more about this empowered woman on Instagram.

Real Estate Concierge Auctions Leads With Innovation and Transparency

Innovation serves as one of the most critical concerns of any enterprise that wishes to dominate their industry, and it is an area known to be the home turf of Real Estate Concierge Auctions or RECA. 

With how much innovation can help companies grow and stand out, it is no surprise that emphasis is placed on dismantling the status quo and introducing products, services, and systems that have the potential to revolutionize a particular industry. For RECA, it has become second nature to this authority in buying and selling luxury real estate to bring out new ways to up the game. 

Real estate leader Simon Polito is credited for founding Real Estate Concierge Auctions 19 years ago and transforming it into a highly recognized brand. Responsible for brokering hundreds of international real estate transactions that resulted in over $600 million in sales, this mogul is acknowledged not only because of his extensive experience, accolades, and success but also for his continuous provision of personalized services and customer service-oriented approach as an entrepreneur. He is dedicated to California’s buyers and sellers and considers anyone who comes under his wing as part of the family.

Moreover, Simon has been consistently rated as the most trustworthy and effective real estate agent. And his consistency in providing all-inclusive plans, explaining the processes involved in every transaction, staying in close communication with his clients, and working toward their best interests have cemented his name. These skills and in-depth knowledge are what RECA is capitalizing in. 

At the heart of Real Estate Concierge Auctions is a unique and accelerated system that facilitates the most transparent and quickest way of selling and buying real estate. This proven setup is guaranteed to put more money back in the seller’s pocket, and RECA takes pride in the speed it takes for transactions run by the company to be done and dusted.

Its capable team of professionals is behind RECA’s signature concierge service, which is a method that takes away all the stress of a traditional transaction, shows the client all the steps of the system, and how to achieve success when utilizing this said system. 

Along with its core offerings, the reputable standing this brainchild of Simon has created in the industry is thanks to its devout commitment to the mission of delivering a relaxed and refined buying and selling experience. Making sure that integrity, expertise, and sophistication are always reflected in RECA’s everyday operations, it has carved a sure path toward the summit since its establishment.

So far, Real Estate Concierge Auctions has cultivated a way for its listings to experience shorter days on the market. Its agents spend less time showing property and holding open houses, and yet, this go-to venture boasts attendance rates that are incredibly high, resulting in the creation of higher, non-contingent multiple offers to sellers. 

In the coming years, Simon Polito plans to elevate Real Estate Concierge Auctions to greater heights, spearheading its evolution into becoming a national institution. And as RECA continues to expand, it vows to remain devoted to observing transparency and excellence.

Learn more about RECA by visiting its website

Darrin Smith Teaches How to Begin Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be lucrative, but it can also be intimidating to get into, especially for someone who has little to no experience and knowledge about the industry. Sometimes people get overwhelmed by the amount of work they might need to put in. Sometimes they also assume that they need large amounts of money to get into real estate investment or that they need a license or construction experience. Darrin Smith is here to prove that anyone can start earning through real estate investments.

Darrin Smith has been investing in real estate since 2012 while working a fulltime job. Over the years, he has flipped over 400 properties, including wholesaling and renovating. He also owns a few rental properties. With several years of experience, Darrin has gained a unique insight into how a regular person can earn through investing in the real estate market. 

Darrin Smith started his company, 9 to 5 Flipping, to help others get started in real estate investment. He holds live masterclasses to teach other aspiring investors around the country. Like many of his students, Darrin had minimal experience in real estate before he started investing. He began his investing journey without a large amount of money. Darrin couldn’t spend the majority of his time on real estate because he had a full-time job. Despite these perceived setbacks, Darrin Smith still earned a considerable amount of money from real estate each month to supplement his job salary.

At 9 to 5 Flipping, Darrin Smith equips his students with the tools they need. Based on his experience, Darrin teaches them how to invest in real estate without having to quit a regular job. He offers a four-day intensive course that provides in-depth training and action items that the students work on before each class. This combination of high-quality training and hands-on homework has given his students the results they want. Through Darrin’s courses, he has helped over 400 students earn additional income through real estate. And because Darrin knows that aspiring real estate investors may have questions. He has made it reasonably easy for them to contact him, making his services accessible for many people.

Through the courses available at 9 to 5 Flipping, Darrin Smith provides a way for people to invest in real estate with little to no money, with little or no credit, and without having to leave a full-time job. He also teaches people how to invest without having to physically be at the property or without meeting the seller face to face.

Going into real estate has helped Darrin Smith pay off his debts and has enabled him to grow financially, securing his future economic needs. Throughout his years of success, he has stayed authentic. Darrin says, “I have worked hard for what I have, and now I want to help others also achieve growth through real estate. People think they need money or good credit to get started, and that’s not true. Anyone can get into real estate investment.”

For more information on Darrin Smith, you may visit this website.

Gibson and Hetherington Reshaping the Real Estate Playing Field

Luxury real estate is a tricky industry. Yet at the expert level by which Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties navigate the ins and outs of the market, they make it look easy. 

Gibson and Hetherington is a property management company that has mastered the art of marketing luxury villas, homes, and boutique resorts. At the core of their model is a specialty for the property market. To date, the luxury real estate company has marketed over 150 properties all over. 

As a premier leader in luxury property marketing, Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties takes care of everything for their clients. The team removes any worries or concerns from their long-term clientele’ minds and processes from check-in to check out. The company also offers its expertise in setting up and running a luxury property owner’s portfolio. 

The pride of Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties lies in their tried and tested systems and processes that provide their trusting clients a higher return on investment. Moreover, the company guarantees a financial return on every account, boasting a money-back guarantee that covers the client for a full refund if they are unable to deliver what they promise.

The luxury real estate marketing company came from the genius and vision of two mavens. Co-founder Ryan Gibson came out of the corporate world to pursue his true passions: real estate and short term rentals. He currently handles client relationship management, expansion, and growth strategies and helps in the business’s day-to-day operations. Ryan Gibson was joined by William Hetherington, who provides strategies and tactics to build an advantage over the competition when marketing their clients’ luxury properties. Will brings in years of real estate experience, given that he is one of the top property agents in Columbus, Ohio. 

Sharing the humble beginnings of Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties, Ryan and Will fondly recounts the fateful coffee shop meeting where they visualized a future company that would handle marketing and management for some of the most beautiful properties in the American market. 

The company’s start wasn’t all smooth right away. When they first moved into short-term rentals when the market was only starting to learn the true potentials of the model, Ryan, and Will had about 50 closed doors before one opened. Despite the slow start, they chose to persevere and innovate, creating better ways to operate Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties and pick up better properties. They slowly gained momentum and started to achieve win after win.

Fast forward to today, Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties consistently outperform all their competitors in various ways. Every month, the company experiences growth upon growth in its property portfolio and revenue. Despite all the team’s success, they maintain an internal drive to keep learning, growing, and improving as a way to provide the best service possible for all their partners continually. 

Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties hope to expand to more properties in the coming years and start a philanthropic project within the company. To stay tuned to Gibson and Hetherington Luxury Properties, visit their website and follow them on Instagram,  @ghluxproperties@theryangibson, and @williamheth.

Andrew Adin Building His Empire and Influence Early On

Success truly knows no age limit, and entrepreneurs and wealth experts like Andrew Adin are living proof of that truth. At an early age, the master salesman and investor has built an empire of wealth for himself. But even in his financial success, Andrew is turning to a bigger mission and seeks to help others mimic his level of success. 

Andrew started his journey to success as early as the sixth grade. While still in school, he learned to turn a profit by flipping products on eBay. Realizing greatness awaits no one, Andrew later decided that the young achiever was going to become a full-fledged entrepreneur even before hitting college. He started going all-in on his dreams and learned and applied all that he could. He started dropping friendships with kids who were a bad influence and started building himself. 

A healthy and positive mindset was essential to Andrew very early into his entrepreneurial career. He built up his attitude and character while also building up his liquid assets. Most weekends and any day that he could, Andrew would work as a waiter at his parents’ restaurant. Later the entrepreneurial wonder started flipping cars for a profit while still using his high school as a marketplace for smaller priced items like Xboxes, PS4’s, Phones, and anything he could resell at a profit. 

At the age of fourteen, Andrew stumbled upon the stock market and fell in love with the idea. He spent the next two years learning all that he could. By the time the student entrepreneur reached his junior year, Andrew had decided to drop school and go into business full time. He met someone who would help him get into real estate. Andrew ended up starting a real estate business that later grew to fifteen markets with five offices all across the United States. In a little over seven months, Andrew’s business has employed over seventy staff and made over one million dollars in revenue. 

Today, Andrew develops wealth-building programs in the form of online courses, coaching, and mentorship to people who want to replicate his level of success. His commitment is to help everyone succeed by learning how to trade the stock market and grow their wealth. “If I have a hundred followers that I care for, then it’s my job to carry them on my back to get to that next level,” shares Andrew. “If I have 90 winners and have 10 who failed, then that to me means I failed. It’s not about money. It’s about helping other people realize and unlock their potential.”

 Andrew hopes to help more people live the life they believe they deserve by teaching people lessons that schools don’t teach. He hopes that his program could provide that avenue for everyone. More than just being a course, his program is also a community of like-minded people who want to help each other succeed. 

For Andrew, life is more than just creating a great life for yourself. It’s also about helping others achieve their goals as well. Today, Andrew is only eighteen years old but has built a wonderful life for himself and others. He looks forward to spending the many more years ahead of him, impacting as many lives as he can. 

To learn more about Andrew Adin and his mentoring program, visit his website and Instagram.

Entrepreneur Jessica Lewis on Leading the Movement Toward Sustainable Housing

Repurposed shipping-container homes are the latest trend in the movement toward sustainable and eco-friendly homes. Most people find it odd at first—that is until they see for themselves the true beauty there is in transforming plain shipping containers into stylish, affordable homes that are actively helping to reduce the housing industry’s detrimental impact on the earth.

Jessica Lewis is the mastermind behind Mobu Enterprises, a green construction firm that builds residential and commercial structures out of surplus shipping containers. The company’s mission is to restore communities by educating, advocating, and improving the environment with sustainable products and self-sustaining designs.

The company’s first projects were a small set of apartment buildings. Since then, they have built residential and commercial high rises in urban and rural communities. At the head of the company, Jessica ensures that they create the highest quality green buildings for both residential and commercial spaces. The resulting homes are windproof, fireproof, and waterproof, allowing any inhabitant to be protected from extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and allergens.

Jessica and Ibrahim Smith, the company’s president and co-owner, created Mobu Enterprises to accommodate the growing demographic of forward-looking and eco-conscious people who are seeking a cost-effective alternative to everyday living. Her clients are modern progressive thinkers who are conscious of their impact on the earth and want to invest their money in sustainable solutions to common housing challenges.

The company’s fully green process allows for the end-user to get a professionally produced structure in less than 30 days from start to finish for both residential and commercial structures of any size.

Jessica comes from a family of developers and knows what it takes to build. She has over ten years of experience in business and construction management skill sets. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but currently resides in Macon, Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Colorado Technical University, which gave her the business skills necessary to help entrepreneurs like herself get their businesses up and running and thriving long-term.

During her time in Philadelphia, Jessica started her own business consultancy firm named Real Solutions for Real People. Her motto was, “We help real people find solutions to their everyday problems personally and professionally.” She also hosted a radio show named All About Beauty, Business, and You, which focused on the beauty industry, entrepreneurs, and community-related events.

Her business education and experience as an entrepreneur for over 12 years inspired her to create the miniseries Entrepreneur Spotlight. Through the miniseries, she highlights entrepreneurs and the innovative products and services they provide. Through a series of questions and answers, Entrepreneur Spotlight showcases the personality, character, and professionalism of each guest.

Jessica has also started and aired several podcasts relating to personal and business credit, finance, and asset protection. Her greatest accomplishment thus far is spreading her knowledge about business to the masses via her various entertainment platforms.

Her other professional accomplishments include speaking in business engagements, hosting webinars, and launching large-scale marketing campaigns. Her main goal in life is to help everyone she encounters to reach their full potential. Upcoming projects include the Tiny Home community, international affordable housing development, commercial entertainment space development, and co-working incubators. She also plans to explore joint ventures on other business endeavors that will minimize crime and violence, reduce self-hate among domestic violence and familial abuse victims, and reduce recidivism and homelessness amongst youth, veterans, and ex-felons.

Learn more about sustainable homes on the Mobu Enterprise website or follow Jessica Lewis on Instagram.

Real Estate Global Pioneer Glen Coutinho’s Secret to Success at Harcourts Beverly Hills Auctions

My first key to success was finding great partners to grow the Harcourts business in Los Angeles. Partners Alex Duk, Deanna D’Egidio, Krystle & Laurent Bijaoui have all been featured in the Top 10 Agents at Harcourts USA with the recent addition to the partnership his daughter Brooke Coutinho of whom has worked alongside him for the last 8 years. The auction market in Los Angeles is growing fast with head auctioneer at Harcourts Auctions Ben Brady. 

Working as a real estate agent is never easy; every day, there is a fresh wave of clients with different personalities and interests coming around the office. Dealing with multiple people of contrasting temperaments can be draining, but not for a people lover like Glen Coutinho who travelled across the globe with his family to launch his sons music careers, Mason & Julez (currently 15 & 13) who are releasing an album shortly with Left Lane Entertainment; Calvin Valrie & Poon, working alongside clothing designer Kimball Lynch, grammy award winning producer Larrance Dopson (1500 or nothin) & songwriter Ant Clemons. 

Glen carries multiple titles in real estate. He is an auctioneer, director, and agent with about 35 years of experience. A global pioneer in real estate, Glen is considered as the consummate professional in the industry, with a reputation for producing top-notch customer service and continuing in succeeding expectations.

With multiple awards and achievements under his name, many would wonder the extent of Glen’s talents and capabilities. While it is true that Glen is exceptionally skilled, Glen would argue that one of his finest and best assets is being a people lover.  This success has flowed to his partners Alex, Deanna, Krystle, Laurent & Brooke who have now received multiple awards in real estate. 

What does being a people lover entails? For Glen, he loves meeting people of all types and working on building relationships and friendships in real estate that lasts. From his very first client to his newest, Glen keeps in touch and meticulously remembers every important detail, from special interests to achievements. Even for the people who went on to other agents, Glen would send them flowers or sweet notes.

The first thought that comes to Glen’s mind whenever he wakes up in the morning is, “What can I do today or make someone else’s day?” And, knowing the importance of following through, Glen makes sure to deliver every promise or expectation made. Glen also makes sure to treat everyone equally, not discriminating cleaners from millionaires.

Real estate is known to be a “rejection game,” but Glen is aware that the bigger picture and long game are more important than the immediate sting of denial. Short-sightedness has no room in Glen’s outlook; although Glen has lost the deal, he can always create a lifelong friend and client.


Immensely capable and proficient in his field, Glen uses his skills in marketing, customer service, mentoring, and people skills to further help his clients. Through his people-loving philosophy, a wide array of expertise, and hard work, Glen has rightfully earned his position at one of the top spots in the real estate industry.

In 2019, Glen sold more than $340 million worth of property. Within the last three years, Glen has sold more than $1 billion worth of transactions. His people-loving approach has earned him a name as an industry influencer by Elite Agent as a champion of customer service.

All of his mindset and prosperity has been achieved through learning how to flick the metaphorical switch in Glen’s life to become a better person. By starting with himself, Glen became his best version that allows him to develop important mentalities and abilities. 

With this, Glen is able to help and assist people to the best that he can, as well as expanding and leading his company to success.

Glen hopes to motivate the people who have crossed his life, be it through personal contact or just reading about his journey, to pursue their dreams, flick their switches, and become the best versions of themselves.

Connect with Glen on his Instagram as well as the Harcourts Beverly Hills Instagram account.