Real Estate Mogul Laura Weisman Shares How Collaboration Helps Her Come Out On Top

In the sphere of real estate businesses, everyone is competing against each other. While having rivals is not necessarily a bad thing, the ultimate determining factor of obtaining success in the field depends on how one plays the game.

So with the capacity to get ahead of the game while keeping the competition clean, Laura Weisman proves worthy of her stellar name in the real estate world.

Laura is the president and principal broker of Living Houston – a luxury real estate firm composed of highly-trained agents committed to providing their clients with concierge-level experience in buying and selling properties. Laura especially takes pride in the fact that the company possesses the topnotch ability to list and sell real estate with the care and conscientiousness it deserves.

To Laura, it was vital to understand the complexities of managing a real estate business before reaching the finish line. Taking a cue from this notion, she then studied the industry and found how the money involved in real estate often came in staggering price tags. The fact that properties involve a substantial investment takes some investors and sellers a while to ponder on their next move – whether to purchase a property or not. And being a benevolent leader of Living Houston, she spearheads the team in providing their clients with the knowledge and services that heed to the call of the client’s central concern. 

That is why, at the forefront of Living Houston, Laura and her team of elite creatives, marketing experts, interior design specialists, administrators, and realtors offer a 360-degree perspective for their clients to have sufficient information about real estate while experiencing utmost care.

However, the successes obtained by Living Houston lie beyond the walls of the company’s eminence and in their president’s strong sense of community.

Hailing from the bustling streets and colored walls of the East Coast, Laura leaves traces of her prowess in a suburb of the Houston Metroplex, together with her husband and four children. While she unfolds the greatness that is sheltered within her, she keeps herself occupied by supporting local communities and showing a strong presence in the fields of athletics and social education. 

Having been exposed to an exceptional display of amity and benevolence, Laura set out to shape her company that encourages a relationship-centered environment between the team and the clients.

So as an advocate for strengthening relationships through community and a natural-born leader, Laura has continuously and successfully emphasized the power of collaboration as an effective way for the company to reach the summits of success. She has worked with numerous local communities and businesses to promote a sense of camaraderie between the people that surround her and the company. With this, she believes that if both the internal and external forces work together, the possibilities are endless for Living Houston in the real estate landscape.

But aside from being the golden thread that holds Living Houston together, Laura can be found leading workshops or coaching realtors to have a success-based mindset and find their footing in an ever-changing and competitive market such as that of real estate.

With Laura and her team at the helm of Living Houston, the company continues to dominate the real estate industry, proving that fairly taking part in the game of life in business will always tower over foul play.

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