Up-and-Coming Hip Hop Star Cee Ayy Cee is Telling Soulful Stories Through Rap

Storytelling has always played an essential part in the formation of human connection. There are sparks of connection every time a story is told. Storytelling is also one way of communicating. In history, stories have already been told even before humans learned to read or write. 

There are ways of telling a story; it can be through a narrative, a write-up, a film, or through music. Despite these numerous ways in which one can tell stories, there are still those who find it hard to express themselves and find their voices.

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Chris Chavez, or better known by his screen name Cee Ayy Cee has always used music and rap to tell his and others’ soulful stories, but that has not always been the case. Growing up, Cee Ayy Cee was a very shy, timid, and quiet kid. He had always found it hard to share his stories because speaking to people did not come naturally for him. During his moments of loneliness, he found refuge in music. He would write rap songs about what the stories he would want to tell and log them in his journal. For him, rap became his best friend and confidante. 

But like any other artist, the rising artist from Los Angeles also faced many adversities in life. His life was far from the usual fairytale. Cee Ayy Cee did not have a princess who could make things better nor a fairy godmother who could make things easier by the swish of a wand. Instead, Cee Ayy Cee’s life can be compared to a roller coaster full of ups and downs and twists and turns. Aside from this, he has met with death face-to-face on multiple accounts. Fortunately, despite many brushes with death, it never seemed to catch up with him. He thanks the spirits and his guardian angels from keeping him from meeting the afterlife sooner than expected. 

During moments of highs and lows and ups and downs, music and rap have always been there for him. Because of this, he wanted to make music that will reach anyone who needs a friend, who feels lost or someone who needs guidance. This driving factor has pushed Cee Ayy Cee to start Light Team Records. 

Cee Ayy Cee dubbed Light Team Records as a collective expression of the soul. The record created music for the person in the mirror, the person in front of us. The team prides itself in being able to guide and help people from every walk of life. Accompanying them from the moment they take their first step to the moment they get up the hill. 

Light Team Records aims to create music that will uplift people no matter what background they came from. Their goal is to energize and re-awaken the dormant soul and to start a ripple of positivity that will echo throughout this world.  

In 2017, independent hip-hop artist Cee Ayy Cee released his 8-track EP Spiritual Bangers that was immediately followed by a 12-track full album Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2 released in 2018. 

Spiritual Bangers and Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2 are loaded with Cee Ayy Cee’s style of powerful lyrics accompanied by a variety of styles that range from boom-bap to heavy bass and kicks to mellow and chill.

Unlike many other artists, Cee Ayy Cee has opened himself and his soul through his music. He welcomes his audiences with warmth instead of fangs. With his music, Cee Ayy Cee hopes to inspire people to be the best they can be and bring positive change to the world. 

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