Tyrone Evans Clark (TEC): a Polymath Breaking the Boundaries of Imaginations

Tyrone Evans Clark (a.k.a TEC) is an accomplished video game developer and a 3D animator, Tyrone is also a renowned Multi-Award Winner entertainer, teacher, actor, model, singer, writer, author, producer, and director originally from Illinois, Chicago. A remarkable entrepreneur,  Tyrone is the founder and chief executive officer of Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation (Tyrone Evans Clark LLC). 

Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation (Tyrone Evans Clark LLC) is a technical, interactive media, branding, and entertainment company that focuses on going beyond the imagination with technology, with the utmost focus on creating epic, interactive gaming, and entertaining experience.

At Tyrone Evans Clark LLC, Mr. Clark successfully manages over 100 core team members of the company focusing on creating innovative designs and building an excellent story creation platform through teamwork.

Tyrone has over ten years of work experience, including working in a creative studio at Qualcomm as a core team member. At the organization, he applied his skills in creating productive pipelines with python and C++ using Maya Tools for 9K9 Interactive’s Fighting Game AAA Title.

Aside being a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Tyrone’s filmography skills includes the acting, production, and direction of the award-winning film Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (and TV series on BINGE Networks) in 2020. 

The epic movie is a story that reflects Tyrone’s difficult childhood, his experience with homelessness,  and his journey to the top. Playing the lead character of Sam, Tyrone portrayed the struggle of a young boy forced to live on the streets while battling mental illness. The movie was well received as evident in the view numbers, and it won multiple awards for its great plot, acting, and direction. 

On top of that Tyrone made sure a few of his original songs “Gotta Get Some Tissue” and along with other songs such as “Hope”, “‎Look Me in My Eyes”, and “Video Game” were added in this outstanding film Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (and TV series) soundtrack. The executive producer/director/actor also featured in the Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw in 2019, Netflix Magic for Humans (2020), the tv series E! Entertainment’s Dating #NoFilter in 2019, etc.

Also, Tyrone’s first young adult-fantasy-action novel, Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love, just got published on Amazon Prime Books. 

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit is a story that takes place around the 17th century in South Auckland, which is located in New Zealand. During this period, people were forced to fight against the evil fiends (demons/evil spirits). Throughout this story, the readers are taken on an adventure in the eyes of Virtuous, who is one of the heroes of this story and along with a few more interesting characters (Kings, Demons, Fiends, Evil Princesses). And let’s not forget the Demonic Evil Witch Immoral, who has tons of twisted things up her sleeves.

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit is a book series and will be available on other platforms soon such as Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple Books, etc.

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love is a book series, and the second book will be coming out soon. All of the illustrations and graphics in this book is 100% made by Tyrone. Tyrone said, “I hope the readers love this novel because I put my soul in it and there are a few areas in there that I mention Black Lives Matter, ending racism and discrimination in this world.”

Tyrone even has a popular podcast titled CALL TYRONE!!!, which is available on just about every streaming platform. On this podcast, Tyrone Evans Clark talks about his day-to-day life in Los Angeles, along with random things that unexpectedly come to his mind.

Clark told us a spoiler alert on his up-and-coming first documentary feature The Corona Hour! The Corona Hour! is a delicious documentary hosted by himself who shares stories about people living in the time of COVID-19. It will be a film made up of cartoon animation and live-action footage.

To learn more about Tyrone Evans Clark, you may visit his company’s or his Official Amazon Author Bio Page, FilmFreeway, or IMDb.

John Wayne III Leads the Film Industry Through Londyn Town Pictures

There is no shortage of successful people encouraging others to chase after their dreams. And one is often inundated with reminders to pursue what they want, but taking that one step forward could still prove to be immensely difficult because of one issue — not knowing where to start and what questions to ask. Producer and director John Wayne III once told a young filmmaker that every answer to his concerns about the craft was right at his fingertips and was met with the aspirant’s admission that he did not know what question to ask.

What seemed elementary for John Wayne III was a challenge for others. So, he made it a mission to reach out to industry hopefuls and guide them to the next level of their career. And as an authority in filmmaking, he has the skills, knowledge, and experience to back him while he enables others’ success.

John Wayne III is the creative mind who produced and directed the critically acclaimed independent film Red All Over. This story-teller behind the powerhouse Londyn Town Pictures possesses over two decades of achievements in his film and music career. He started as a production assistant for director George Tillman Jr.’s first feature-length film called Scenes for the Soul. When the production wrapped up, John Wayne III then dipped his toes in the competitive waters of the music industry. He worked with Grammy-nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley, and eventually became Director of International A&R, supervising talents in both the UK and Japan.

The expertise that would become the foundation of his career was even more solidified by John joining forces with a Chicago director to produce music videos. Shortly afterwards, this production and publicity mogul established JWS Productions. Since its inception in 1993, JWS Productions has been responsible for producing over two hundred music videos, seventy commercials, and various media projects.

Included in his impressive portfolio of achievements is being named President and General Manager of DL Records, where he guided the label’s trajectory and helped propel its artists into mainstream media. The time John Wayne III spent with the company birthed the hit single We Don’t Play Dat, by Bodaiga which was produced by Lil John and featured Bun B of UGK.

In 2009, aspiring to reach greater heights and return as a leader in documentary and feature filmmaking, John Wayne III started Londyn Town Pictures. With its focus on producing quality entertainment, it is credited for the Last Step Before Reality, a documentary that followed six young adults attending an alternative school.

Banking on his experience in multiple industries and his mastery of creating masterpieces that appeal to audiences, John made his film directorial debut with Red All Over, which stars Slim Thug, Donna Biscoe, Charmin Lee, and Victor Love, and explores the issues of gun violence, mental health, and bullying.

Fueled by his passion for telling stories of people and events that are important despite being swept behind the scenes, this esteemed filmmaker continues to produce and direct movies and TV projects. John Wayne III also remains dedicated to the craft because he sees it as his medium to live forever. Through his films and documentaries, he hopes to leave a legacy, have his voice heard, and his words cemented for eternity.

Furthermore, he has been assisting young filmmakers as they bring their projects to life. By providing much-needed guidance when it comes to filmmaking nitty-gritty, John Wayne III aims to contribute to the realization of their dreams.

Learn more about John Wayne III and Londyn Town Pictures by visiting his website and Instagram profile.

Dapper Penguin Entertainment Aims to Future-Proof the Entertainment Industry

Executive producer Jacob Zetino is an accomplished fourteen-time award-winning producer who has experience in film, television, and digital production. He is the founder and CEO of Dapper Penguin Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California, where he is now beginning the expansion of multiple divisions within the company, adding television, media, and currently developing a platform that will rival Hulu and Netflix.

Dapper Penguin seeks to give audiences premier content, from the latest theatrical releases to original independent films. The studio aims to capture the attention of audiences around the world by focusing on timeless storytelling enhanced by the most innovative technologies.

Jacob strongly believes that the current times are perfect for creating another platform so that audiences may have more media to consume. But unlike rival platforms, Dapper Penguin doesn’t focus on streaming just the highest-grossing films but also content made by independent artists from all over the world who wish to have more support for their art.

What gives Dapper Penguin its edge from the competition is its ingenuity. The team behind the new company continues to grow with many great executives, creatives, and talents that have worked on all forms of content. The entertainment company has its finger on the pulse of technology, and they believe they can infuse it into more traditional forms of production to take advantage of our digital age. Cutting-edge technology gives them a dynamic approach that allows them to cut production costs and have faster turnarounds in completing content. This, in turn, means they can generate more content faster than their competitors.

This gives them an upper hand in the future in the event of another occurrence, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as they can continue to work through when traditional methods must cease.

Titles that have won accolades for both Jacob Zetino and Dapper Penguin Entertainment include The Devil Lives in Clarksville County, Daydream, Blood Bonds, and the series Fuzz & Malloy, in which the studio worked with award-winning writer and creator Joe Wakefield. 

Jacob received his bachelor’s degree from the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California, majoring in both producing and filmmaking. He graduated from the conservatory of acting program at the New York Academy. He is a US Army veteran and a member of Veterans in Media & Entertainment and the American Legion Hollywood Post 43 in California. Famous members include Hollywood luminaries such as Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry, Ronald Reagan, Stan Lee, and more.

He continues to work endlessly in developing and producing more content for his production company, where he shares with his teams the goal of strategizing the use of technology to reduce production costs to give their company an edge over the competition while still creating quality content that rivals HBO, Netflix, and others.

Recently, Dapper Penguin welcomed onboard the executive team, which features Liz Vacovec as president of Dapper Penguin Entertainment and Nicole Layson and Daniel Sydnor as senior vice presidents of film and television. Currently in negotiation is for a president of the new platform, Dapper Penguin Cubed (DP³).

Learn more about Dapper Penguin on the website and follow Jacob Zetino on Instagram for more updates.

DJ Chris Padin on Creating Music That Comes Alive

Energizing beats and heart-pumping bops—this is the kind of music that Chris Padin is known for. Chris is a music producer and DJ in New York City with over 7,000 fans. He is famous for mixing different genres to create a unique, never-before-heard experience. 

For as long as he can remember, he had always loved music and the way it made him feel. Growing up, Chris had an extensive music collection. There was music that he would listen to when he was happy and music that he listened to when he wanted to reflect on life. His collection had all different types of music for different moods, and he was known for carrying around an MP3 player with headphones.

At the age of 16, a friend asked him to play some of his songs at a party. It was then that he started looking up how to play the music he carried in his MP3 player for other people to listen to. He bought his first turntables then and spent hours learning how to use them. This was where it all started for DJ Chris Padin.

Through the years, he upgraded his equipment and practiced constantly. Still, he felt there was something missing. He eventually decided he needed to create his own music so that he could create the sound he was looking for that people could relate to.

Fast forward a few years later, and Chris has mastered producing tracks in a variety of genres, such as house, future bass, deep house, progressive house, and big room house. In creating his own sounds and tracks, he focuses on building a unique approach to dance music. He is fond of bending the rules and mixing aspects of different genres together to form his own unique vibe, delivering heart-pumping beats that are impossible to resist.

Through the years, he has built a combined following of over 7,000 fans across social media. He has amassed over 390,000 streams on SoundCloud, over 175,000 streams on Spotify, and over 500,000 views on YouTube. In doing so, he has connected with thousands of people that love music as much as he does right from the comfort of his home studio, his primary place of production.

Chris Padin stays on top of the electronic dance music (EDM) world by constantly broadening his sounds and approach to his craft. As an independent artist, he connects with new fans every day, who continue to support all the music production decisions he makes.

What he loves most about his career in music is all the people that have taken him to where he is today. He loves interacting with his fans on social media and answering their questions. Social media has allowed him to create a community of music lovers who have a deep respect for the craft.

Chris’s newest release, “Alpha,” is an innovative and energized track, specially made to make the listener feel as if they are five espressos in. Alpha is intense, upbeat, and just straight-up hype. Chris recommends this track for some extra gym motivation, a club hit, or even a big rave like the Ultra Music Festival.

Take a listen to “Alpha” on Chris’s Spotify page and keep up with him on his Instagram account.