Powerpoint Presentation Design Tips for Better Remote Meetings

Remote meetings have become the new normal in workplaces today as the COVID 19 global lockdown completes its one year. It poses a growing trend for the coming years as well with more employees preferring WFH than in-person offices. Among all this, compelling PowerPoint presentations took the business domain by storm as the best companion for remote meetings. 


Remote presentations have become the new reality for billions of professionals for delivering their ideas with a knockout slide deck. Thus, crafting and delivering compelling slideshows is an inevitable skill for imprinting a lasting impression on your remote audience. 


Importance of Captivating Audience Interest

Remote presentations are an art all about engagement! It becomes all the more imperative to hold the audience’s attention since there is no face-to-face presentation. Hence, design stunning slides to captivate the interest of your clients and gain success for your remote presentation.


Stock and cliche slide templates are a thing of the bygone era. Slide decks designed with them will make your remote audience doze off within minutes. What you need are eye-catching PowerPoint presentation templates. A creative and interactive presentation is sure to leave your WFH stakeholders impressed. 


Your presentation should be such that your remote clients stay hooked to every slide till the last minute. Designing a perfect presentation proves tricky only if you are unaware of its tips and secrets. But worry not! This blog post will enlighten you regarding all the essential presentation design tips to create wow-worthy slideshows. 


Role of Presentations in Remote Meetings

What would the businesses do without presentations? Wouldn’t there exist only monologues or speeches? Awe-inspiring presentation templates for PowerPoint can make any organization’s business model terrific. Whether it is a yearly financial review, sales PPT, or elevator pitch the presentations always come in handy.


Here are a few benefits of presentations:


  • Audio-Visual Appeal
  • Delivers Ideas with Clarity
  • Captivates Audience
  • Renders Meetings Interactive 
  • Makes Information Interesting and Engaging
  • Easy Collaboration


Crafting presentation decks for virtual meetings have additional visual considerations when compared to face-to-face presentations. The color scheme, font style, slide hierarchy, etc have to be chosen with care to retain the attention of the audience throughout. Additionally, PowerPoint slide decks for virtual meetings must encompass a design that holds compatibility across all devices and screens.


Follow these seven tips to create incredible slideshows and level-up your online presentation game: 

Professionally Tailored Templates

Presentations demand creativity. Therefore, employing mundane templates will make your presentation decks look less attractive. Rather, integrate presentation templates for PowerPoint from SlideModel for the best slide designs. It will fuse your mesmerizing slides with splendid and captivating layouts.


Choose avant-garde templates resonating with the aesthetics of your brand for enhancing the content of your slide. Choose SlideModel’s attractive infographic templates to provide every slide with a unique and charming appeal. 


Stick to One Topic Per Slide

A concise presentation structure goes a long way in making your presentation mind blowing. Designing it with simplicity holds its key to success. Always remember to integrate only one topic per slide. Mixing excessive topics on a slide leads to a cluster of information. It will not only display an unorganized mess to your remote audience but puzzle them as well. 


Imbibe your presentation design ideas in a certain manner that reinforces your ideas than repeating them. Fabricate a maximum of ten slides as lengthy presentations will make your audience lose interest in it eventually.


Pay Attention to the Slide Hierarchy

Visual slide hierarchy helps to organize tour slide attributes based on their significance. Use the slide layout to your advantage and place the elements in natural reading order. Thus, arrange and prioritize all slide components in such a way that grabs the gaze of your audience. Select different fonts, varying text size, or colors for highlighting headlines from the body.  


Contrasting slide components will make your audience glance at this information first and move on to take a glimpse of other slide components. Different colors and sizes determine the value of the slide component. 


Attain that Typographical Mastery

Lay off writing hour-long text paragraphs in your remote presentations and opt for bullets. Employ six bullets in each slide with six words per sentence. You must create crisp information for your remote clients to keep them engaged. Always keep in mind that less is more in a good slide deck.


Additionally, design your presentations with easily readable fonts like Sans Serif fonts and Helvetica. Remember to select the font size up to 30pts to avoid squinting the eyes of your audience. A golden tip here is to position your slide title in greater font size as compared to the slide text content. 


Incorporate Vector Images

Embellish your slides with the right images that not only reinforce your message but also highlights it. Include a plethora of HD graphics in your slide decks that complement your topic. Graphics hold two-fold benefits. First, their visual appeal enhances the comprehension of your presentation. Second, they make the slide information memorable.


Presentations with charming visuals like PowerPoint infographics speak more to remote clients than a drab text-only slide. Opt for non-blurred, pixel-perfect, and top-notch imagery to craft beautiful decks. 


Data Visuals

Do you want to impress your audience by presenting boring data and statistics in a visually appealing manner? Then, Data Visuals are your answer. Unleash your designing vigor and creativity with stunning data visualizations. Leverage numerous strategy templates from Slide Model and beautify it with them. 


The End Line

Project all the data with color-coded charts, timelines, flowcharts, and diagrams to render them comprehensible for your non-financial audience. Numbers presented in plain bullets are often overwhelming and fail to wow the audience. Therefore, formulate your slides with impactful data graphics to create an impact.


Presentations with professional templates, appealing graphics, slide flow, and data visuals can make every remote meeting a success. Virtual meetings are transforming virtual conferencing. They are here for the long run as the global workforce shifts to remote functioning. All business professionals should design and deliver their virtual slide decks with these tips to achieve professional heights.