J.J. Savaunt Travels Through Time With First Fantasy Novel in the Works

J.J. Savaunt is once again preparing to astound her audience with her first fantasy novel. “A Riddle of Chaos” is currently underway and will follow the author’s impressive literary achievements and publications. Through the book, J.J. Savaunt will carry her readers on a royal journey through time.

North Carolina native J.J. Savaunt is a celebrated author on the International Mobile app platform Microstory based in France. She is an Honor Book Recipient from the Black Caucus American Library Association for Best Poetry and a proud member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors.

J.J. Savaunt took her first step in the literary world at the tender age of 12. Not even a teenager yet, the lauded author was, at the time, writing poetry, short stories, and even plays. “Now, I would kill to know what was weighing on my 12-year old heart, but that desire to put empathy on paper has always been in me,” she shares.

Her love for writing would eventually grow bigger than herself, and in 2018, J.J. Savaunt decided to turn her passion into profit and publish her first book of poems. “The Reflection in the Mirror” won her first literary award and marked the start of her worldwide impact on readers. 

J.J. Savaunt is famous for her literary work, which exposes social injustices in everyday reality. Her social injustice-influenced fiction pushes boundaries and emphasizes the inclusion of black narratives into the worlds of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy. This opens up diversity in literary protagonists and, in turn, demolishes set prejudices. 

The author’s efforts are driven by her experience as a person of black descent and as a survivor of a traumatic event. Late last year, she was walking down the street when someone suddenly grabbed her. The hand which seemingly came out of nowhere held tight and left more than angry handprints on her skin. J.J. Savaunt was almost abducted. 

She was almost never heard from again, and for that reason, the author is determined to make her voice louder than ever. In her work, J.J. Savaunt roars to shed light on missing black women. “I believe reading is the antidote to ignorance and by putting forth narratives that blur the line between fiction and reality, I hope to bring awareness to real-life issues.”

True to her cause, “A Riddle of Chaos” is revealed to be set in pre-industrial times portraying a black and beautiful royal family. She says, “the way to change the world’s view on black lives is to change the way the media represents people of color.” J.J. Savaunt is more than happy to be a catalyst for this movement.

Aside from being an awarded author and a symbol of positive change, J.J. Savaunt is also devoting her time to her service duties. At present, the author is serving in the United States Army to pursue her dream of being in law enforcement and working to stop human trafficking.

J.J. Savaunt’s “A Riddle of Chaos” is still in the works and might be released anytime soon. Stay updated on the author’s upcoming book and check out her published work on J.J. Savaunt’s official website and Instagram account.

Anthony Hyland Is on His Way to Becoming a World-Renowned Empowerment Speaker

Poet and public speaker Anthony Hyland is walking the path to becoming a world-renowned empowerment speaker through encouraging and uplifting his fellow peers. As someone who has trudged the rocky path and walked down the darkened alleys of life, Anthony seeks to inspire and motivate his audience to reach for the level of success he currently enjoys.

In the early years of his life, Anthony Hyland sought to combat the hurdles, trials, and tribulations that stood in his way with the only outlet he knew, poetry. His poetry was his escape and therapy from his situation. Anthony spent the first five years of his life in foster care, bouncing from home to home. 

“Having been homeless and a sexual assault victim, I harbored a great deal of anger,” Anthony recalls. “I turned that pain into passion as I got older, graduating valedictorian of my high school and heading off to college on a full four-year scholarship that I realized I have a gift and I need to share it with the world.”

On his scholarship, Anthony earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the esteemed Voorhees College. In his time there, he hit the ground running by becoming the Freshman Class President. This was followed by being announced Third Vice President of the local NAACP chapter in his sophomore year, and President of the Eta Iota chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated during his junior and senior years. 

Upon graduation, Anthony pursued and achieved a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Business School Online for Entrepreneurship Essentials. This allowed Anthony to jumpstart his career as a speaker, spoken word artist and performer, author, and freelance entrepreneur. While expanding his audience and improving his craft, Anthony found within him a passion for serving alongside his desire to inspire and motivate.

Currently stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his wife, Natasha, sons, Caleb, and Cairo, and his daughter, Kylie, Anthony serves in the capacity of a Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class for the United States Navy. As an artist and an author in the US Navy, Anthony is able to reach people on a more personal level. During his years of service, Anthony has authored a book entitled, ‘The Purpose of Power.’

“I use my pain and transfer it into passion to ensure I am making the world a better place while simultaneously altering the trajectory of one’s life through empowerment and serving as a solid example as to why it is possible to make something of yourself despite your past,” Anthony reveals.

Taking from his experiences growing up and his everyday reality in the Navy, Anthony motivates his peers and his audience in colleges, conferences, and online, to never give up on and to continue to realize their dreams. As a public speaker, Anthony usually connects with his audience on a common ground before doubling down on Leadership, Networking, Goal Setting, and Perseverance through trials and tribulations.

Talking about his life goal of being an empowerment speaker, Anthony says, “I want to be the symbol of hope for those that feel hopeless, the beacon of light for those that feel nothing but darkness and serve as the reason someone decides to live on.”

An artist, a speaker, and a devoted husband and father, Anthony seeks to inspire and teach students and teaching companies’ employees how to navigate the woes of public speaking effectively. As someone on his way to becoming a world-renowned empowerment speaker, Anthony lends an encouraging word to motivate his audience and get them up and moving. 

Get to know Anthony and his causes better. Listen to and connect with his story and thoughts on his TikTok account.