Deion Campbell: COVID-19 Survivor, Author, and Podcast Host

COVID-19 has affected many lives all over the world. And it has affected people in many different ways. Some have only heard of it from the news, and others see it daily in the course of their work as medical frontliners. A lot of people have family members who got infected, and then there are people who got sick themselves. Deion Campbell was one such person who got infected, and he says he would not wish COVID-19 on his worst enemies.

Deion Campbell had a very promising career as a photographer and videographer based in Virginia. He has grown a significant following and has had the opportunity to document various concerts, events, and personalities. But then he got infected with COVID-19. Deion spent 12 days on a ventilator and over 40 days in the hospital. He spent several days in rehab as the disease had left his body weak. He survived, but not without battle scars. His fight with the disease left him with nerve damage to his right arm, meaning he could no longer pick up a camera and go back to the work he loved doing. 

After his harrowing experience, Deion Campbell felt the need to shed light on what it feels like to get COVID-19. He wrote a book titled Ventilator, and in it, he shares his experience with the disease. He also wanted to raise awareness and provide information about the virus from a survivor’s perspective. “This is a serious disease. I hope with the help of my book, people are compelled to take the necessary steps to stay safe and keep other people safe during this time,” Deion shares.

With his photography and videography career on hold, Deion Campbell turned to other creative endeavors. He realized that he enjoyed sharing stories and using those stories to inspire others. With this new insight about himself, Deion started a podcast, King Legend Talks. In this show, he invites celebrity guests, professional athletes, and influencers and has them share their journey of success. Deion hopes that hearing success stories from various people will inspire others to follow their dreams and motivate them to keep working on their goals. 

Deion Campbell’s experience with COVID-19 has changed him. He has seen improvement in the condition of his right arm but says that he still has a long way to go to recover fully. Being a survivor has opened Deion’s eyes to what is essential for him in his life. Part of that is leaning into his ambition and drive to be better and help others become better versions of themselves. 

Surviving COVID-19 may have pushed Deion Campbell into a different path than the one he envisioned for himself. But he is unfazed. He says, “Life is too short. You only get one shot to make the very best of it.”

Deion Campbell is set to release his book Ventilator on October 28, 2020. For updates, visit Deion Campbell’s Instagram page. Deion’s podcast, King Legend Talks, can be found on Spotify.