Crystal Varellas Takes on Promoting Physical Fitness and Transforming Bodies

Being fit can be challenging in a world filled with a plethora of reasons for gluttony and a sedentary lifestyle. For some individuals, it can be unnecessary. However, Crystal Varellas chooses to disagree on that part. She wants to change how people and society view fitness. Physical fitness is not a word related to individuals obsessed with how they look and other signs of vanity. Instead, fitness is a state of health and well-being.

Crystal Varellas has been in the fitness industry for 13 years. When she was 23 years old, she took the chance to open up her fitness facility, but unfortunate circumstances made her decide to close it at age 26. Owning over 30 different licenses and certificates, Crystal Varellas’ take on physical fitness is indeed a serious matter. Most of these certificates include experiences in food and nutrition too. Physical fitness is a combination of what people eat, how much people exercise, and what people feed to their inner aspects.

When Crystal was in her early 20s, she traveled to different parts of the East Coast, as a Bokwa Education Specialist. She did all these travels to train and certify Bokwa instructors. Crystal has also trained clients of all ages and worked in different fitness facilities to improve her experience and share her expertise. 

Currently, Crystal Varellas leaped faith and found the reason to go through every setback that might be thrown at her. She now owns and operates an online coaching business. She transforms her clients’ lives and molds them to reach their fitness goals with additional learnings about proper nutrition, mental coaching, and empowerment tips. 

All her experiences, good and bad, led her to pursue taking control of her dreams, and that is to become an excellent example for many fitness enthusiasts out there. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she took it as the motivation and an opportunity to empower the individuals who need a constant reminder to love their bodies and practice a healthy lifestyle. 

Crystal has started with coaching programs that promote a total transformation. She calls this program “totALL Transform.” It focuses on physical fitness, wholesome nutritional wellness, and mental wellness. These three factors are prerequisites to achieving a total transformation for any individual. What makes her program exemplary is the fact that it does not focus on only one goal. Instead, it aims to achieve the optimal functioning that any individual deserves in their lifetime.

The amount of drive, accountability, and education Crystal is providing for her participants is unmatched. She pours every second of her experience throughout those years and all her sweat and hard work so she can be remembered as someone who made a significant impact on those she chose to help. She wants to tell the world nothing feels better than waking up in the morning and doing the right things to benefit every aspect of your body.

Physical fitness might be mostly overlooked and undermined, but Crystal’s goal of being the change that needs to be acted upon is slowly changing how society views fitness and nutrition. She does not want people to be determined by their weight. She wants to tell them that there will always be ways to act on it if they do not like something. Crystal also wants people to love their bodies and accept them while taking care of them. Growing up overweight, she was filled with all the negative things she could think about herself. She does not want anybody to experience what she has gone through, which motivated her to start this coaching program.

To know more about Crystal Varellas and her take on promoting physical fitness, you may visit her Instagram.