Samuel Smith Utilizes Performing Arts to be a Successful Actor and Mentor

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Most people know this famous line from a superhero movie. However, in each one, there is power in different forms. For Samuel Smith, he found power in performing arts and mentoring. 

As a kid raised by a single mother in Miami, together with his sister, they were already exposed to life’s hardships. He was no stranger to working hard for what he and his family needed. At Alabama State University, he finished his undergraduate studies, taking up a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts under the guiding presence of Dr. Tommie Stewart. Even in school, Samuel Smith and his classmates needed to put in extra effort to produce good quality production as they were, most of the time, short on the financial side. Not to mention, he was an athlete who is well aware of the hardships needed to make things go his way. 

After his undergraduate degree, Samuel refused to stop there; he went to Brandeis University and gained his degree as a Master of Fine Arts in Theater Arts. In the knowledge and application of all the experiences he had, he found power. Samuel Smith then took the chance to live in New York and start his career as a theater arts teacher. 

As an educator, his goal was for the children to improve their self-esteem and communication skills. It is because these two qualities are of high importance in achieving the things people aspire to achieve. In line with his goal, he birthed Bridge Builder Camp. This camp is a non-profit workshop that aims to empower and educate. 

Aside from these achievements, he still is an actor who puts his teachings into practice. Recently, Samuel Smith was cast as 6, and 8 in Godfather of Harlem, a priest in the movies See You Yesterday, a recurring guest star in Shades of Blue on NBC, and many more. 

Some of his first roles were as a guitarist in the film Cadillac Records, and as a CI in The Sopranos and Law and Order, some of HBO’s hits. He performed in front of cameras and on stages as part of productions such as in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, held at NY’s second stage, The Brother Size, Camp Logan, The Diary of Black Men, and August in April. Along with these roles, Samuel Smith also had a long list of commercials people saw him in. 

As a multi-faceted person, Samuel Smith knew the importance of Mindfulness and Meditation, which helped him flourish in his field. He wanted to share it with others. Hence, he is also a Mindfulness and Meditation instructor for the New York City public school systems and one of the top mentors in My Brother’s Keeper men’s group in Brooklyn, NY District 19.

Samuel Smith is motivated and empowered by the love he has for his mother, who did everything in her might to bring up beautiful kids. He wanted his mom to experience the other side of life. Hence, owning a few businesses, Samuel Leon Leather, Better Than Perfect athletics, and the Samuel Leon men’s suit line soon. 

Samuel Smith takes his power and responsibilities seriously, not just for him but also for the people he cares about. Head on to his official website to know more about him and how he can help empower people from all walks of life.