Emme Rain: Influencing Success in People Using Mindfulness, Mentorship, and Leadership Training

More often than not, the average person needs a push to get things done and fulfill their potential. It’s not for lack of willingness to go the entire mile but rather a need to get external help to spot those hidden gems and harness them into success. Emme Rain has established herself in this area and has quickly risen to one of the biggest personal development and leadership experts in Louisiana with the goal of being known all over the United States.

Emme Rain is a mentor, keynote speaker, bestselling author of international repute, leadership expert, and an alchemist well versed in healing, personal development, training, speaking, leadership and entrepreneurship. Her expertise is all-encompassing, with the sole goal of helping anyone that crosses her path achieve the best with the resources available to them. Emme Rain has a track record of positive results, which has given her a high level of authenticity over the years and made her one of the most sought-after experts and leadership trainers.

Emme’s success and inspiring approach to life, spirituality, and business have helped her gain access to more opportunities to make an impact. She has hosted television shows on major cable networks, and FOX KTVE tagged her as “one of the foremost experts on mindfulness in Louisiana.” Emme has also appeared on high-ranking podcasts and radio shows. Her companies, EmmeBossed Entertainment, Divinity Academy, The Magickal Mystic, and Alani o Media House, have all produced wide varieties of digital and physical products sold worldwide every day. Running different companies is a superpower in itself, and she shares success strategies and lessons with as many people as she can.

Her journey began in her early years as a young woman. Growing up in a small town in Arkansas had a significant impact on her life, as she spent 18 years working as an ordained Christian minister. During her time as a Christian minister, she developed her natural leadership and personal development gifts. With an inborn business astuteness and experience as a minister, Emme Rain covers all the bases in both entrepreneurship and spirituality each time she gets the chance to empower people.

Emme Rain takes a deeper plunge into personal transformation, healing, aligning practical abilities, and spiritual power to achieve success. She targets everyone from all walks of life regardless of social or economic class. Her online school, Divinity Academy, has been immensely helpful to people who wished to learn metaphysical techniques, personal development, and the occult. A fact that doesn’t immediately come to the forefront about Emme Rain is that she was once incarcerated despite being a former Christian minister. Since she started on this journey, all her life activities have revolved around helping people lead better lives and improve themselves significantly.

Last Christmas, she purchased two properties that she plans to renovate and give out to people who need shelter and somewhere to sleep. “I am committed to helping my clients manifest and receive their million-dollar dreams,” Emme says. The game-changer for Emme, according to her, was staying consistent and focusing on results for her clients. She never chased money, and that has helped bring in money because she chased results. In five years, she aims to be at the forefront of spiritual enlightenment, leadership and helping people achieve healing and balance in their lives. She hopes to extend her services to other countries and become a well-known global brand.

Learn more about Emme Rain on her official website.

Andrew Adin Building His Empire and Influence Early On

Success truly knows no age limit, and entrepreneurs and wealth experts like Andrew Adin are living proof of that truth. At an early age, the master salesman and investor has built an empire of wealth for himself. But even in his financial success, Andrew is turning to a bigger mission and seeks to help others mimic his level of success. 

Andrew started his journey to success as early as the sixth grade. While still in school, he learned to turn a profit by flipping products on eBay. Realizing greatness awaits no one, Andrew later decided that the young achiever was going to become a full-fledged entrepreneur even before hitting college. He started going all-in on his dreams and learned and applied all that he could. He started dropping friendships with kids who were a bad influence and started building himself. 

A healthy and positive mindset was essential to Andrew very early into his entrepreneurial career. He built up his attitude and character while also building up his liquid assets. Most weekends and any day that he could, Andrew would work as a waiter at his parents’ restaurant. Later the entrepreneurial wonder started flipping cars for a profit while still using his high school as a marketplace for smaller priced items like Xboxes, PS4’s, Phones, and anything he could resell at a profit. 

At the age of fourteen, Andrew stumbled upon the stock market and fell in love with the idea. He spent the next two years learning all that he could. By the time the student entrepreneur reached his junior year, Andrew had decided to drop school and go into business full time. He met someone who would help him get into real estate. Andrew ended up starting a real estate business that later grew to fifteen markets with five offices all across the United States. In a little over seven months, Andrew’s business has employed over seventy staff and made over one million dollars in revenue. 

Today, Andrew develops wealth-building programs in the form of online courses, coaching, and mentorship to people who want to replicate his level of success. His commitment is to help everyone succeed by learning how to trade the stock market and grow their wealth. “If I have a hundred followers that I care for, then it’s my job to carry them on my back to get to that next level,” shares Andrew. “If I have 90 winners and have 10 who failed, then that to me means I failed. It’s not about money. It’s about helping other people realize and unlock their potential.”

 Andrew hopes to help more people live the life they believe they deserve by teaching people lessons that schools don’t teach. He hopes that his program could provide that avenue for everyone. More than just being a course, his program is also a community of like-minded people who want to help each other succeed. 

For Andrew, life is more than just creating a great life for yourself. It’s also about helping others achieve their goals as well. Today, Andrew is only eighteen years old but has built a wonderful life for himself and others. He looks forward to spending the many more years ahead of him, impacting as many lives as he can. 

To learn more about Andrew Adin and his mentoring program, visit his website and Instagram.

Entrepreneur Ryan Engh Making the Most of the Serial Entrepreneur Life

It’s highly unlikely that anyone would drop the promise of a sports career for anything. But for Ryan Engh, it was a clear choice. He knew his calling was to become a digital entrepreneur. Today, the business-savvy tradesman reaps the rewards of making the right choice.

Ryan, also known as the serial entrepreneur of digital marketing, is a former D1 baseball player who left behind a career in sports to pursue his true calling as an entrepreneur. His first big break in business came in real estate investing. During college, Ryan learned all that he could about building up credit scores and used his acquired knowledge and skill to start investing in top-tier properties in local markets. During this time, he also learned how to network and socialize. Those interpersonal skills proved to be useful for the entrepreneur in the long haul.

Ryan’s most notable business success comes from his work in digital entrepreneurship. He picked up most of his technical knowledge from the online business legend Tai Lopez after spending some time under the business expert’s SMMA program. Ryan finished the course with flying colors and became the top of his class. Before graduating from college, Ryan had already started building his next venture, a social media marketing agency that would provide marketing consultancy and strategy work for some top-tier clients.

Ryan put in significant amounts of effort, time, and resources into becoming the best entrepreneur that he could be. He continued to learn all that he could about real estate markets while also building his social media agency work. By the time Ryan turned twenty, he had already founded multiple digital marketing firms with strategic partners. 

Later on, Ryan received acknowledgment from KTEN and FOX34 as “The Serial Entrepreneur for Digital Marketing” and “Future Business Mogul.” He also entered the Top Twenty People to Follow in the 2020 list by Yahoo.

While some might think of Ryan’s baseball career as a waste, the business mogul holds no regrets. Today, he enjoys the game of entrepreneurship and the many fruits that his endless labor brings him. Apart from operating multiple digital marketing agencies, Ryan takes the helm of a multi-family real estate investment company. He’s also created many e-commerce stores that turn in significant profits for the business owner. 

To reward himself for his hard work, Ryan likes to live on the finer side of life. He’s often taking private flights for business and pleasure and attending exclusive events such as the 2020 NFL Honors night. 

The entrepreneur is only beginning. Considering that he has accomplished so much at a young age, one can only imagine what else he is capable of achieving next. Ryan shows no signs of slowing down and continues to reinvent and push himself to greater heights. In the process, he also takes other rising entrepreneurs under his wing and gives them guidance and mentorship. 

Recently, Ryan decided to move out of his high-rise apartment in Miami and build a life for himself in a low-key beach town near Tampa, Florida. Learn more about Ryan Engh by visiting and following him on his Wikitia page and Instagram account.

Vigilante’s Impactful Performance Is Bringing Him to Stardom

Dreams do not work unless you do. Hard work is essential to realize one’s aspirations. Fortunately for Vigilante, perseverance and hard work are second nature to him, and despite the arduous quality of the path to stardom, he continues to hustle through it. 

Born Remarcus Steele, Vigilante is an actor, activist, artist, model, and businessman rapidly rising to fame. With a hard-driven passion and intense desire to reach his dreams and fulfill his aspirations, he is doing everything in his power to work toward success. He had to learn everything about the industry from scratch. Despite the novelty of it all, he recognized that creating a good social network and unforgettable memories are essential steps.

Vigilante figured out his way into the industry, and the joys and challenges of it all continue to contribute to his growth as a person; in his journey to stardom, he is flourishing. Each new project he tackles adds on to his repertoire of skills and takes him to a whole new level, thereby increasing his value as a player in the industry.

In his journey in the music industry, he already has a list of notable achievements. He has been invited to various radio shows, and his music has graced the ears of thousands as they are played by over a hundred well-known stations. His work with radio personality Radio God Stu has been dubbed the Freestyle of the Year.

Aside from music, he has several notable accomplishments in film as well. His first major role was in the 2019 film Little, where he played the role of a featured student. His impressive performance led to his first lead role. TV One’s For My Man cast Vigilante as the lead in one of its episodes. He then signed onto his first talent agency soon after, and now he has so much in store for this year, with more lead roles, as well as an animated film, on Netflix.

As for his modeling, he signed on to Gage Talent Agency in Tennessee and Premier Model in London. With his experience and know-how in the industry, he now utilizes his resources to help other aspiring stars to advance their careers as actors, models, or artists through mentorship. 

Vigilante believes in giving back, and he works hard to connect with his community and extends his efforts to uplift the less progressive areas by speaking on matters such as police brutality and raising awareness regarding the matter. To keep the peace in his neighborhood, he is involved in a group that enforces it as well. He firmly believes that the ideal life is in creating a positive impact in the world, while at the same time facilitating a work-life balance that enables healthy relationships as well.

With an impressive resume that keeps on growing day by day, it is only a matter of time before Vigilante gets his big break and becomes a household name. He applies the Vigilante Vision in every aspect of his life: “Be humble, be hardworking, be dedicated, be loyal, be vigilant.”

Visit his website to see the collection of his work in show business.