Vanessa Johnson Walking Through Faith Without Limitations

Vanessa Johnson, known as “Fireball,” walks as a Prophetic Voice whom God has called to walk in the offices of Pastor and Prophetess. She was spiritually born on October 23, 1995, ordained and installed as a Pastor in June 2010. Vanessa continues to demonstrate her total commitment, trust, and dependence on God. She has never stopped searching and yearning for the deep things of and about God. She admits that there is more to God than what meets the eye, and there aren’t any limitations to what God can and will do. Vanessa was called into full-time ministry in September 1998 as a Prophetess. Since then, according to her, she has continued to flow with the Father’s heartbeat in the anointing at many different levels of teaching, prophecy, healing, administration, and spiritual warfare.

Vanessa Johnson is also a successful life strategist, mentor, best-selling author with multiple business organizations to her name. She is also the founder of The Fight Is Fixed™ Conglomerate LLC. And even though her success speaks for her, Vanessa has never hidden that her journey had its challenges. She admits that there were times of crying, depression, frustration, and times she wanted to give it all up. Still, thanks to her knowledge of strategies and principles of victory, she was able to walk through it all by trusting God and the Holy Spirit. Now a biological mother to three young adult children and two foster young adults, grandchildren, and several spiritual children under her stewardship, Vanessa is building a future generation of ministers of God, Pastors, and Prophetesses.

Vanessa says the Holy Spirit is why she continues to expand her ministry without limitation and has continued to live and walk by faith, moving through the kingdom of darkness and shaking up the foundation of the kingdom of darkness through intense and unending intercession and spiritual warfare.

When asked what makes her and her ministry different and famous, she says, “I am pioneering my God-given platform from the traumatic experiences I mentioned in addition to almost becoming homeless. I am conquering it all as a bold and courageous woman of influence, power, culture, elegance, and stamina. My passion for helping others has emanated into a journey of helping others overcome the same obstacles in their lives.”  She describes her target audience as people of all races and colors who seek a personal encounter with God, but more importantly, young adults aging out of foster care, single mothers, and survivors of domestic violence.

On her motivation, Vanessa recalls the encounter she had with a strange woman in the early 2000’s when the woman asked her if she could watch her teenage daughter for her while she (the woman) went to take care of some business (serve a prison sentence). To Vanessa, that was where she got a much bigger purpose of being a foster mom and opening a transitional housing facility from which she continues to do to date and is even creating a team of people who are willing to take upon a similar purpose. This was the birthing of B.O.L.T. (Building Overcomers 2 Live Triumphantly) Ministries Inc., now Dunamis Homes of Divine Intervention, to assist young adults who are aging out of foster care as well as learning valuable life skills. Through her other organization, Dunamis Dominion LLC – The Genesis Project, she focuses on helping single mothers and fathers stand on their feet and raise their children without hassle.

When asked where she sees herself and her ministry in five years,’ she said, “Expanding into at least 10-20 states. Speaking on many platforms, including internationally. Empowerment Tours.”

Connect with Vanessa via her organization’s website Life of Victory Strategist, Dunamis H.O.D.I.Dunamis Dominion LLC.

Samuel Smith Utilizes Performing Arts to be a Successful Actor and Mentor

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Most people know this famous line from a superhero movie. However, in each one, there is power in different forms. For Samuel Smith, he found power in performing arts and mentoring. 

As a kid raised by a single mother in Miami, together with his sister, they were already exposed to life’s hardships. He was no stranger to working hard for what he and his family needed. At Alabama State University, he finished his undergraduate studies, taking up a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts under the guiding presence of Dr. Tommie Stewart. Even in school, Samuel Smith and his classmates needed to put in extra effort to produce good quality production as they were, most of the time, short on the financial side. Not to mention, he was an athlete who is well aware of the hardships needed to make things go his way. 

After his undergraduate degree, Samuel refused to stop there; he went to Brandeis University and gained his degree as a Master of Fine Arts in Theater Arts. In the knowledge and application of all the experiences he had, he found power. Samuel Smith then took the chance to live in New York and start his career as a theater arts teacher. 

As an educator, his goal was for the children to improve their self-esteem and communication skills. It is because these two qualities are of high importance in achieving the things people aspire to achieve. In line with his goal, he birthed Bridge Builder Camp. This camp is a non-profit workshop that aims to empower and educate. 

Aside from these achievements, he still is an actor who puts his teachings into practice. Recently, Samuel Smith was cast as 6, and 8 in Godfather of Harlem, a priest in the movies See You Yesterday, a recurring guest star in Shades of Blue on NBC, and many more. 

Some of his first roles were as a guitarist in the film Cadillac Records, and as a CI in The Sopranos and Law and Order, some of HBO’s hits. He performed in front of cameras and on stages as part of productions such as in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, held at NY’s second stage, The Brother Size, Camp Logan, The Diary of Black Men, and August in April. Along with these roles, Samuel Smith also had a long list of commercials people saw him in. 

As a multi-faceted person, Samuel Smith knew the importance of Mindfulness and Meditation, which helped him flourish in his field. He wanted to share it with others. Hence, he is also a Mindfulness and Meditation instructor for the New York City public school systems and one of the top mentors in My Brother’s Keeper men’s group in Brooklyn, NY District 19.

Samuel Smith is motivated and empowered by the love he has for his mother, who did everything in her might to bring up beautiful kids. He wanted his mom to experience the other side of life. Hence, owning a few businesses, Samuel Leon Leather, Better Than Perfect athletics, and the Samuel Leon men’s suit line soon. 

Samuel Smith takes his power and responsibilities seriously, not just for him but also for the people he cares about. Head on to his official website to know more about him and how he can help empower people from all walks of life. 

Overcoming Roadblocks and Achieving Success: A Tip From Nick Nwoke

Sometimes success hides behind a couple of roadblocks before a person reaches its pinnacle. While some see this as a cumbersome journey, others, imbued with resilience and a drive to succeed,  understand and accept the temporary nature of these so-called barriers on along the journey. In other words, greatness lies in the hands of those who value patience and perseverance.

With diligence inculcated to his very core, Nick Nwoke is a physical attestation of how being a patient and hardworking individual is the epitome of someone great.

Highly regarded as a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs, Nick has helped numerous individuals learn the ropes behind running an online business. With a knack for serving others, Nick and his wife, Stephanie, go out on a limb to provide their associates with  clear-cut paths and strategies towards achieving their goals in business.

But before coaching and helping others,  Nick walked in the footsteps of being a mentee and young entrepreneur. He and his wife, Stephanie, attended (and still do) countless business events. They have spent hours learning about being business through audios books and gameplans with their own coaches and mentors.  It was this dedication to self-development and building meaningful relationships that allowed them to become full-time business owners at the age of 20 a year or so after they started their own online business. 

Ironically, Nick began his career as a young student in a pre-medicine track who aspired to become a physician-scientist. He worked hard on building his skills non-stop to equip himself for the future in that industry. Nick was able to compile an extensive portfolio of everything he has achieved, including studies that he conducted in well-known institutions such as the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Temple Medical School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research in Seattle Washington, and Merck Pharmaceuticals in West Point, Pennsylvania. Evidently, Nick has a lot of spunk; the kind that could have  left remarkable footmarks in any industry. But deep in him was the heart of an entrepreneur. Today he is living his purpose by helping others the entrepreneur in them. 

Together with his wife, he has created a platform that is not only goal-driven but also people-oriented. That is why in every facet of their teachings, the people element is of paramount importance. For without considering the complexities of human beings (like why people switch careers or what makes people tick),  their platform would whither.

As a person who shifted his career from being a medical extraordinaire to a business tycoon, Nick’s life exemplifies how success does not entail a straight path. Instead, it is a hike of detours and different landscapes. Walking and conquering the hike continuously ( not the hike itself)  is where victory emanates from.

To learn more about Nick Nwoke, follow his Instagram page.

Sathi Roy: Finance Executive Who is Making Her Mark in the Industry

Sathi Roy is raising the bar as a woman corporate executive who is getting things done in the finance industry. In a predominantly male-dominated industry, Roy is shining like the bright star that she is, having contributed significantly to the growth of her division at

Roy works as director of refinance sales at, one of America’s fastest-growing home ownership companies. It has successfully grown by 350% year over year and has increased its mortgage division funding for over $1 billion a month in home loans. As one of the pioneer employees of the company, Roy played a vital role in establishing and scaling the refinance team from one to over 150. She has successfully brought in over $60 million of revenue since she started in her directorial position. She also effectively grew her division by 522% in 2019 and more than 200% this year to date.

To say that Roy is exceptionally good at what she does is an understatement. Her excellent track record in the finance industry makes her a valuable asset and a promising executive. Her office at is the highest revenue-generating division in the company. Her success is made possible by effectively managing over 170 people across three key cities in the country.

“I know what it’s like to advocate for yourself and create your own identity within environments not historically populated by people who look like you. Every other coach/leadership consultant tries to show you a fool-proof way to be ‘perfect’—how to be 100% PC and how to avoid triggers. I firmly believe in being comfortable with one’s growth journey. It is healthy to welcome alternative voices and ideas. To me, psychological safety goes two ways: one has to feel safe enough to voice a controversial thought while the other has to feel safe enough to hear it knowing it’s not coming from a bad place. I worry due to our current climate, we are losing authenticity and creativity every day because people are trying to be ‘perfect’,” Roy shares.

Roy finished her bachelor’s degree in communications and psychology at Fordham University. She is also a trained coach, having gained her certification from the Neuroleadership Institute. She is best known for her ability to train and coach people when it comes to personal brand development, emotional regulation, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. 

Roy is a self-made career woman who believes in the importance of preserving one’s authenticity by being bold and courageous. Having been born to a Bengali Hindu family and raised in New York City, she understands how vital it is to remain true to one’s origins and culture. 

Her vast work experience includes working as a ghostwriter for the CEO of Neuroleadership. She also worked in the real estate industry as the executive assistant of billionaire and business mogul, Neil Bender. Roy also worked in the fashion industry as operations manager for the luxury designer, Courtney Russell of Lion & Lamb Co. 

Sathi Roy sees herself reaching out to a bigger audience in the future as a life coach and mentor. She looks forward to connecting with a diverse audience and teaching them how to remain authentic in a world filled with people who tend to look down on other cultures and their belief systems. Just as she has made a lasting impact in the finance industry, Roy hopes to achieve the same where it involves helping people believe more in themselves. 

Learn more about Sathi Roy by following her Linkedin or Instagram account for more information.