Dr. Enaysha Thomspon, the Strategic Mind Behind PR and Marketing Powerhouse NTPR Agency & Management Group

The entertainment industry and the music scene, in particular, have witnessed drastic changes over recent decades. With the advent of technology and the rise of social media, today’s landscape has put pressure on anyone aspiring to establish their names to keep up, reinvent themselves, if needed, and stand out among a sea of competitors. Additionally, ever since the digital space made any field accessible for people from all walks of life, it has become more apparent that individuals who wish to take center stage must accordingly wield the power of technology to stay ahead. For budding artists and accomplished figures alike who want to cement their names, NTPR Agency & Management Group has emerged as the authority in public relations and music marketing.

At the helm of NTPR Agency and Management Group is Dr. Enaysha Thompson, also known as Dr. Naè. She serves as the senior publicist, artist manager, and visibility strategist for this powerhouse that has evolved into one of the most individually tailored, client-focused independent ventures over the past 16 years. With its focus on maximizing exposure for artists through creative public relations strategies that push the boundaries of music marketing, it has managed to rise through the ranks, becoming one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the Southeastern region. It is spearheaded by a competent in-house team of publicists, project managers, radio servicers, digital marketers, graphic designers, and video editors who pour their passion, time, and resources into every campaign.

The heights that NTPR Agency and Management Group has managed to reach so far can be also be credited to the leadership of Dr. Naè. She graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Public Relations and Music Business Management and also holds another Bachelor’s in Education, a Master’s in Executive Leadership from Liberty University and a Master’s in Public Relations Strategies from Full Sail University.

Intimately privy to the experiences of independent artistry chasing their dreams as an artist, Dr. Naè goes all-out in serving as a pillar of support for her clients. Armed with more than 16 years of experience, this widely-acclaimed personality has continuously made waves, demonstrating an incredible degree of acumen and competence in every initiative. Her work has been seen in press campaigns, award shows, events, and traditional print, broadcast, and digital platforms.

Quickly after first dipping her toes in the industry, Dr. Naè has succeeded to impress because of her experience and vision in strategic planning for independent artistry development, marketing events, and media relations. On top of this, the well-respected figure is lauded for her laser-sharp instinct that has helped countless clients navigate the choppy waters of public relations. In addition, she has also built a reputation for protecting anyone who comes under her wing and the extent to which she grows their visibility and amplifies their voices, projects, and business ventures.

As NTPR Agency and Management Group continues to soar, Dr. Naè vows that the company will remain committed to its mission and dedicated to representing clients and helping them build the business side of their creative endeavors. As the CEO behind this industry authority, she plans to walk alongside more clients as they translate their visions into reality.

Learn more about Dr. Enaysha Thompson, also known as Dr. Naè, on her official website. Also, check out the agency’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.