Dr. Enaysha Thomspon, the Strategic Mind Behind PR and Marketing Powerhouse NTPR Agency & Management Group

The entertainment industry and the music scene, in particular, have witnessed drastic changes over recent decades. With the advent of technology and the rise of social media, today’s landscape has put pressure on anyone aspiring to establish their names to keep up, reinvent themselves, if needed, and stand out among a sea of competitors. Additionally, ever since the digital space made any field accessible for people from all walks of life, it has become more apparent that individuals who wish to take center stage must accordingly wield the power of technology to stay ahead. For budding artists and accomplished figures alike who want to cement their names, NTPR Agency & Management Group has emerged as the authority in public relations and music marketing.

At the helm of NTPR Agency and Management Group is Dr. Enaysha Thompson, also known as Dr. Naè. She serves as the senior publicist, artist manager, and visibility strategist for this powerhouse that has evolved into one of the most individually tailored, client-focused independent ventures over the past 16 years. With its focus on maximizing exposure for artists through creative public relations strategies that push the boundaries of music marketing, it has managed to rise through the ranks, becoming one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the Southeastern region. It is spearheaded by a competent in-house team of publicists, project managers, radio servicers, digital marketers, graphic designers, and video editors who pour their passion, time, and resources into every campaign.

The heights that NTPR Agency and Management Group has managed to reach so far can be also be credited to the leadership of Dr. Naè. She graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Public Relations and Music Business Management and also holds another Bachelor’s in Education, a Master’s in Executive Leadership from Liberty University and a Master’s in Public Relations Strategies from Full Sail University.

Intimately privy to the experiences of independent artistry chasing their dreams as an artist, Dr. Naè goes all-out in serving as a pillar of support for her clients. Armed with more than 16 years of experience, this widely-acclaimed personality has continuously made waves, demonstrating an incredible degree of acumen and competence in every initiative. Her work has been seen in press campaigns, award shows, events, and traditional print, broadcast, and digital platforms.

Quickly after first dipping her toes in the industry, Dr. Naè has succeeded to impress because of her experience and vision in strategic planning for independent artistry development, marketing events, and media relations. On top of this, the well-respected figure is lauded for her laser-sharp instinct that has helped countless clients navigate the choppy waters of public relations. In addition, she has also built a reputation for protecting anyone who comes under her wing and the extent to which she grows their visibility and amplifies their voices, projects, and business ventures.

As NTPR Agency and Management Group continues to soar, Dr. Naè vows that the company will remain committed to its mission and dedicated to representing clients and helping them build the business side of their creative endeavors. As the CEO behind this industry authority, she plans to walk alongside more clients as they translate their visions into reality.

Learn more about Dr. Enaysha Thompson, also known as Dr. Naè, on her official website. Also, check out the agency’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Neel Dhingra’s Marketing Strategies Are Changing the Game in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry

Change is the only constant thing in the world, and with the rapid development of technology, innovations have spurred across different industries. Trending toward the digital space, the marketing industry has shifted gears and has drastically adopted digital strategies in order to gather clients and convert them into profits. As such, the real estate industry is no stranger to change. The old traditional strategies that used to work before have become rather inefficient and downright unprofitable.

At the speed that things have changed, Neel Dhingra has not faltered despite the failings of the old traditions. In fact, Dhingra has embraced the changes that are happening willingly, even going so far as devising his own marketing strategies to fit within modern ways. In an increasingly digital world, digital content marketing is king. Dhingra knows, and he has studied and experimented with the ins and outs of digital content marketing, successfully changing the entire real estate game for the better.

A top-producing mortgage manager, marketing expert, and real estate investor, Dhingra jumped headfirst into digital content marketing and garnered accolades for creating digital content throughout multiple platforms. In 2019, Tom Ferry, the # 1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, recognized Neel Dhingra as a video influencer and put him on the map.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media content was a big inspiration for Dhingra. He started using his business and marketing advice on YouTube and looked for ways to apply it within the mortgage and real estate industry. With the use of his digital content, he managed to scale communication toward his clients across multiple platforms. Eventually, his brand-new marketing style elevated his business and his income toward even greater heights.

Dhingra continues to produce content across all of his social media platforms. He creates a large amount of content on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. He also has his own podcast called The NeelHome Podcast, which is available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms.

His strategies are free for everyone to try out; in fact, Dhingra has been teaching other people to follow his best ideas and his best advice. He feels humbled by helping others attain the level of success that he has acquired, and he feels that since he has struck gold, others also deserve to know how.

He has educated individuals at the grassroots level and has made sure that they would understand the essence behind all of his strategies. He wants other people to build their own brands rather than just boost up a certain organization’s brand. Dhingra values individuality, and that’s why he strives for other real estate investors to succeed in their craft.

Neel Dhingra has been making waves in the real estate and mortgage industry nonstop, after working in the industry for nearly 20 years and slowly noticing the changes that came about he took massive action and struck while the iron was hot. Driven by his passion for his craft and the motivation to succeed, Neel Dhingra has become a pillar of the mortgage and real estate industry and a king of digital content creation. It certainly doesn’t get any better than that.

To learn more about digital content marketing and the amazing Neel Dhingra, check out his website.

Transparency and Communication Are StratDev Digital Marketing’s Simple Secrets to Success

StratDev Digital Marketing is a full-stack digital marketing agency located in Santa Barbara, California. The company, headed by founder and President Jordan Calderon, specializes in delivering digital marketing solutions to help clients establish a digital presence. StratDev Digital Marketing prides itself on its reputation for transparency and communication.

The current success of Jordan’s agency is a reflection of his experience in the industry. At only 21 and while juggling earning a degree at UC Santa Barbara, Jordan has dabbled in digital marketing strategy and planning, omnichannel execution and optimization, web technologies and platforms, and analytical data reporting. Jordan also has experience in leadership and mentoring, startup environments, and e-commerce and automation.

Jordan has also poured his experience as the founder of college apparel e-commerce company, College Clout, into StratDev Digital Marketing. Jordan was able to expand College Clout into a nationally recognized company just through his digital marketing efforts alone. He then started StratDev Digital Marketing and, through his marketing talent and portfolio, was able to grow the agency into a six-figure company within half a year of launching. 

StratDev Digital Marketing is a fast-growing agency offering services in search engine optimizations (SEO), web development and design, digital PR, social paid media, and in-target/performance marketing. The agency works with small to medium-size businesses in the Southern California area, as well as startup companies in accelerator programs across the United States. 

Most of the agency’s clients have worked with other marketing agencies before choosing StratDev Digital Marketing. These prior agencies would take the client’s money and only contact them at the end of the month for another payment. Jordan made sure his company would be different. StratDev Digital Marketing remains transparent and encourages consistent communication with its clients. The agency shares its successes and pivots strategy when things could be improved and expends efforts to ensure its clients remain in the loop.

StratDev Digital Marketing’s strong workflow allows its average client to see a return of investment (ROI) between a 3-5x multiplier. A testament to their efficiency, Jordan’s clients stay with StratDev Digital Marketing for ten months, on average, which is much higher than the industry standard. Jordan’s strategies, through his agency, are results-centric and carry the reputation of being an investment instead of an expense for clients.

Born out of the desire to help and make a substantial positive impact on the businesses of fellow entrepreneurs, Jordan’s agency is affecting lives and companies for the better. By setting itself apart as an agency of transparency and communication, StratDev Digital Marketing is becoming the standard for digital marketing services in the United States. 

Jordan is currently a mentor at SCORE Santa Barbara, was admitted into the Young Entrepreneurship Council (YEC), and has served as a keynote speaker for TEDxTalks. Working hard for his agency, Jordan strives to maintain his company’s outstanding reputation and perfect the agency’s services.

To learn more about StratDev Digital Marketing, visit their official website. A video by Eggplant Condoms CEO Christian Dolowy talking about StratDev Digital Marketing may be viewed on Vimeo. For updates on Jordan Calderon and his steady rise to the top, follow him on his Instagram account.