Publishers wary of chatbots & ChatGPT, set for new direction

Publishers AI chatbots have gained popularity in recent months due to their innovative nature and ability to simplify work and learning.

Although they are helpful to the majority of people, they might represent a risk to publishers.

A new rival

Generative AI chatbots may not only produce text but also answer inquiries.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s upcoming ChatGPT-powered Bing may steal the audience that generates search-driven traffic for publishers.

Several lifestyle publications have abandoned SEO-driven content due to the competition caused by technology.

In contrast, Bustle Digital Group and Leaf Group develop original material based on personal experiences and viewpoints.

Wesley Bonner, BDG’s head of social and audience growth, claimed that the company’s editorial shift will focus on original visual material.

According to Bonner, they would prioritize the creation of amusing stories that are related to common situations and offer some advice.

Likewise, Hunker, Leaf Group’s home design website, has said that its content would focus on the writers’ viewpoints, knowledge, and ideas.


The decision by the publishers to shift course marks a considerable investment.

Other lifestyle publishers, such as BDG, Leaf Group, and Trusted Media Brands, have not seen a notable increase in search traffic since the launch of ChatGPT in November.

Trusted Media Brands earn 80% of their referral traffic from search, whereas BDG receives 25% to 30%.

According to Beth Tomkiw, chief content officer of Trusted Media Brands, AI chatbots taking over Google search will be a bigger problem.

“My hope is that there will still be a place – even if it’s a smaller place – for the quality of work that comes from a real human,” said Tomkiw.

She is discussing what may have happened to TMB’s editorial approach if things had changed.

While reducing search-driven content is not a new issue for publishers, it is gaining popularity.

Historically, publishers use a scale approach to attract an audience, but it seldom works for firms that have already demonstrated their success.

Instead, publishers have worked to create connections with their customers during the previous decade, relying less on referral traffic via subscriptions and newsletters.

“For publishers who are still very focused on the page view as a primary metric, that’s going to be a bit of a problem,” said Jim Robinson, Clickseed’s founder.

Clickseed is an SEO and audience growth service that focuses on publishers.

“If that’s been your strategy, you might be a little behind the curve anyway.”

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Shifting from SEO

People’s search habits have already been changed by ChatGPT and AI chatbots.

According to Emma Rosenblum, BDG’s chief content officer, the firm is committed to shifting its traffic strategy away from SEO-based pieces and quick news bursts.

Rosenblum noted that online media companies were created on the low-hanging fruit of service tales that would most likely be outmoded in the next five years.

She stated that technology advancement will make it easier, quicker, and less expensive than hiring experienced writers.

“We don’t want to be doing those stories,” said Rosenblum. “That utility that we provide is going to disappear so quickly.”

“[And] I’m glad because we hate doing stuff like that. All the things that a computer could not replicate is where we’re going to put our money.”

Rosenblum claims that the business is investing in original visual content, interviews, profiles, and feature articles.

As a consequence, they will produce fewer social media posts and more short-form films.

Melissa Chowning, the founder and CEO of Twenty-First Digital, noted that now that ChatGPT has established itself, photography and visuals are the most significant assets for lifestyle magazines.

Rosenblum sent out an email outlining BDG’s strategy for compensating for the anticipated loss of traffic.

“If traffic dips a bit, it dips,” the email said.

“Chasing Google is a losing war for digital media companies, which is why we’re building up areas of our business like events and newsletters, neither of which are dependent on outside platforms.”

Furthermore, BDG’s newsletter business grew by 32% year on year, reaching 5 million subscribers.

With less traffic, the advertisements will almost surely have an effect on BDG.

Yet, Rosenblum noted that programmatic revenue would continue to be a part of their business in the future, with funds coming through direct advertising.

“In this new world, we’re expecting our revenue from events and newsletters to grow enormously, offsetting any potential programmatic loss,” she added.

Chatbot adoption

The ChatGPT launch, according to Eve Epstein of Leaf Group, is a continuation of Google search’s evolution, which is nothing new.

Publishers had to deal with a “featured snippet” in 2014, which took a section of a publisher’s website and used it to answer a user’s inquiry on Google search.

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how things will turn out with the usage of chatbots.

According to Robinson, it is too early for publishers to implement significant strategic adjustments.

He recommended that publishers monitor their referral traffic statistics for any changes in user behavior.

“I think there is an immediate need to be having these discussions,” said Robinson.

“That plan is a good one anyway, even if you take ChatGPT out of the picture. Who wants to give all that power to Google?”

Venture Mentality: Chase Your Dreams & Pursue Your Bucket List

On a mission to be the change in people’s lives, Venture Mentality sets out on a mission to inspire people to pursue their bucklists and chase their dreams. The lifestyle brand, which doubles as a podcast, aims to help people improve their mindset, fitness, relationships, and overall lives. The clothing line is designed to exude the mindset and culture of the brand itself.

Venture Mentality was founded and is run by an 19-year-old Jacob O’Connor. The recent high school graduate hosts the company’s podcast and has interviewed over 130 successful and influential people in the country and abroad. He has sat in conversation with ESPN’s anchor Jay Harris, NFL Hall of Fame Hockey Player Chris Pronger, and the founder of Lions Not Sheep apparel, Sean Whalen.

The young founder balances his time between running his own business and pursuing his education. Nonetheless, Jacob approaches both aspects of his life with a vision for success. He was exposed to the value of hard work at a young age through playing basketball.

Jacob wants Venture Mentality to be an avenue for him to share what he learned with other young, aspiring dream chasers. Jacob shares that “everyone who identifies with the brand is dedicated toward working on their goals and improving daily. Venture Mentality isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.”

Jacob pioneered the impactful culture carried by Venture Mentality. The clothing line produces designs with messages of initiating to create a community of like-minded individuals. The brand started with its classic T-shirt design. Soon after, it expanded to producing hats and other products as well. Venture Mentality possesses an aesthetic that is modern, minimalist, and classy, all at the same time.

Sometimes, society perceives a person based on how he dresses. Venture Mentality understands the need for people to look good without sacrificing comfort. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to practicality, quality, durability, and style. 

“When we were children, we were told to shoot for the stars. As we grew up, we were told we needed to be more realistic. This brand is for those who still dare to dream,” Jacob said. Venture Mentality envisions to boost careers and improve the state of mind of entrepreneurs and individuals. The messages printed across its merchandise is geared toward building morale and a community of goal-driven individuals.

The apparel is dedicated to encouraging its wearers to pursue their dreams, regardless of their current situation. Venture Mentality aims to symbolize the mentality of a person that wants to be the best in their fields. Currently, the brand is represented by well-known personalities such as Nick Santanistasso, Mike Chandler, Hayden Greene, and Jake DeCicco.

Venture Mentality wants to symbolize that a person that has taken a leap of faith and is ready for the world. Beyond clothing and style, Venture Mentality conveys the essence of hard work and a strong sense of trust for one’s capabilities. 

Learn more about Venture Mentality on its website and Instagram.

More and More Women are Answering the Call Towards a Better Lifestyle with Megan Call

There are three things that Megan Call is most passionate about: health and wellness, her family, and the ocean. She has built a strong community revolving around those passions, and she always finds excitement in influencing them to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Megan is based on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, alongside her husband and her beautiful 2-year-old daughter, and another little girl on the way. Her happy life with her husband, Aaron, continues to inspire their audiences as they post photos on their respective Instagram accounts. Megan is using her influence to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle to her audience from the comfort of her own home on the little island of Oahu. 

Megan promotes the “Hawaiian Lifestyle” and highlights all the beautiful parts that come along with a simple and modest life on the island. Ever since she and her family moved to the island, they have created this unique lifestyle where they can work from home and raise their children on the beach.

Since 2018, Megan has partnered with Monat and has been using her Instagram account to sell their custom hair and skin products to men and women alike. The products aim to give her customers the best quality of hair and skincare that the market has to offer.  

In addition to selling the products through her brand, Megan has also diligently helped women to share the same opportunities. She encourages them to develop their own business and start working from home. As a mother, she understands the value of spending quality time with her children. She makes sure to never miss a moment in her daughter, Emme Rae’s life. Megan has assisted several women ranging from mothers, expectant mothers, or still planning to be mothers in the future. She has built a stable community of love and trust within her audience, empowering each other through their wholehearted support. 

Megan has always led the charge toward inspiring women to be healthy and active and put their families at the center. Her advocacies have thoroughly aligned with her own personality, and her genuine concern shines through to her audience. She is also an advocate for the environment. The haircare and skincare products she sells are all vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% natural.  

Megan is grateful every day for the life that she has, and she wishes the same for people everywhere. She is making the right moves toward a better society that values the efforts of women and affords them the right to live their best lives with their respective families. Megan is sharing her privilege and helping others attain their own goals. Her ideals reflect the beauty within her as a person, and it also shines through with her own personality. 

Megan is as vibrant as the warm Oahu sun, as calm as the waves, and as beautiful as the pristine beaches. She wants other women to feel her zest for life, and she does so through her products and helping other women get involved in the business. 

To learn more about Megan Call and her fabulous lifestyle, follow her Instagram account.

Big Wick Candle: How Kelly Reddington Is Bringing Humor and Relaxation into the Same Room

Good humor and relaxation are not mutually exclusive. In fact, laughing is one of the best ways to relax and get rid of stress. Big Wick Candle Co. aims to hit two birds with one stone by launching relaxing candles that feature creative pictures with bold yet funny jokes that are sure to give you a laugh or two. 

Big Wick Candles is the second candle company founded by a young entrepreneur and investor from Buffalo, New York, Kelly Reddington. Born to a single mother of three kids in one of the worst parts of Buffalo, he had always aspired to reach financial independence. Growing up and witnessing the financial problems of his family was never easy. Having no heat for an entire month of January in Buffalo’s brutal winter and oftentimes living with no electricity has seared it’s memory in his brain. These experiences of hardship have made him more determined to change this reality.

The idea of building a candle company dawned upon him when he was only 15 years old. At that time, the sports team of his school needed a reliable fundraiser. Unfortunately, the company that helped them in the past did not give them a callback. From that moment, Kelly saw an opportunity to start a potential business. He established a candle company called Altered Seasons Candle Co., which specialized in raising funds for good causes.

The company quickly became famous around town, and soon enough, several calls from other schools came in asking help for their fundraising projects. At 17 years old, Kelly already landed $75,000 from the candle company, which he newly founded. At that moment, he felt his dreams come true. But later on, he realized that the business was taking so much of his time. He was no longer enjoying life to the fullest as he only busied himself with his company.

Eventually, Kelly committed to sell his successful candle business to a regional fundraising company for $1,000,000. Although he was aware of and tried to avoid shiny object syndrome, he still needed to elevate his family’s life. He bought a $400,000 house cash and each family member got a new car. These were things to elevate their life and make life simpler and easier.

In no time, Kelly’s entrepreneurial urges were kicking in again. He had the urge to start another business, but this time, he wanted to explore a different approach. He wanted his company to embody a brand that was fun and bold at the same time. This is how Big Wick Candle Co. came to be.

Model Emersyn for Big Wick Candle Co.

Big Wick Candles features scented candles that are perfect for relaxation but with a twist. Each candle features a distinctively humorous name, creative illustrations, and a touch of humor through thought-provoking jokes. The high-quality candles are eco-friendly as they are handmade and placed in reusable and recyclable jars. The company also made sure that the fragrances for the candles are free from the harmful chemical phthalate, which most candles have.

For Kelly, his company Big Wick Candle Co. seeks to remind people that as they go through different challenges in life, they should never forget to take a moment to relax and have a good laugh.

For more information about Big Wick Candle’s founder Kelly Reddington, check out his official website.

Social Media Rising Star Josh Liljenquist Inspires Others to Reach for Their Dreams and Teaches Them How to Get There

Social media influencing has become a massive thing over the years. Different types of people have amassed millions and millions of followers on different social media platforms and have garnered some monetary success along with it. At 22 years old, Josh Liljenquist is among these few people who have achieved remarkable heights in the digital sphere. The young Fairmont, Minnesota native, has reached over 1.9 million followers on TikTok, 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and over 47,000 followers on Instagram, a feat that is unheard of in his small town in Minnesota.

The young college student is still currently attending Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota, with a communications major. Despite his young age, he has already achieved numerous feats not just online through his massive following but also in his local high school, where he achieved multiple track records. The young man is nonstop, pushing his limits and boundaries day by day. He is not only a famous influencer; he has also published three books to help others achieve the same level of success as him.

His book entitled Instagram Masterguide is a best seller on Amazon and ranked number 1 among the top trending new releases. He also published two other books on the topic of social media success and how to get there called TikTok Guide: Insane Growth and Tips to Become Successful: Make A Change, where he explains how he reached exponential growth on his social media accounts even though he started out with zero followers. 

Today, Josh is currently starting his own company that produces all-organic workout drinks that help promote muscle recovery. He is setting out to make his personal brand even bigger and even better, making up new ways to gain an audience and help motivate them to become the best versions of themselves.

Despite coming from a town of 10,000 people, Josh has become one of the biggest influencers in Minnesota. He has built his own personal brand by following through with his exceptionally high standards and work ethic. He always stays motivated no matter what he does and doesn’t let other people’s doubts get in the way. In a short span of two months, he has managed to push his Instagram account from 3,000 followers to 43,000.

With all the fame and popularity he has garnered, he has also received some doubt from other people. However, Josh doesn’t let it get to him since he is only his authentic self. He firmly believes that someone’s personal brand is based entirely on their authenticity, which is why he strives to stay true to himself in every piece of content he shares to the world. 

Ultimately, Josh hopes to inspire other people out there to reach for their dreams the same way he has. Things  didn’t just fall into place for him. He had to put in the work, and the results eventually came. He wants others to be motivated by his story and how he managed to build his dream lifestyle due to his sheer determination and passion. It’s always going to be hard to take that leap, but Josh believes that with hard work and dedication, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Visit Josh Liljenquist’s website to learn more about the rising social media influencer that’s shaking up the digital sphere.