Millionaire Consultant and Investor Ahmed Alomari on How to Spot the Richest Person in the Room

They say money makes the world go round. Some people are broke. Some people are rich, and some people, well…they just fake it until they make it. How can you spot who is who? This Ahmed Alomari p/k/a G Money guide will help you spot who the pool stick is in the room full of toothpicks.

Silence Is Golden

Ahmed says, “Very rarely are wealthy people loud and obnoxious; they speak a lot less than we do.” Rarely do they go on and on blabbing information about themselves (especially about money or toys that they have). It’s not that they dislike small chat. They know when to speak and more importantly when to listen and observe. Multimillionaire Investor and Marketing Guru Ahmed Alomari says, “The loudest mouths in the room are usually the poorest. It’s the quiet humble ones that usually have the money as they have nothing to prove.” They fully control their emotions, their words are well thought through almost so to not offend people. If you tell them about your experiences or relationships, they listen and nod enthusiastically instead of saying “I’ve been there and done that” and having an “I know everything” attitude. In short, they cut to the chase because their time is money.

They Take Care of Their Appearance

The elite and wealthy’s hygiene is impeccable. You would be hard pressed to find them smelling bad, having dry skin, split ends, uncut nails, or dressing sloppy. They take pride in their appearance. Smooth skin is a trait of the elite! They have been taking care of themselves for years, and it shows. They often don’t need to wear designer clothes, but their clothes are often customized, well tailored, and neatly pressed! G Money says, “You feel how you look. Being healthy and looking your best physically gives you confidence. Confidence attracts clients and closes deals bringing you more wealth. Make sure you take pride in your appearance because it’s human nature and the people around you WILL judge you!”

Time Is Money

Time moves fast, and we all can’t seem to get enough of it. We always seem to be running behind. Whether it’s school, business, or our relationships, there just never seems to be enough time! Ahmed adds, “The rich have a nest egg and aren’t in any hurry to make that quick buck hustling and bustling. They know how important time is, and they follow their routines: they sleep and wake up on time, make time for daily exercise and take much-needed vacations. They don’t chase money. They instead spend their days wisely seeking out the best ROI on their time so that they may continue to accumulate wealth by letting money essentially come to them. If they lose money, they don’t fret; they get right back to work and the formula that got them rich in the first place.” He also says, “You can always make money back, but you can never make back time!” A characteristic of rich people is they also respect your time. So you will most likely never find them ending up late for a meeting with you.

Music, Dance, Theatre, Books

There is a certain social pressure in the wealthy social circle to be well educated and experienced in the arts. At a young age as kids, they learn music and experience dance and other classical art forms. They play golf and tennisyou know, sports that often require club memberships. They rarely use slang and are well spoken, observing the rules of grammar!

In Conclusion

Just because someone pulls up in a fancy car, wears fancy clothes, or constantly name-drops all these famous people that they know doesn’t mean they are rich. These are often people to be weary about. The real wealthy people are usually the quiet ones that are used to nice things so they don’t have anything to prove. Keep that in mind the next time you wonder who the richest person in the room might be. 

E1 Asset Management Helps Their Clients Invest in the Best Companies

Truth be told, many people want to invest their money to prepare for a financially stable future but do not know where and how to start. When it involves their hard-earned money, investors look for handlers that they can trust fully. This is what E1 Asset Management intends to offer each of its clients when it comes to investing in the best stocks available in the market. 

E1 Asset Management is a small stock brokerage organization that has 20 years of rich and promising experiences in handling the investments of multiple clients. The company’s more than able and highly skilled brokerage team executes trading exclusively for all their clients. 

The team remains continuously updated where it concerns buying and selling stocks, what companies are worth investing in, when to invest, when not to invest, and where else to put the clients’ money. With the current world economy hanging from a precarious line, E1 Asset Management stays on top of its game by staying connected to all their clients and making sure that their interests are protected. 

E1 Asset Management offers comprehensive portfolio management, IRA, insurance, non-retirements, and other investment accounts. The team also manages portfolios designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Furthermore, they adjust to the client’s attitude in investing. If the client is an aggressive investor, the investment managers have the ability to up their game and secure the best investments for the client. Traditional and conservative investors, on the other hand, are given the time they need to decide on their chosen investments. At the end of the day, the team’s adaptability is a welcome offering from all their clients. 

Retirement planning is one of the company’s strongest services. They help clients prepare for the future by securing their assets and investments today. Not many people have the skill to prepare for retirement. Most people do not know where to begin and how much to set aside. The E1 Asset Management team makes this experience very easy for their clients. 

Providing clients with all the information they need to be able to choose a sound investment is also another strong feature of the company. They accomplish this by doing comprehensive research on the current market situation and the state of potential investments. They minimize the client’s risks by using proven and tested techniques to determine the value of an investment. 

Fortifying a client’s investment portfolio is also one of the company’s primary objectives. By staying focused on the expectations and aspirations of each client, the team is able to identify the best investment for them. That is why it is important for them to build a strong professional relationship with their clients. At the end of the day, protecting their welfare and investments is the ultimate goal. 

Its commitment to excellence, maintaining trust-based professional relationships, and offering financial freedom for all are attributes that clients admire about E1 Asset Management. It is for these reasons that the company managed to stay in the industry for over 20 years. 

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25 Year-Old Investor, Matt Allen, Turns $1,832 to $37,198 on One Stock Trade

At only 25 years of age, this investor, entrepreneur, and guest speaker had one of the best stock trades of 2020. In just one stock trade, he grew his capital by a mind-boggling 2,031%, from $1,832 to $37,198.02 in a short span of only two weeks. True to his philosophy on investing in technology-centered companies, he made a long call option trade on Alibaba (July 17th, $300) when it was at $197, and the stock ended up at $265 when he sold.

“A funny part about the whole trade is that I was literally watching Dave Portnoy do his live stream for his firm DDTG Global and complain about BABA (Alibaba) as it was getting crushed after they had decent earnings”, says Matt. Despite  rumors of  Alibaba being delisted, he believed in their great technicals and value, especially in this great Nasdaq bull run. According to him, Swing Trade Bot is a great resource for those who are non-Wall Street traders, and he recommends this stock trading assistant to his fellow traders.

Matt Allen was born and raised in Thomasville, Georgia. He went to high school at Thomasville High and during this time, he fell in love with the markets at a young age in Tom Rinehart’s economic class. He went to college at Valdosta State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. During his stint in college, Matt was managing a college bar. He became a member of The Sigma Chi International Fraternity, where he served multiple roles.

Currently, he is the CEO of an investment company named Allen Investment Co., with a focus on technology investments and trading technology stocks. A firm believer and investor in innovative technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, he is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. As a visionary, he is working on his investment thesis with the title Vision 2030, which explores the possibilities of how the world will have changed by the year 2030. Matt’s investments lie primarily in companies with innovative ideas, which he believes will change the everyday life of the general public. His investments reflect his belief that in the timeline of history, we are only at the beginning of the greatest technology boom ever.

Matt Allen also has a major role working alongside his parents, Darrell and Leslie Allen, as the family runs multiple deathcare businesses. “I am very lucky to have such great parents,” Allen says. He believes that blockchain technology will have a vital role in the death care industry using smart contracts. 

Currently, Matt is in the process of building his brand as a trader and investor. He has big plans for creating podcasts, radio shows, and TV appearances to talk about finance and make it easily digestible and less daunting for the beginner. The future is in technology and the stock market. He wants to become a heavy hitter in the industry and help out retail traders and retail investors so that they may possibly experience a $37,000 trade as well. “Wall Street wants you to think that they are the only ones smart enough to trade and invest. This simply is not true.”. 

In the meantime, Matt Allen will continue focusing on his Vision 2030 thesis and help be a part of the technology revolution. 

Connect with Matt Allen on Instagram and Twitter, and visit his website.