Sexual Harassment Victim Turned Life Victor: How Tara Roe Rose Above Abuse

The prevalence of sexual harassment is an issue that women have to face and deal with regularly. Statistics show that there are 433,648 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States. Sometimes women keep silent about their encounters with sex offenders, but Tara Christine Roe is giving the silent a voice, telling them that they have all the right to speak up.

In July,, Chasyn Wilkinson received a sentence to 116 days in jail and 60 months probation after admitting to groping Tara while he was drunk. The system has also registered him as a sex offender. Before the incident, Tara had long experienced cases of repeated sexual harassment and abuse. A bartender by profession, she previously accepted that men treated her that way. Realizing the gravity of this crime though, she decided that enough was enough. Today, she speaks up against sexual harassment of all forms and how vital it is do so, “… for our own healing and to stand up against such criminal behavior”.

Tara’s journey has been deeply uncomfortable over the decades, but has actively and intentionally chosen to persevere. She chooses to view her past hurts as something that has molded her to be the woman, mother, and friend that she is today. She attributes all of her inner strength to her faith. Tara shares the drastic transformation she has experienced since choosing to live life as a Christian, and how she now lives a life filled with freedom through forgiveness. But she also maintains that forgiveness is different from refusing to seek justice.

Today, following her profound realization that has molded her into a woman she adores and barely recognizes some days, Tara is now using her past to empower people who feel hopeless and trapped. She is now certified as a Master Life Coach, specializing in Goal Attainment, Life Purpose, Happiness and Advanced Coaching Methodologies through which she hopes to help people who carry hurts, habits and hangups that “zap their confidence and productivity”. Tara has also founded Next Level Purpose Academy  (, a way to connect, support, educate and inspire others like her. Her premier course, THE END OF SUFFERING, will be launching September 10, 2020 and is available for pre-enrollment and preview now.

“I’m called to love, serve, teach and lead folks through self-transformation, total financial fitness, and future success, and there is a lot to say about it!” says Tara. For the coach, she views her heartbreak as a blessing in disguise. She declares for other people a future of hope and security, even when today’s challenges seem overwhelmingly powerful.

Tara maintains that after the Chasyn Wilkinson case closed, she chose to rise above it. Today, the event has been an unexpected blessing in her life, opening many doors to connect with and help others readjust their perspective so they can once again live a life of peace and joy again. She has moved forward to become a beacon of hope for others and a successful entrepreneur who speaks on topics such as Christian values, single parenting, rising above abuse and next-level living. “The wealth of information I have to share this side of overcoming assorted adversity and abuses, miraculously transforming through Jesus Christ and now transitioning from poverty level single motherhood to business entrepreneurship alone is staggering.”

Tara hopes that her story would inspire more women to speak up against sexual harassment and that she can help more people who feel lost, confused, and alone.

To learn more about Tara Christine Roe and her message of hope, visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.


Dr. Velma Trayham is the Beacon of Hope and Success for the African American Community

The Black community has been treated poorly for ages, wherein racial discrimination is rampant. In this generation, some may be more accepting, but the fight is not over. Dr. Velma Trayham is ready to fight in the battle with words as her weapon. 

Dr. Velma Trayham is an entrepreneur and the founder of multiple businesses. She garnered awards as one of the outstanding entrepreneurs. Currently, she is the owner and CEO of Thinkzilla Consulting Group. Their agency provides innovative solutions for the branding and marketing industry. Their offices are situated in Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. Thinkzilla Consulting Group has helped numerous companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Some of these are Atlanta Business League, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, NASCAR, and the University of Phoenix.

Aside from being a businesswoman, Dr. Trayham is the voice of hope and change in the United States. She is an empowerment expert, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader who has led 4,600 women to succeed in their fields through her program, Millionaire Mastermind Academy. She mentored these women to be the best versions of themselves and start turning their dreams into reality. Dr. Trayham authored a book entitled When God Says So, which sold more than 400,000 copies. 

Dr. Trayham aims to empower and inspire women of color to succeed in the business world. She established a non-profit organization that helped more than 5,000 women. She wants to serve as an example to African Americans and minorities as someone who has pulled through poverty. Dr. Trayham is no stranger to poverty as she was exposed to it while growing up in Houston, Texas. A change of mindset and garnering will power helped her pass through all the hurdles in her life. She then chose to follow the voice of God and left her hometown to help others. 

Recently, Dr. Trayham is in Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham, a talk show wherein she gives insights and wisdom that most people need during trying moments, such as this COVID-19 pandemic. The show will be aired by AIB Tv network on Fridays, through cable systems of Comcast Channel 295 and AT&T U-verse Channel 6, for Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Through this platform, Dr. Trayham will be able to reach more than 2 million households. Her reach widens even more as her show is also accessible through AIB offers streaming services for all devices through Dr. Trayham’s empowering empire now stretches to different corners of the world. 

Dr. Trayham hopes to build more blueprints of entrepreneurial success for the next generations to inherit. She hopes that in the years to come, she will be able to establish more businesses in the hotel industry, wherein only 2% of African Americans take part. Also, she aims to build her network to give an avenue to economic stability and an increase in job availability. 

Her battle to create more opportunities and open more doors for people of color in the business world has just begun. Head on to her Facebook and official website to accompany her on her journey to empowerment. 

Venture Mentality: Chase Your Dreams & Pursue Your Bucket List

On a mission to be the change in people’s lives, Venture Mentality sets out on a mission to inspire people to pursue their bucklists and chase their dreams. The lifestyle brand, which doubles as a podcast, aims to help people improve their mindset, fitness, relationships, and overall lives. The clothing line is designed to exude the mindset and culture of the brand itself.

Venture Mentality was founded and is run by an 19-year-old Jacob O’Connor. The recent high school graduate hosts the company’s podcast and has interviewed over 130 successful and influential people in the country and abroad. He has sat in conversation with ESPN’s anchor Jay Harris, NFL Hall of Fame Hockey Player Chris Pronger, and the founder of Lions Not Sheep apparel, Sean Whalen.

The young founder balances his time between running his own business and pursuing his education. Nonetheless, Jacob approaches both aspects of his life with a vision for success. He was exposed to the value of hard work at a young age through playing basketball.

Jacob wants Venture Mentality to be an avenue for him to share what he learned with other young, aspiring dream chasers. Jacob shares that “everyone who identifies with the brand is dedicated toward working on their goals and improving daily. Venture Mentality isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.”

Jacob pioneered the impactful culture carried by Venture Mentality. The clothing line produces designs with messages of initiating to create a community of like-minded individuals. The brand started with its classic T-shirt design. Soon after, it expanded to producing hats and other products as well. Venture Mentality possesses an aesthetic that is modern, minimalist, and classy, all at the same time.

Sometimes, society perceives a person based on how he dresses. Venture Mentality understands the need for people to look good without sacrificing comfort. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to practicality, quality, durability, and style. 

“When we were children, we were told to shoot for the stars. As we grew up, we were told we needed to be more realistic. This brand is for those who still dare to dream,” Jacob said. Venture Mentality envisions to boost careers and improve the state of mind of entrepreneurs and individuals. The messages printed across its merchandise is geared toward building morale and a community of goal-driven individuals.

The apparel is dedicated to encouraging its wearers to pursue their dreams, regardless of their current situation. Venture Mentality aims to symbolize the mentality of a person that wants to be the best in their fields. Currently, the brand is represented by well-known personalities such as Nick Santanistasso, Mike Chandler, Hayden Greene, and Jake DeCicco.

Venture Mentality wants to symbolize that a person that has taken a leap of faith and is ready for the world. Beyond clothing and style, Venture Mentality conveys the essence of hard work and a strong sense of trust for one’s capabilities. 

Learn more about Venture Mentality on its website and Instagram.

The Awe-Inspiring Life Journey of Artist and Entrepreneur Kenny Peters

Multi-talented artist and entrepreneur Kenny Peters seems to have accomplished so much at the age of 55, but very few actually know that his journey has not been as smooth sailing as most people think it is. With over 35 years of rich experience when it comes to vocal work, excellent theater performances, a newly completed college degree, a 22-year relationship with his partner, and passionate mental health advocacy, one would think that Kenny has finally peaked in life. On the contrary, Kenny is just setting out to achieve new feats.

The powerful tenor is also skilled in playing the piano and violin, instruments he learned to use at a young age. Music has always been Kenny’s greatest outlet and mode of self-expression. Kenny’s music differs uniquely from other mainstream creations as it reveals his intense life experiences from being physically abused as a child to coming out in the late ’70s as a gay man. Kenny grew up with his non-biological father after he divorced his mother, and the abuse happened when his father figure succumbed to alcoholism. 

Apart from his uncommon journey of experiencing childhood trauma, he also battled with the challenges that his mental illness brought about. He is inclined to believe that his condition was triggered by his trauma. He struggled with it for quite some time until he was finally diagnosed in 2008. With the right therapy and dosage of medication, Kenny was able to find a healthy balance in life that allowed him to be more productive. 

Despite his difficult past and his mental health condition, he continued to stand up for those who could not speak for themselves, learned to love people more, and took courage to survive in a world that is constantly changing. “It’s probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had—knowing that by sharing what’s been the worst of my life, someone else may find their path. It makes us all winners,” Kenny explains. 

Several music icons have been instrumental in influencing Kenny’s singing style, and these include George Michael, Kenny Loggins, Elton John, and Gino Vannelli. In 2008, he left the corporate world to create an album called Covered Up, with songs that were especially developed to help him cope with his mental illness.

Aside from his music, Kenny also ventured into other projects and livelihood, which included a pet photography business, officiating weddings in the Austin area, establishing an acting school, a specialized pet loss and aftercare company, and mobile photography developed especially for actors who are looking for instant headshots for their auditions. 

Interestingly, the dynamic artist and entrepreneur is currently in the process of finishing 4 book projects. One of these books is being eyed for a possible screenwriting project for his next commitment—a Roku television station called New Phoenix TV that is known to showcase talents who are over 30 years old. One of his books is attracting so much interaction after its title was revealed: Discrediting God. The book is designed to encourage healthy and helpful discussions, which is something that Kenny feels is essential today.

At this point in his life, Kenny is still determined to release two more successful albums. He also aspires to one day gain a Grammy nomination for his music. Additionally, he is not closing the doors for the possibility of appearing in bigger films in a supporting role and eventually transition to being a producer. He believes that he has so much to impart to the next generation of filmmakers. 

Learn more about Kenny Peters by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook for updates on his projects.

More and More Women are Answering the Call Towards a Better Lifestyle with Megan Call

There are three things that Megan Call is most passionate about: health and wellness, her family, and the ocean. She has built a strong community revolving around those passions, and she always finds excitement in influencing them to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Megan is based on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, alongside her husband and her beautiful 2-year-old daughter, and another little girl on the way. Her happy life with her husband, Aaron, continues to inspire their audiences as they post photos on their respective Instagram accounts. Megan is using her influence to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle to her audience from the comfort of her own home on the little island of Oahu. 

Megan promotes the “Hawaiian Lifestyle” and highlights all the beautiful parts that come along with a simple and modest life on the island. Ever since she and her family moved to the island, they have created this unique lifestyle where they can work from home and raise their children on the beach.

Since 2018, Megan has partnered with Monat and has been using her Instagram account to sell their custom hair and skin products to men and women alike. The products aim to give her customers the best quality of hair and skincare that the market has to offer.  

In addition to selling the products through her brand, Megan has also diligently helped women to share the same opportunities. She encourages them to develop their own business and start working from home. As a mother, she understands the value of spending quality time with her children. She makes sure to never miss a moment in her daughter, Emme Rae’s life. Megan has assisted several women ranging from mothers, expectant mothers, or still planning to be mothers in the future. She has built a stable community of love and trust within her audience, empowering each other through their wholehearted support. 

Megan has always led the charge toward inspiring women to be healthy and active and put their families at the center. Her advocacies have thoroughly aligned with her own personality, and her genuine concern shines through to her audience. She is also an advocate for the environment. The haircare and skincare products she sells are all vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% natural.  

Megan is grateful every day for the life that she has, and she wishes the same for people everywhere. She is making the right moves toward a better society that values the efforts of women and affords them the right to live their best lives with their respective families. Megan is sharing her privilege and helping others attain their own goals. Her ideals reflect the beauty within her as a person, and it also shines through with her own personality. 

Megan is as vibrant as the warm Oahu sun, as calm as the waves, and as beautiful as the pristine beaches. She wants other women to feel her zest for life, and she does so through her products and helping other women get involved in the business. 

To learn more about Megan Call and her fabulous lifestyle, follow her Instagram account.

Black Yoga Magazine Pushes for Stronger Black Representation Within the Yoga Community

Today, more and more people have been getting into yoga to find balance and rhythm in their own lives. Ashley Adams was one of those people. She dove headfirst into the yoga community and instantly fell in love, she then transformed her passion for yoga into her career by becoming a yoga instructor, and it changed her way of life, forever.

In such a calm and unifying discipline such as yoga, one would think that Ashley, who is a Black woman, would be fully accepted as she is. However, that was definitely not the case when she was starting out. She would often get weird looks from fellow yogis, thinking that a person of color would never practice yoga. 

Ashley could feel the prejudice of other people as soon as she entered the room. She felt that other Black yogi should never experience that kind of discrimination themselves, and the entire yoga community should be made aware. The lack of representation of yogis that belong to minority groups has been a pressing issue within the yoga community.

In response to this, Ashley founded and created Black Yoga Magazine, a magazine that seeks to build awareness of yoga within Black communities, as well as to increase the representation of Black people in the yoga community and give them a platform to speak up. 

Ashley, who is also the proud owner of Yoga Blue Fitness in Tarpon Springs, Florida, stumbled upon the idea after going to her local bookstore and skimming through 10 different yoga magazines and not finding a single brown person at all. It was then and there that Ashley knew that something had to be done.

The severe lack of representation among people of color in the media is one thing. It’s a bigger and greater issue that deserves to be changed as well. However, when it hits close to home, Ashley knew very well that she could take immediate action and fight for stronger representation within the community that she knows and loves dearly.

The team behind Black Yoga Magazine hopes to eliminate racial profiling within the yoga community to foster a better community of acceptance and freedom. The meteoric rise of the yoga population has been well-documented. However, the vast majority still don’t know how many of those people are people of color, so they assume based on what they know and not based on what is true.

Black Yoga Magazine’s first-ever issue was released back in September 2019. Since then, they have published seven catalogs featuring prominent Black yoga instructors from all over the USA. The magazine has had the likes of Jotholyn Mason, Valencia Folks, Danny Fluker Jr, and many more, grace its pages with their inspiring stories.

Ashley Adams is making a huge difference within the yoga community through Black Yoga Magazine. The fight might not be over, but this is a huge win for representation within the community that she holds very close to her heart.

Find out more about Black Yoga Magazine by visiting the official website. You can also learn more about Ashley Adams through The Yoga Blue Fitness website.

The Secret to Success in the Modern World According to Alan Barragan

The digital age has a way of unleashing one’s innovativeness that is sleeping underneath the skins of seemingly ordinary people. And with its ceaseless nature, technological advancements will continue to grow and spread across many facets of life over time. While some refuse to adapt to the ever-changing circumstance, others use it to their advantage. 

So when Alan Barragan unraveled the complexities of change in the modern world, he gladly welcomed them with an open mind and a willing heart.

Alan Barragan, the stellar personification of modernization, has gained various acknowledgments for his esteemed contributions to the new media age. Coupled with an eye for business, this entrepreneur has strategically combined the preeminence of the realms of commerce with the power of technology in his relentless pursuit of success.

As young as he is, Alan never treated his age as a hindrance to becoming an epitome of victory. To him, success does not always lie in the number of years that one has lived, but in the number of attempts that one has committed to reaching the peak of victory. With technology rapidly changing the industry, it took Alan a few trials and errors to find his niche while experiencing the highs and lows of constant transformation. However, the number of challenges being thrown at Alan did not waver his unrelenting mind. Undaunted, he set out to find tranquility amidst chaos and was able to land his feet on the soil of network marketing.

Venturing into business has always been Alan’s cup of tea primarily because of its ability to improve the lives of many. The journey in running an enterprise has told a lot of success stories, turning ordinary individuals to business moguls. Inspired by the many tales of distinguished people, Alan wanted to follow the same direction as theirs.

After many years of grit and perseverance, Alan has become one of the most sought-after digital entrepreneurs to this date.

However, seeing how he obtained triumphs all on his own, Alan wanted to ignite the same fiery tenacity he had when he was still in limbo. That is why Alan decided to take things to another level and impart some of his experiences and knowledge to like-minded individuals.

Breathing life into his newfound venture, Alan creates an avenue and dedicates himself in helping people attain their goals and generate generational wealth through online means. The platform teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the ropes behind his success, with the hope of inspiring them to follow through. But aside from guiding these individuals, Alan also collaborates with them to ensure that the path they are in running their online businesses is the road to success.

Through his strategy, he has helped over 200 people in kick-starting their online entrepreneurial careers.

But aside from being the powerhouse that he is, Alan is an aspiring track olympian who has established record-breaking titles ever since he took center stage in the athletic space.

Alan’s victories only show how one can succeed amidst these changing times. If truth be told, the changes allowed him to blossom into an image of progress and fortify his capabilities towards greatness.

To know more about Alan Barragan, you may follow his Instagram page.

American Children’s Book Author Angela K. Pearson Fights for Medical Freedom Through Her Book “I Am Not Contagious”

The United States Bill of Rights guarantees citizen’s rights and their liberties, which include freedom of press, speech, and religion. While these rights remain true and upheld across the country to this day, another freedom—medical freedom—was arguably encroached on last year on June 13, when a new law was passed barring all nonmedical exemptions to vaccination in the State of New York.

Parents were seemingly left with a gun to their heads, knowing that failure for their children to get vaccinated would mean these kids could never again set foot in any public or private school in the state. About 26,000 children in the New York state were left on the fence, having been previously granted religious exemptions to vaccinations—an exemption now repealed. One of these kids was the six-year-old son of children’s book author  Angela K. Pearson.

Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, Angela grew up poor. Her family did not have much and often struggled to provide for their day to day life. Often, they would get their food supply from donations in the church or food banks.

She became a mom in 1996 with her first son who had a vaccine reaction and was hospitalized. In 2016 he was diagnosed with SLE, something he already had a genetic predisposition to because Angela’s father had this same auto-immune disease and was sadly taken by it in 2008. 

In 2000, Angela moved to upstate New York, and it was when she began her holistic journey while pregnant with her 2nd child, a daughter, born in 2001. She developed a keen interest in the natural benefits of consuming organic and whole foods, which was a result of realizing she was unintentionally raised on mostly an unhealthy diet of processed foods. Angela soon committed herself to turn her diet around and has been consuming only organic-rich foods—free from chemicals or any artificial ingredients—since then. This commitment was supported by her steadfast belief in medical freedom and how parents should have the choice to vaccinate their children or not.

In 2016, Angela graduated with her degree in Behavioral Science and Community Health and was the first in her family to go to college. She is now a single mom to three children whom she devotes all her love and attention to. When the law that repealed religious exemptions for vaccination was passed, Angela was left with not much choice but to leave her corporate job to home-school her youngest son, Grayson. Although perfectly healthy and free from medical issues, Grayson was barred from attending school as an unvaccinated child. Today, Angela continues to fight for medical freedom, and does so through her children’s book titled “I Am Not Contagious.”

According to her website, the book is “written from the perspective of her six-year-old son with a message that she hopes touches the hearts of other parents who hold the same immeasurable love for their children, despite the opinions and pressures of society whose beliefs may differ.” Angela aims for the story to inspire understanding and compassion, which could spark unity in people, instead of further unnecessary division. Angela prides herself on her book’s powerful political statement for medical freedom. “I am going against the narrative and have written the first children’s book that relates to the unvaccinated community from a child’s perspective,” she added, “This has never been done before.”

She is eager to reach the masses but wishes to connect with the unvaccinated community and their children most of all. Every child deserves a book they relate to, which stands for what they believe in, Angela says.

The author has been a holistic health enthusiast for 20 years now and is currently working remotely in the health and wellness industry and teaches others how to obtain the same life-style.

To know more about Angela K. Pearson and her book, visit her Facebook page and website.

How Entertainment Mogul Cutty Has Been Giving Indie Artists the Opportunity to Shine

Many people have been saying that the next generation is the hope of the nation. But we often hear stories from the news about parents neglecting their children—those that grow up without proper guidance end up becoming delinquents, with only a few of them choosing to break away from such a lifestyle. 

Although there are people that hope to help them turn their lives around, not many can relate to the struggle that those children have lived with their entire lives. One of the few that do is entertainment mogul Cutty.

Cutty, whose real name is Terrance Disman, grew up in New Jersey. He is motivated to help the youth break the system after his little brother got incarcerated at the age of 16. Cutty was devastated at seeing his best friend put away in jail. Since then, Cutty has been doing  everything he can to avoid trouble and help his brother, who is currently on his second appeal. He was inspired to change the lives of young people before they get to that point. 

The entertainment mogul believed that the best platform to do so was through his YouTube channel. Knowing that the youth spent a lot of time listening to music and trying to make it big like their idols through YouTube, he felt it was the right place to set up his channel Cutty TV.

Cutty TV has become an indie platform that helps give young, aspiring artists a chance to showcase what they have and for small businesses to advertise their brands, products, or services. His channel has been giving indie artists their opportunities and has even helped them get to major shows and tours. Cutty was able to get a lot of those artists to get major features with established artists in the industry.

Since the age of 22, Cutty has flown artists from New Jersey to California on an indie tour. For many of them, it was the first time leaving the state lines. He has been responsible for many artist’s opportunities around his area. Cutty has also interviewed more than 20+ indie artists on his YouTube channel. 

His channel has been running consistently for five years, and the opportunities he has given have really benefited the artists he’s worked with. Cutty TV received a nomination for the Philly Hip-Hop Award back in 2018 for Best Webcast/TV Platform.

Cutty has also recently dropped a mixtape titled “Worldwide Tunes,” where he put artists’ works from across the country into one mixed tape. He then distributed them out to 25 countries all over the globe. Cutty has also been featured in a mobile video game called Everybody Beefs. In the game, Cutty can be used as a playable character to face off against other entertainers.

This year, Cutty announced his blog called Jersey Watch, which also gives indie artists new opportunities. This is something that New Jersey has lacked as most of the opportunities are available in Los Angeles and New York.

To know more about Cutty TV, you may visit their website or follow them for updates on Instagram.

Tony V. Is an Artist You Should Be Looking Out for This Year

The next artist to watch can come from any direction. After all, every year has become so exciting with more acts that have the potential to define the sound of the decade. Michael Antonio Almeida, or as what he’s known for right now, Tony V., is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, disc jockey, and music producer, and he is definitely an artist to watch out for this year.

If you ask Tony V. if he’d expect to be where he is now, the answer is no. In fact, he did not even expect himself to be the kind to make a career in music. Born in Manhattan, New York, and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, he set out on a path and served with the United States Marines for ten years. He then decided to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Human Services to pave the way for his mission to serve and help his community. He worked with non-profit organizations to help and set an example for troubled youths. Then the rest of his life unfolded right in front of him.

While getting to know himself more and finding out what he really wanted in his life, he chose to switch his major to an MBA in marketing, and later on, Tony V. found himself fulfilling his passion and pursuing a career in music.

This year, he released his first album, 0703, which featured 11 songs in its tracklist. Releasing three more singles after that, “Ride For You,” “It’s A Vibe,” and “How Do You Sleep,” he saw the potential he had and committed to further his career as a musician and be heard by more people.

With a strong music influence ever since he was young, Tony V. is well-versed in any music genre. His discography shows hints of his influence in RnB, pop, hip-hop, rap, Latin music, and more. He is bilingual and can speak in both English and Spanish, allowing him to go beyond one market. Aside from that, what sets him apart is his energy, experience, wisdom as well as the way he tells his story through his music.

While he always had a mission to inspire others and make a difference, he was able to do all that with music. Known for having a big heart, he is able to connect with others in ways that cannot be expressed. He is rooted by many of his peers in the music industry for his down-to-earth personality and sense of humor. Besides his ability to create, produce, and develop his own music, it is his attitude that makes all the difference.

Today, Tony V. is working on developing his craft, working on several music videos, and cooking up something to once again put his name out there. He does all this while making sure he is able to connect with his fans and genuinely reach a bigger audience. Reaching the top of the charts is the goal, but along with that, he wants to encourage others, share his life experiences and values for those who wanted to succeed, just as he did.

Keep up with his album releases and listen to his music through his LinkTree and Instagram.