Entrepreneur Jessica Lewis on Leading the Movement Toward Sustainable Housing

Repurposed shipping-container homes are the latest trend in the movement toward sustainable and eco-friendly homes. Most people find it odd at first—that is until they see for themselves the true beauty there is in transforming plain shipping containers into stylish, affordable homes that are actively helping to reduce the housing industry’s detrimental impact on the earth.

Jessica Lewis is the mastermind behind Mobu Enterprises, a green construction firm that builds residential and commercial structures out of surplus shipping containers. The company’s mission is to restore communities by educating, advocating, and improving the environment with sustainable products and self-sustaining designs.

The company’s first projects were a small set of apartment buildings. Since then, they have built residential and commercial high rises in urban and rural communities. At the head of the company, Jessica ensures that they create the highest quality green buildings for both residential and commercial spaces. The resulting homes are windproof, fireproof, and waterproof, allowing any inhabitant to be protected from extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and allergens.

Jessica and Ibrahim Smith, the company’s president and co-owner, created Mobu Enterprises to accommodate the growing demographic of forward-looking and eco-conscious people who are seeking a cost-effective alternative to everyday living. Her clients are modern progressive thinkers who are conscious of their impact on the earth and want to invest their money in sustainable solutions to common housing challenges.

The company’s fully green process allows for the end-user to get a professionally produced structure in less than 30 days from start to finish for both residential and commercial structures of any size.

Jessica comes from a family of developers and knows what it takes to build. She has over ten years of experience in business and construction management skill sets. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but currently resides in Macon, Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Colorado Technical University, which gave her the business skills necessary to help entrepreneurs like herself get their businesses up and running and thriving long-term.

During her time in Philadelphia, Jessica started her own business consultancy firm named Real Solutions for Real People. Her motto was, “We help real people find solutions to their everyday problems personally and professionally.” She also hosted a radio show named All About Beauty, Business, and You, which focused on the beauty industry, entrepreneurs, and community-related events.

Her business education and experience as an entrepreneur for over 12 years inspired her to create the miniseries Entrepreneur Spotlight. Through the miniseries, she highlights entrepreneurs and the innovative products and services they provide. Through a series of questions and answers, Entrepreneur Spotlight showcases the personality, character, and professionalism of each guest.

Jessica has also started and aired several podcasts relating to personal and business credit, finance, and asset protection. Her greatest accomplishment thus far is spreading her knowledge about business to the masses via her various entertainment platforms.

Her other professional accomplishments include speaking in business engagements, hosting webinars, and launching large-scale marketing campaigns. Her main goal in life is to help everyone she encounters to reach their full potential. Upcoming projects include the Tiny Home community, international affordable housing development, commercial entertainment space development, and co-working incubators. She also plans to explore joint ventures on other business endeavors that will minimize crime and violence, reduce self-hate among domestic violence and familial abuse victims, and reduce recidivism and homelessness amongst youth, veterans, and ex-felons.

Learn more about sustainable homes on the Mobu Enterprise website or follow Jessica Lewis on Instagram.