Hollyboi Sav Emerges as a Hip Hop Phenom

The music and entertainment industry is awash with talent and creativity. It is the perfect home for artists to showcase their uniqueness and talent. Now and again, a star emerges who captures the attention of the industry, becoming one to look out for. This appears to be the path of Hollyboi Sav, who is blazing a trail with his versatility and business acumen.

Yusuf Hedrington Jr, known in professional circles as “Hollyboi Sav,” is a 25-year-old emerging rap artist and entrepreneur operating out of Hollywood, Florida. Hollyboi Sav spent the early years of his life in the Virgin Islands, where he was born and was raised by his grandparents before relocating to Broward County, Florida later on – this became the birthplace of his music career. About the time he was in the eighth grade, he saved up enough money to buy home studio gear and started what grew to become his record label, TFO records.

Through Trust Family Only “TFO” records, Hollyboi signed, recorded, and engineered tracks for several upcoming local artists, gaining acclaim and making a name for himself. He spent a couple of years perfecting his craft and networking with dozens of music producers and other industry stakeholders. From there, he expanded into acquiring video production equipment and eventually started his video production company – Swisscheese Visuals, making music videos and covering all kinds of events from baby showers to weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and the likes.

Hollyboi Sav sets himself apart as a wordsmith with a masterful command of lyrics and a unique insight into the music industry. He brings a fresh and phenomenal interpretation to the rap genre, steadily building up a reputation as both a credible artist and a respected member of his community. When not in the Studio, Hollyboi Sav helps provide meals for the homeless. Community means a lot to the rap star, and he has made it a part of his DNA to help as many people as possible, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With his video production team’s help, he raised and donated $5000 towards small local black-owned businesses to keep them afloat through the hardships experienced as a result of the pandemic.

Hollyboi Sav is passionate about inspiring people to chase their dreams no matter the challenges and developing the mental toughness to overcome any obstacle in their path. According to the rap star, his passion for music and business motivated him to hone his talents and develop himself as a hip-hop artist. Additionally, a significant lack of video production companies in his community inspired his video company’s launch to showcase his creativity and plethora of ideas.

Hollyboi Sav envisions running one of the most successful video production companies in Hollywood in the coming years. He hopes to be at the top of his game as an artist, collaborating with the biggest names around the world and realizing all the dreams he set out to achieve. He also plans to be a successful entrepreneur with many thriving businesses across different fields and a role model to upcoming artists, models and entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Hollyboi Sav and his current projects, visit the website.

2K Ponce Juno is Combining Music Seamlessly with Business

For 2K Ponce Juno, hailing from a large musical family has so much to do with his pursuit of a music career and so far the Staten Island-born musical act is fast making the entertainment industry sit up and take notice. With his unique and personalized style of music which features a blend of Caribbean vibe and New York vibe to his genre-crossing music and a fusion of his lyrics delivery and amazing energy and moves on stage, 2K Ponce Juno is indeed a rising star. Signed professionally under the imprint of Sony Music Group, he is the owner of Ellispe Group Records Global LLC, and its subsidiaries including Star Music Group LLC, and EGR Global Music Publishing Company. 2k Ponce Juno is an astute business-oriented individual who is not lost in his quest for mainstream success, but simultaneously takes his business enthusiasm and quest for success along wherever he goes. Perhaps, being raised around the West Indian culture gave him his “don’t give up” attitude and mindset.

2K Ponce Juno began his career in the music industry in 2012, first as an entrepreneur and the first project he launched his first project “Chicken Grease n’ Grits,” in collaboration with Music act, Seven. The project amassed over three thousand hits from Datpiff. Subsequently, he released his first music video titled, “They Like This.” On March 15, 2019, he released, “Coolli Bandz” an EP, containing his hit single, “This Life” which earned him a place on the Takeover Tour, powered by the AAMG family.

2k Ponce Juno exudes positive vibes, infectious, yet bouncy and a feel-good vibe in his approach to dominate the industry. Coming from a profound hip hop background, Juno’s music embodies a Caribbean-New York flair, and thanks to his aura and energy (on and off the stage), he has captivated the hearts of his fans who can’t stop asking for more of him.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 2K Ponce Juno’s music was a favorite on the dance floors of clubs in the Northeast and he was on his way to joining the Sony/Orchard and Mo Thugs Family’s America’s “Most Blunted Tour” until the pandemic halted the entertainment industry. And despite the lockdown, while awaiting the opportunity to travel, get back on stage, and entertain his growing fan base, he’s remained creative and has been reaching out to help those closer to home. His latest single, the remix of “Go Pretty Girl,” was produced by Max which has taken major Jamaican media markets by storm, was released in the US on Friday, January 15. Accompanying 2K Ponce Juno on it are popular Jamaican dancehall icons, DJ King Beenie Man and singer Double K.

2K Ponce Juno has never seen himself in competition with any of his fellow artists, according to him, “There is no competition with artists who produce similar genres and have the same outward expression of his or her love for The Lord. The separation from the music produced by 2k Ponce and secular artists is simply the difference in lifestyle lived by the artists.”

Away from music and entrepreneurship, Juno is best known for his distinct and classy fashion style, and added to that is a recent endorsement deal that makes him the ambassador and the face of Kim Birkedal Hartmann’s Revanche Cognac. 

“In five years, I see myself producing other arising artists into stars. I will be helping upcoming artists reach their highest musical potential to make hit records underneath Ellipse Group Record Global LLC/ Sony Music Group.” He concludes.

Connect with 2K Ponce Juno on social media by following him on Instagram and Twitter, or visit his website.

The Clout Cloud is a Unique Hip Hop Experience

Ilias Anwar founded The Clout Cloud (TCC) Instagram account, on December 11th, 2017, in his college dorm room at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ilias created the Instagram page to cover multiple types of news, including cryptocurrency, entertainment news, and overall internet culture. A big passion of Ilias’ is rap music, and he soon realized that posting about rap content was also interacted with the most from followers of The Clout Cloud. As soon as TCC began covering hip hop, multiple doors and opportunities throughout the DMV and Richmond areas were created. The company continued to grow online and off, and began providing media coverage to some of the biggest names in rap music. So far, thanks to their talented videography team, The Clout Cloud has successfully covered performances of A-list stars such as Future, Rick Ross, Megan Thee Stallion, Meek Mill, MoneyBagg Yo, Key Glock, and many more.

With almost 100k followers on Instagram thanks to their enjoyable hip hop-related content, The Clout Cloud stands out from its competition because of its digital presence and real-life connections as they continue to grow on and off the internet. Joe Ranney, Ilias Anwar’s partner with The Clout Cloud, has helped The Clout Cloud facilitate growing The Clout Cloud’s brand offline. Joe Ranney was brought in originally to direct their new podcast after his success with his blog Hip Hop Drop Date. Joe is now a key member of The Clout Cloud’s board. With the combination of The Clout Cloud’s social media presence and connections, TCC will soon reach the industry’s top. 

The Clout Cloud’s primary goal is to bring another major hip hop music festival to the east coast, and they have a big announcement in early 2021. The Clout Cloud recently partnered with Heir Wave Music Group, owned and operated by Virginia rap legend and President of G.O.O.D Music Pusha T. They plan on throwing an online concert, which will be held in late February 2021, streamable via Twitch.

 The Clout Cloud looks to continue expanding into the concert market and covering viral music-related content. TCC has previously partnered with several big names for live performances, such as Lil Baby, DaBaby, and PnB Rock on concerts, as well as showcasing talented artists across Virginia early in their careers. The Clout Cloud hopes to provide entertainment to fans of hip hop and the brand, while also giving a voice to talented artists who feel as if they don’t have the recognition that they deserve .

When asked about the company’s goals, Joe Ranney said, “We want to supply our diverse fan base with enjoyable hip hop experiences, big or small. Whether that be as small as an informative post about Megan Thee Stallion to something as large as The Clout Cloud’s goal: to create a high-profile, large-scale hip hop music festival with the biggest names in rap. Making money is not our priority; it is providing worthwhile experiences.”

To learn more about The Clout Cloud, follow their Instagram page.

Celebrated Violinist David Scott Soothes the Mind While Tugging at Heartstrings

For a long time, music has comforted those who seek shelter from the thorns of reality. Building a haven of his own, music artist David Scott has made it his mission to provide music for those who need it. 

With over 30 years of experience, David Scott is a trained classical violinist who has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names. The musician first entered the industry when he graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Humanities.

While living in Philadelphia, he began to nurture a love for music production and improvisation. After his years in university, an overwhelming feeling of disenchantment about the prosaic path of classical symphonic overcame David. Attacked by several health scares, he felt helpless and was faced with no choice but to redefine his sound. He decided to make a change.

Pushing beyond the rigid boundaries and expectations of classical violin, David realized his potential as a multifaceted and versatile creative able to master any genre, style, or melody on the instrument.

Tuning his heartstrings and creating a unique sound with his violin, the ingenious classical musician started to capture the attention of the music industry’s giants and executives. It wasn’t all still waters for David, however. The talented artist was blocked by countless hurdles, which took the form of major open-heart surgeries.

To date, David Scott has survived five of the critical operations. Three years ago, he received a (Medtronic) Melody Valve from Duke Hospital in his fifth procedure. The valve, invented by a violinist, was set through a non-invasive procedure and strengthened David’s faith in miracles.

While in recovery, David crafted an album with tracks detailing the story of his procedure. Inspiring those going through a similar situation, the music artist recently released the Hip Hop Concept Album entitled “The Universe Gave Me A Melody.” The album is available on all digital streaming platforms and has already reached countless people worldwide.

“I am witness to how music healed my own body and wanted to bring that gift to others who might be suffering,” David shares about his latest masterpiece.

Having music as close to his heart as possible, David can relate to various artists and create tracks that ring true and connect to a diverse audience. This unique skill has gotten him collaborations with notable Grammy Award-winning artists. These artists include those who have produced and arranged for Frank Sinatra, Dr. Dre, John Williams, and Aaliyah.

Furthering his mission to give back, David Scott has also established a nonprofit organization geared towards raising the conversation on mental health. Founded in 2009, Music Over Mind focuses on the Betterment of Mental Health through Music. Since February 2020, the organization has played music for hospital workers and held outdoor concerts for retirement homes. 

Take a deep breath and rest in the haven of David Scott’s soothing music on Spotify. For more information on the inspirational artist, David’s work may be visited on Instagram, Facebook, or his official website. To support Music Over Mind and its heartwarming work, visit the nonprofit organization on its official website.

King Lie Makes Great Strides Toward Hip-Hop with New Releases

In today’s highly competitive and saturated music industry, only those who are topped with an incomparably unyielding determination can make it. Nothing gives life to sheer talent and raw abilities the way that an ignited soul and burning passion do. And among the sea of passion-driven artists emerges King Lie, a musician whose fresh take on hip-hop sparks inspiration and stirs wonder. 

Although music seeks to entertain and amuse, it has long proven to be more than just a form of leisure. It also serves as a vessel for those who wish to send across a message and give comfort in the guise of meaningful lyrics and soothing melodies. In the case of King Lie, his craft became the catalyst for his transformation and the impetus of his flourishing career. Without his love for music, he would not have become the man that he is today. 

Originally from Chin State, Myanmar, King Lie, whose real name is Lai Ram Ceu, moved to the United States in 2007 when he was just nine years old. Growing up as a refugee, he spent his early years in Chicago and shortly transferred to Moline, Illinois. And the moment he got settled in his new home state, he decided to start his YouTube channel. This eventually led him to begin his journey towards music in Summer 2020. 

Before dipping his toes in the music realm, King Lie was making waves in the real estate industry with his entrepreneurial flair. A retired refugee at the age of twenty-two, he quit his nine-to-five job and took the reins of a real estate company that he founded in February of this year. And this business, proving to be a fruitful venture, has earned him a total of twenty-three apartment units. 

As a result of his smart investments in real estate, King Lie became financially stable enough to direct his full attention to his ultimate passion—music. So far, this budding musician has released two songs, “Cold Heart” and “Zooming,” which are available on YouTube and all other streaming platforms. 

Currently, King Lie is shooting his third song, “Close Friends,” which will be out by January next year. Aside from his stunning voice and unmatched artistry, he also has the ability to make music in two different languages. And this 2021, he plans on releasing new singles coupled with music videos every month of the year. 

With his unparalleled drive, clear vision, and distinctive storytelling, in the coming years, this must-watch artist hopes to take center stage by improving his online presence and performing his songs in front of his fans nationwide. 

On top of evolving into a household name in the music industry and headlining big shows, King Lie wishes to create a meaningful impact in his community and in the lives of aspiring musicians and hopeful creatives. For now, as someone to look out for, he aims to change the way that people see hip-hop. 

Learn more about King Lie by following him on Instagram or streaming his music on Spotify and Youtube.

Up-and-Coming Hip Hop Star Cee Ayy Cee is Telling Soulful Stories Through Rap

Storytelling has always played an essential part in the formation of human connection. There are sparks of connection every time a story is told. Storytelling is also one way of communicating. In history, stories have already been told even before humans learned to read or write. 

There are ways of telling a story; it can be through a narrative, a write-up, a film, or through music. Despite these numerous ways in which one can tell stories, there are still those who find it hard to express themselves and find their voices.

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Chris Chavez, or better known by his screen name Cee Ayy Cee has always used music and rap to tell his and others’ soulful stories, but that has not always been the case. Growing up, Cee Ayy Cee was a very shy, timid, and quiet kid. He had always found it hard to share his stories because speaking to people did not come naturally for him. During his moments of loneliness, he found refuge in music. He would write rap songs about what the stories he would want to tell and log them in his journal. For him, rap became his best friend and confidante. 

But like any other artist, the rising artist from Los Angeles also faced many adversities in life. His life was far from the usual fairytale. Cee Ayy Cee did not have a princess who could make things better nor a fairy godmother who could make things easier by the swish of a wand. Instead, Cee Ayy Cee’s life can be compared to a roller coaster full of ups and downs and twists and turns. Aside from this, he has met with death face-to-face on multiple accounts. Fortunately, despite many brushes with death, it never seemed to catch up with him. He thanks the spirits and his guardian angels from keeping him from meeting the afterlife sooner than expected. 

During moments of highs and lows and ups and downs, music and rap have always been there for him. Because of this, he wanted to make music that will reach anyone who needs a friend, who feels lost or someone who needs guidance. This driving factor has pushed Cee Ayy Cee to start Light Team Records. 

Cee Ayy Cee dubbed Light Team Records as a collective expression of the soul. The record created music for the person in the mirror, the person in front of us. The team prides itself in being able to guide and help people from every walk of life. Accompanying them from the moment they take their first step to the moment they get up the hill. 

Light Team Records aims to create music that will uplift people no matter what background they came from. Their goal is to energize and re-awaken the dormant soul and to start a ripple of positivity that will echo throughout this world.  

In 2017, independent hip-hop artist Cee Ayy Cee released his 8-track EP Spiritual Bangers that was immediately followed by a 12-track full album Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2 released in 2018. 

Spiritual Bangers and Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2 are loaded with Cee Ayy Cee’s style of powerful lyrics accompanied by a variety of styles that range from boom-bap to heavy bass and kicks to mellow and chill.

Unlike many other artists, Cee Ayy Cee has opened himself and his soul through his music. He welcomes his audiences with warmth instead of fangs. With his music, Cee Ayy Cee hopes to inspire people to be the best they can be and bring positive change to the world. 

Get updated with Cee Ayy Cee and his music through Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Victoria Santaguida on How Her Passion is Stronger Than Any Ordeal

Tough times have a way of revealing how bad people truly want something. They can either compel people to go after their dreams or veer them away from a dream they thought they wanted. 

True enough, it is easy enough to hold on to a dream when the stakes aren’t high. But Victoria holds on to hers even when the easier option is to let go. 

Victoria Santaguida, an acclaimed international contemporary dancer, has been sending big waves in the industry since she was young. Having already created a name for herself, she decided to share her talent by teaching aspiring dancers who dream of following in her footsteps. Now, the well-loved mentor has successfully equipped her students with the necessary skills and mindset to get into prestigious schools like LaGuardia School of the Arts and the Juilliard School. 

Through the years, she has gained recognition for winning competitions as well as making appearances in music videos of some of the world’s most prominent artists. And driven by her mission of being a source of inspiration, she encourages others to go after their dreams. 

Being a mentor and a teacher, Victoria is highly regarded for her expertise in ballet and contemporary dances. But fueled with an ever-dynamic spirit, she set out to expand her horizons by venturing into other styles of dance such as modern, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. And with this extreme work ethic, the dancer emerges as an unrivaled force in the industry. 

Although Victoria takes pride in her Canadian roots, she felt the need to take her dreams someplace else. So in 2013, she moved to New York City and got the coveted opportunity of performing with the Joffrey Ballet Concert Group, now known as the New York Dance Project, for three seasons. 

After her breakthrough participation in Joffrey, Victoria went on to dance with Complexions Contemporary Ballet under the direction of Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, where she toured and performed internationally in Jamaica, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and across the United States. And in 2017, she joined Nimbus Dance in Jersey City under the tutelage of Samuel Pott.

Despite doing exceptionally well in the United States, Victoria was still not immune to any of life’s challenges. In 2018, the dancer had to suffer an ankle injury that nearly ended her career. But with the warm support of her family, friends, and mentors, she recovered quicker than any doctor thought she would.

Overcoming the ankle injury she sustained, Victoria has emanated a remarkable sense of physical strength. However, she also takes pride in her emotional and mental tenacity that allowed her to endure the arduous process of obtaining her current work visa. And being an immigrant, she considers this monumental feat as a reminder for those who are in a similar situation to never give up on their dreams. 

But just when things are finally starting to look up, the dancer once again faces another ordeal – the COVID-19 pandemic. And while this global crisis has caused a lot of artists to give up on their passion and to retire from their careers, it has only pushed Victoria to fight even harder. 

Being no stranger to life’s adversities, she knows that undergoing trials are necessary for one to reach the summits of success. Through her persistence, she invites everyone to keep the faith and to trust whatever it is they set their hearts on.

To know more about Victoria, you may visit her Instagram page. 

Rising Star Emoedagreat Serves as an Inspiration Through His Artistry and Passion

Humble beginnings have always served as an inspiration for others. There is comfort in the thought that success can grow from barren origins, reminding people that where they came from does not dictate where they would end up in life. Eric Lattimore, better known as Emoedagreat, hopes to shed light on the fact that dreams can be achieved as long as people dare to pursue them. 

Hailing from Gaffney, South Carolina, Emoedagreat could not remember a time when music did not run in his blood. All his life, he has always had an affinity for music and entertainment. And armed with the passion for pursuing the craft and making a name for himself in the industry, he moved to Los Angeles and demonstrated exceptional excellence in expanding his brand reach. 

This musician, who has achieved partnerships with YouTube and Facebook this year, is taking the industry by storm by showcasing that he has what it takes to create a massive impact in the entertainment realm. Unlike other artists in the scene, Emodagreat does not have a major deal backing him up but is nevertheless creating a solid path to the top of the field. 

Independently making a unique standing for himself, Emoedagreat has crafted his own marketing and ad campaigns. He has successfully figured a way to reach millions of people daily by banking on his inherent creativity and business competence. Recently, this rising star dropped his first solo singles, No Kap, Get It In, Bounce Back & Double Up and these hits are from his anticipated upcoming album, Bugatti Truck Music, which is set for release in January 2021. 

Emoedagreat’s edge as a musician rests on his refusal to be boxed in. With no limit to the style of music he wants to delve into, he aims to become the first artist to have a number one hit in every genre. He takes pride in the masterful way he blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop, infusing them with his soulful vibe, to come up with banging tracks that are guaranteed to spark the interest and gain the love of listeners worldwide. 

This multi-talented artist is planning to be a household name in the different areas of the entertainment industry. Right now, he is also pursuing a career as an actor and is the brilliant mind behind numerous short films, skits, and TikTok content. And dipping his toes into the business of labels, Emodagreat is preparing to launch his very own label called Carolina Plug Music Group (CPMG). 

CPMG, which will be introduced to the market in January 2021, will serve as a platform for artist development and talent management. It is an avenue for other aspirants to learn the trade. With Emoedagreat’s guidance, people who are hoping to make it in the industry will understand how to nurture their artistry and how to enhance their business proficiency. 

Taking part in community events, Emoedagreat has given away toys to over two hundred children to celebrate Christmas and set up initiatives advocating against gun violence. This marketing genius is also often seen in collaboration with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Yvng Ari, who serves as his music producer and AsianRican Films, his cinematographer, and graphic designer. 

With another phenomenal track called My Go dropping this August 15, Emoedagreat looks forward to making a mark in millions of people across the globe. And while he lives his dream of being a world-class musician, he is also driven to continue impacting his community in positive ways and motivating others to believe in themselves. 

Learn more about Emoedagreat by visiting his website and pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

Hip-Hop Rising Star Half Deezy’s Authentic Artistry Inspires Music Aspirants to Pursue Their Love for the Craft

Music has always been a universal respite, providing comfort to people from various walks of life. And the opportunity it has given to individuals who dared to pursue their love for the craft is innumerable. For American and Filipino hip-hop artist, Half Deezy, music has been a constant in his life and at the center of his childhood was the dream to have his voice heard all across the globe. 

This musician, who is known for his melodic raps, catchy hooks, and distinctive voice, showed an affinity toward rhythm and beat at a young age. Together with his friends, he envisioned a career out of his passion for this particular art, hoping that his dreams will come to fruition. 

Half Deezy went on to join the US Army, serving the country for ten years and, after leaving the esteemed institution, found that it was time to prioritize turning his childhood vision into reality. With no musical background, unlike most of the artists that are currently topping the charts and ruling the music scene, Half Deezy had to learn everything on his own. 

Soon after parting ways with the US Army, he can be seen spending his time producing music, writing songs, and pushing his brand. All endeavors proved fruitful because of his authenticity and genuine approach to music as a form of artistic expression. 

Half Deezy boasts a solid discography of songs characterized by his voice that makes it almost impossible to confuse with other artists. This Last Vegas-based singer is known for being featured on songs with Platinum award-winning artists like Bizzy Bone and Lazy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, as well as with Baby Eazy E, Dogg Pound Gangstas, Stat Quo, and more.

He has released one hot track after another, and some of his most notable works include Tonight, Good Day, Soulja Boy Diss, and They Hate U.S., which are all available on streaming platforms. This professional member of the Grammys has consistently demonstrated exceptional taste in music, catering to people’s wide range of preferences. And having attracted a loyal fanbase of listeners, it is expected that with more songs in the future, he will continue to catch the ear of listeners from all over the world. 

A competitive edge that Half Deezy holds over the other musicians in the industry is his ability to adapt to any music style. Refusing to be boxed into one genre, he experiments with sounds and beats and is always attempting to find what can best resonate with listeners.

Half Deezy is currently making waves in the music scene, and he is only getting started. He plans to drop more tracks that will be sources of enjoyment and comfort for others, and in the process, he wishes to send across the message that background is not a determinant to success in this field. 

Whether one is a student or a professional and regardless of the person’s age and preferred genre, as long as an aspirant is committed to having their songs reach the hearts of people, the pursuit of music can yield the fruition of one’s dreams. 

Learn more about Half Deezy by visiting his website, and following him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


M.u.o.n.light Productions Create Music That Touches the Soul

Artists are carriers of influence, whether intentional or unintentional. Through the creative combination of melodies and lyrics, songwriters directly impact the listeners in powerful ways. As Bob Marlin had said, one good thing about music is that when it hits a person, they feel no pain. Instead, the impact awakens them to the ideologies significant to both the self and society.

M.u.o.n.light Productions has been on a quest to unite the world through music since it began in 2012. The brainchild of three Williams brothers, Jerrell, Jerron Michael, and Jerrmal, the company is imbued by the passion of all three and are bouldering through the music industry and smashing the stereotypes of hip-hop with a ferocious intensity. As their mission, they want to connect people in Music Under One Nation, hence M.u.o.n.light Productions.

Jerrmal is the youngest of the three and serves as the face of the group. Active as a recording artist, songwriter, and actor, he is better known as his stage name, Consensus. A word meaning the general agreement of a group of people, he hopes that through his music, he will get people to come to the consensus of celebrating life and humanity instead of pointing out differences and driving people of different colors and cultures further apart.

Music influences people through its emotional impact. As humans, people are behaviorally affected by the way they feel. With a genre of both hip-hop and Neo-Soul, they are breaking the stereotype of hip-hop having a negative influence on society due to the typical lyrical content of violence, drugs, and sex. Consensus creates his work keeping in mind the effect it would have on people. In producing the best quality of music, they believe that it is not only the flow of words and the melody that is important but also the message it is trying to relay to its audience. Through their music, they want to educate and raise awareness about relevant social issues that affect many in the world today. 

While some venture into the music industry in the search for fame and wealth, Consensus inspires people by making music purely for the love of music and self-expression. Music made with that kind of passion is the type to touch the soul deeply. Their unique brand of music, coupled with Consensus’ distinctive flow and melody polished through years of practice in his craft, allows them to deliver a complex mix of contrasting emotions for maximum impact to the listener.      

With their latest production titled EP: Detriment, Consensus, and M.u.o.n.light Productions teased the fans for its release on the 31st of July. With the public’s building anticipation for this release, EP: Detriment is sure to leave an impact in the typical M.u.o.n.light fashion.  Consensus is sure to leave a mark in the hearts of people with his music. 

Find out more about his music and experience it for yourself by streaming it on SoundCloud, and keep up-to-date with his latest activities by following him on Instagram.