6 Types and Benefits of Industrial Generators

Generators are essential because they act as backups for your business’ power sources. They convert different fuels, including diesel, gasoline, or propane, into usable electricity. The type of generator that will be efficient for your business is the industrial generator.

The primary purpose of these generators is to assure business owners of a continuous power supply in their grid systems despite any power failure. They are different from residential generators in that they can withstand excessive usage over a long time under challenging conditions.

Different manufacturers offer a wide range of quality industrial generators to choose from. You should choose one specifically suited for your type of business for maximum performance.

  1. Diesel generators

Diesel-run engines are known for their long life, lower maintenance, and durability. One operating at 1800 rpm can run for approximately 12000-30000 hours in between maintenance. A similar gasoline engine may need to be serviced after 6000-10000 hours.

The industrial diesel generator is as efficient because diesel burns at a cooler rate than gasoline. This reduces the heat and wear in the engine. This engine’s power production may also incur lower costs due to diesel’s high efficiency and energy density.

Diesel industrial generators’ technology has been improved to ensure that they produce minimum diesel emissions. Blends containing upward of 20% biodiesel can be safely used in diesel engines.

  1. Petroleum generators

These industrial generators are usually cheaper than most industrial generators. As much as gasoline generators can run for a long time, they need to be maintained more extensively. The gasoline may deteriorate the engine’s rubber components, causing it to wear faster.

The generator’s gas storage is also at a higher risk of explosions and fire. Additionally, gasoline also deteriorates with time, making long-term storage less ideal. Petroleum industrial generators require more care but are effective all the same.

  1. Natural gas generators

These industrial generators use liquefied petroleum gas or propane. When using them, you can store the fuel above or below ground. Natural gas also burns clean, therefore reducing emission issues. Although natural gas industrial generators may initially be expensive, they are very durable.

However, transportation may be expensive as it must be trucked to your business location. This generator is ideal for you if you need a lower output for a smaller business. If you desire more output, consider getting a bigger one.

These generators are a perfect backup if you run a technology provisions business.

  1. Portable industrial generators

Portable industrial generators cannot be ferried by hand but can be mounted on trailers. Massive portable generators are excellent if you run a construction business. That is because you can use it on various sites before they have any established power supply.

They are also ideal for emergency responses, where a large amount of electricity output is needed on-site.

  1. Marine generators

Marine generators are designed to withstand the rugged marine environment. There are specific companies that manufacture industrial generators that are specific to marine conditions. These generators are typically used near salty water and are suitable for oil rigs or large sea vessels.

While you can get marine generators with either gas or diesel, industrial ones utilize diesel exclusively.

  1. Heavy-fuel oil generators

Heavy-fuel oil generators save you high costs, even more than diesel. They are generally smaller, mainly because they use a smaller higher-speed engine. When you want to purchase this generator, you need to consider the fuel availability; because it is listed under category 5 or 6.

Why you need an industrial generator

An industrial generator will be a valuable investment for your business. It will save you from losses you might incur due to power outages. Here are five reasons why your business needs an industrial generator.

  1. Your business will be seamless

The first benefit of having an industrial generator is your business will run smoothly whether there is a primary power supply or not. From healthcare to retail, seamless operations will provide a sense of calm and stability for your business.

An industrial generator ensures ‘it’s business as usual’ thanks to minimal power interruptions. You can comfortably use your laptop to play online casino slots real money games as your manufacturing plants run seamlessly.

  1. Your workforce is assured of their shifts.

As a business owner, you already know how important your employees are for the success of your business. So, taking care of them should also be a priority. When the power is on, your employees will not have to lose shifts that help them support their families.

Additionally, regular shifts will produce adequate output to meet your clients’ needs.

  1. Keeps your inventory from being damaged

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have products that rely on heat or refrigeration to remain viable. Therefore with a temperature-sensitive inventory comes the pressure to ensure that power is up and running.

A backup industrial generator will save you from the financial losses and frustration of long-lasting electricity outages. Moreover, keeping the power going can help save many lives if you are in healthcare.

  1. You will have peace

Your business can be a source of frustration and stress when things are not going well. One such thing is a power outage. When you have an industrial generator, you will have peace as you will not constantly be worrying about any unexpected outage.

Whenever there are emergencies like storms, your generator will cover any event of electricity outages.

Take away

Investing in a generator will help improve your sales. With the above information, you can make an informed purchase.