John Wayne III Leads the Film Industry Through Londyn Town Pictures

There is no shortage of successful people encouraging others to chase after their dreams. And one is often inundated with reminders to pursue what they want, but taking that one step forward could still prove to be immensely difficult because of one issue — not knowing where to start and what questions to ask. Producer and director John Wayne III once told a young filmmaker that every answer to his concerns about the craft was right at his fingertips and was met with the aspirant’s admission that he did not know what question to ask.

What seemed elementary for John Wayne III was a challenge for others. So, he made it a mission to reach out to industry hopefuls and guide them to the next level of their career. And as an authority in filmmaking, he has the skills, knowledge, and experience to back him while he enables others’ success.

John Wayne III is the creative mind who produced and directed the critically acclaimed independent film Red All Over. This story-teller behind the powerhouse Londyn Town Pictures possesses over two decades of achievements in his film and music career. He started as a production assistant for director George Tillman Jr.’s first feature-length film called Scenes for the Soul. When the production wrapped up, John Wayne III then dipped his toes in the competitive waters of the music industry. He worked with Grammy-nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley, and eventually became Director of International A&R, supervising talents in both the UK and Japan.

The expertise that would become the foundation of his career was even more solidified by John joining forces with a Chicago director to produce music videos. Shortly afterwards, this production and publicity mogul established JWS Productions. Since its inception in 1993, JWS Productions has been responsible for producing over two hundred music videos, seventy commercials, and various media projects.

Included in his impressive portfolio of achievements is being named President and General Manager of DL Records, where he guided the label’s trajectory and helped propel its artists into mainstream media. The time John Wayne III spent with the company birthed the hit single We Don’t Play Dat, by Bodaiga which was produced by Lil John and featured Bun B of UGK.

In 2009, aspiring to reach greater heights and return as a leader in documentary and feature filmmaking, John Wayne III started Londyn Town Pictures. With its focus on producing quality entertainment, it is credited for the Last Step Before Reality, a documentary that followed six young adults attending an alternative school.

Banking on his experience in multiple industries and his mastery of creating masterpieces that appeal to audiences, John made his film directorial debut with Red All Over, which stars Slim Thug, Donna Biscoe, Charmin Lee, and Victor Love, and explores the issues of gun violence, mental health, and bullying.

Fueled by his passion for telling stories of people and events that are important despite being swept behind the scenes, this esteemed filmmaker continues to produce and direct movies and TV projects. John Wayne III also remains dedicated to the craft because he sees it as his medium to live forever. Through his films and documentaries, he hopes to leave a legacy, have his voice heard, and his words cemented for eternity.

Furthermore, he has been assisting young filmmakers as they bring their projects to life. By providing much-needed guidance when it comes to filmmaking nitty-gritty, John Wayne III aims to contribute to the realization of their dreams.

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