Film Producer & Entrepreneur George Caceres: An Embodiment of a Modern Renaissance Man

Learning never exhausts the mind. This is what the famous Leonardo Da Vinci said, a typical renaissance man of his time. The goal of a so-called renaissance man is to reach his fullest potential in life. Bringing this antiquity into modern times, the world is filled with renaissance men. One of them goes by George Caceres, a business developer, entrepreneur, film producer, and business strategist. Like Da Vince, George embraces the ideals of the renaissance. He is a known risk-taker, a creative thinker, and has a thirst for knowledge and new experiences.

Since a young child living in the suburbs of New Jersey, George Caceres already had set up his own path. At 16, his entrepreneurial spirit awakened inside of him. He established his own photo studio business while juggling as a DJ during the weekends. By the time he was 19, he had moved to Miami and started going after his dreams of becoming part of the entertainment industry. He got into modeling gigs and landed on high-profile assignments, which led him to travel in Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Barcelona. Having achieved success at a young age, George could have settled for his flourishing modeling career; however, his passion just grew brighter day by day. Listening to his inner self, he attended UCLA Film School to hone his passion in the art of filming and directing.

All his hard work paid off. He laid the foundations of his company by turning his knowledge and ideas into business concepts. IHe is popular in the entertainment industry for creating and directing commercials, music videos for top artists, and content for Fortune 500 companies. He also produced famous shows such as The Celebrity Experience, Pop Star, and Vocal Star. Soon enough, he was able to open 18 performing arts centers around the world.

His entrepreneurial mindset also inspired him to have multiple income streams. Aside from filming, he introduced a line of personal training and gym facilities, which are the go-to spots for his celebrity clientele. On top of that, he used his platform to help people who are dreamers like him. He wrote his own book titled Do the Hustle. Currently, he is about to launch his second book called FOCUS – STRATEGY – POWER. His books are roadmaps to success for individuals who want to take action on their dreams.  According to him, “My techniques give you clarity and focus. Power and fulfillment are obtained once the missing pieces of your setbacks are revealed.”

By definition, George Caceres is a self-made entrepreneur. He has similarities to a modern renaissance man who looks at the world with endless possibilities. Hence, he wants to share this perspective and passion with aspiring dreamers to take the first step towards their goals. For George, being part of something greater than himself and giving others purpose are fulfilling enough to continue his life-long mission.

At present, George Caceres is focusing on creating technological breakthroughs to help people adapt to this so-called new normal. Learn more about George Caceres by checking him out on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter