Inked Pro Seamlessly Bringing Its Clients’ Creative Ideas to Life for the Past Decade

Bright ideas are remarkably coming to life with the help of Inked Pro, an independently owned print and design studio that has been serving its growing clientele for the past ten years. Based in Miami, Florida, the company has been instrumental in helping its clients build their brands and produce their personal apparel. It has a unique in-house clothing line that clients can choose from if they want to customize one of the company’s designs and make it their own. 

Inked Pro was founded by creative director Rudy Mage, who has over 20 years of unmatched experience when it comes to fashion and the art industry. His inclination for fashion started at a very young age. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts of Computer Animation from the University of Art and Design of Miami. After completing his course, he grew Inked Pro out of the trunk of his car. He would drive around the streets of Miami, visiting one store after another and selling T-shirts. He would also visit barber shops, tattoo stores, and conventions just to promote the company has truly proven its place at the top of the industry. It was awarded as one of the top screenprinting companies in South Florida by for 3 years.

Mage and his managing partner, Daniel “Ocean” Rodriguez, combined their vast experiences to elevate the design and printing standards of the business. Both of them are highly skilled when it comes to sublimation, embroidery, and screen printing. Passing on these skills to the rest of the members of their team became their topmost priority to bring Inked Pro to the next level. Each member of their team is now more than able to give effective and promising insights, from design to the do’s and don’ts in the fashion industry and establishing a brand that will sell like hotcakes. 

“Our target audience spans a wide range,” Rudy Mage explained. “We love working with clients who are looking to design their own apparel for the first time, to corporate companies looking to increase their brand recognition through promotional items. We also create apparel on a national level for the NFL, NBA, MMA and many famous musicians in the music industry,” he added. 

The Inked Pro team draws its motivation from the beautiful Miami community itselfits vibrance, people, languages, culture, fashion trends, and trending entertainment. As a city that embraces people from all walks of life and allows them to freely express their personal style, so much inspiration can be derived from it.

The next five years will be an exciting season for Inked Pro as Rudy Mage and his team target a strategic expansion throughout the country, aside from growing the base office in Miami. The company has invested heavily in technology and is constantly looking for ways to improve its techniques and approaches to ensure that it meets the needs of clients. Just recently, the business expanded its production facility to include bagging and tagging. This has resulted in shortened production time, much to the amazement of happy and satisfied clients. These developments are making the company the go-to company for the printing needs of various businesses and organizations. 

Determined to make Inked Pro a household name when it comes to printing services, Mage and his team of hardworking creatives are looking forward to helping more clients realize their dreams. 

Learn more about Inked Pro by visiting its website. Follow Rudy Mage on Instagram for updates on his latest projects.